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The Nature of Reality

The Nature of Reality

An exploration into the nature of reality and consciousness...



The Nature Of Consciousness
A seminar by Alan Watts.

Esoteric Theory
Alex Paterson examines the growing confluence between esoteric knowledge and the recent findings of Quantum physics, especially with regard to the essential oneness pervading the Universe.

Holotropic states
Holotropic state was a term coined by the American psychologist, Stanislav Grof, to describe altered states of consciousness. Most spiritual experiences are a form of holotropic state.

The Void
Alex Paterson's personal experience of the Void whilst in a holotropic state; a primordial emptiness of cosmic proportions and relevance.

Love versus Fear
There are really only two emotions in the Physical Universe - love and fear. All other emotions are just variations on these two primary states of emotion.

God and Consciousness (we are one)
We are all “made of God”, or in other words, Consciousness...

Belief versus Knowing
Alex Paterson examines the difference between believing and knowing.

Belief Systems
Most people live their lives around the belief systems of others...

'Life' in the physical realms is riddled with paradoxes but most humans dismiss them from their consciousness because... well, they are paradoxes and as such, can't be real... can they?

God's Game
An interpretation of the rules pertaining to God's Game in this realm.

Who Am I?
One of the most commonly asked questions - who am I?

Divine Synchronicity
What is synchronicity and how is it created?

THOUghts FORMulated
Rev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell looks at Thought-Forms, a crucial yet often overlooked influence upon our lives.

The One: The Secret and Ancient Tale of Self Empowerment
Philip Gardiner examines the quantum realm of Oneness.

The World is Inseparable from Consciousness
An extract from The Philosophy of Life by Swami Krishnananda.

Search for Reality
An article by Swami Krishnananda.

Heaven is not Location
Heaven is not a location but a state of consciousness.

Sarpa Rajju Bhranthi (The illusion of rope and serpent)
A Hindu parable which provides a good example of the illusionary nature of the world.

Polarity and Unity
An extract from The Healing Power of Illness.

Seek and You Shall Find
An article by Nathaniel, co-author of The Blue Sky of Pure Consciousness.

Upwinging: an autobiographical sketch
An article by Upwinger, co-author of The Blue Sky of Pure Consciousness.

Consciousness and Awakening - Tap into the collective
The first of a series of articles by Mike Eggleston. The truth, the reason we are here has been blurred and forgotten throughout the illusion of time, it is time to remember why... it's time to wake up...

Consciousness and Awakening - A Summary
From consciousness manifests reality. Every day more people continue to find their way, wake up, and catch on to the realization that everything is changing...

Consciousness and Awakening - AUM...
We all have the ability, locked away under the layers of the mind. Our 3rd eye, the forgotten sense, the 6th Chakra...

Consciousness and Awakening - Remembering to Blink...
Sometimes we have to take a back seat through everything we experience, to filter through the information overload...

Consciousness and Awakening - Navigating through the Dogma
Religion, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Consciousness are all intertwined, connected...

Consciousness and Awakening - Lifting the Veil of Illusion
"I tried to convey most of what my opinion is on many topics into this one piece. It is sure to touch on many topics and even trigger some into remembering, and furthering your journey."


The Out of Body Experience as Dimensional Translocation
Jim DeKorne looks at the scientific theories that ‘prove’ the existence of other dimensions – strange worlds inhabited by alien life forms.



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