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The Nature of Reality

Belief Systems

Alex PatersonAn article by Alex Paterson. Most people live their lives around the belief systems of others...

The Nature of Reality

It is clear to those with spiritual insight that the Universe is the product of the consciousness of SOURCE. 1

Whether they are consciously aware of it in this realm or not, all humans are awesome multi-dimensional spiritual beings who create their reality (in all realms) through the thought processes of their MIND. 2

As such, all humans are entirely responsible for their circumstances and what 'happens' to them whether they are aware of it or not. This process operates in the Physical Universe under clearly defined universal Laws of Manifestation, (of which the laws of physics are but an aspect) although the EGO consciousness of most humans at the present 'time' is completely unaware of this process and as a consequence most humans live their lives on Earth under the mistaken belief (i.e. delusion) that what happens to them in their life is due to circumstances outside themselves and beyond their control. 3

Belief Systems 4

From the perspective that all Reality is the product of consciousness, it should be clear that a person's beliefs are very important because those beliefs define the limits of their experience in this realm.

Most humans currently live their lives in this realm around the belief systems of others, be that of their parents', peers', mentors' or society's and because of this they inadvertently give up their ability (and responsibility) to define their reality and have control over their lives.

With this in mind, it is very important that each individual comes to his/her own conclusions about all matters in general and spirituality in particular, rather than blindly embracing the views of others. The purpose of Creation in general and Human 'Beings' in particular is for SOURCE to 'experience' - nothing more and nothing less. In other words, the sole purpose of 'being' human is to bring to the 'CREATOR' (or God for want of a better name) our 'individual' perceptions and consciousness around the experiences we create. (In a sense the sum of individual parts exceeds the Whole, but I digress...) The more conscious humans become of this process, the richer the experience. It is for this reason most mystics throughout the ages have said the same thing regarding the sacred task facing all Human Beings - namely that they learn to know themselves. (i.e. "Know Thyself") - meaning humans are to explore and exercise their God given creativity from within this realm for the purpose of experience and through this process eventually find the flaw in the Game and 're-discover' (sic) that they are an individualised, but inseparable aspects of God. (i.e. their Source)

William Blake (18th century poet and philosopher) summed it up perfectly with the following lines from his epic poem 'Jerusalem' in which he said:

"I must Create a System,
or be enslav'd by another Man's;
I will not Reason and Compare;
my business is to Create."

The author Robertson Davies was even more brutally honest in his book 'The Deptford Trilogy' (p 477), when he said:

"Be sure to choose what you believe and know why you believe it, because if you don't choose your beliefs, you may be certain that some belief, and probably not a very creditable one, will choose you."

What all this means is that a person should embrace ideas and beliefs that sit well with him or her at the present time, whilst keeping in mind that as awareness about reality expands with the advent of new experiences, so must one's concept of reality change accordingly. 6


1. Quantum Physics is knocking on the door of the concept that reality is a product of consciousness associated with the Observer Effect which states "there is no phenomena until it is observed."

2. Mind is just another word for 'consciousness'. At its essence consciousness is simply an expression of SOURCE and as such probably defies definition - it just IS. Consciousness is at the heart of all reality because it is the Source of all reality in the experiental realms. Mind (consciousness) is not the product of a physical brain. The physical brain is just a filter (albeit an incredibly sophisticated one) whose purpose is to limit a human's unlimited (i.e. infinite) potential for experience down to clearly defined parameters for the purpose of experience within the SELF defined limits of the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. The Physical Universe is a rather special realm because it is a realm defined by the limits of apparent opposites (hot versus cold, up versus down, here versus there, good versus evil etc) and linear time, all operating under fairly rigid (and ostensively fixed) 'rules' known as the laws of physics. The main purpose of the Physical Universe is for SOURCE to experience the illusion of separation.

NOTE: The Physical Universe is a consensus reality - meaning it is a product of the minds of all the points of consciousness (i.e. BEINGS) involved with it. The so called 'fixed' laws of physics operating in the Physical Universe have been devised and put in place by the higher SELF aspect of all the BEINGS involved. In summary - the 'laws' of physics in this realm are self imposed by all involved and have no 'real' reality in themselves. As such they can be transcended - something numerous humans such as Jesus and Sai Baba have demonstrated throughout history.

3. Humans are awesome multi-dimensional spiritual beings who experience many realms 'simultaneously'. (NOTE: 'time' has no meaning outside the Physical Universe) The Physical Universe is but just one of the realms humans choose to experience. The Physical Universe is a limited realm defined by an essential duality of apparent opposites (hot versus cold, here versus there, up versus down, good versus evil etc) and linear time. The beliefs humans hold in their minds about the limits of each duality defines those limits and through the auspices of that process creates their reality. Thus for example, a human who believes the Earth is flat usually only perceives evidence supporting the illusion of a flat Earth and unconsciously filters out any evidence to the contrary. The Physical Universe is a realm designed specifically for the purpose of Beings to experience the illusion of being separate from SOURCE. (i.e. God) To add realism to this GAME of separation, the aspect of humans operating in the Physical Universe, namely the EGO SELF, is usually (but not always) deliberately structured to be unaware of its true state of Being - that being that they are an individualised, but inseparable aspects of Source. Because of this state of affairs, most humans incarnating on Earth at the present 'time' are completely unaware of the Laws of Manifestation or the fact the Physical Universe is a consensus reality involving the consentient agreement of all involved to bring it into manifestation and as a result of this, the Ego Self of most humans vehemently denies it is responsible for everything that happens in its life.

4. Belief Systems involve all aspects of human existence, not just the doctrine and dogma pertaining to science, politics and religion.

5. Source: William Blake Web Page

6. There is an old saying of the Lord Buddha which illustrates the point about 'belief' quite well. One day one of his disciples came to Buddha and said "Lord, whom shall I believe? One man telleth me this and another that, and both seem sure they are right." The Lord Buddha replied: "My son, believe not that which any man saith, not even I, unless it appeals to your common sense. And even then do not believe it, but treat it as a reasonable hypothesis until such time as you can prove it for yourself." (Source: 'A Soul's Journey' by Peter Richelieu; page 1)



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ruleAnger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten.” -- Buddha

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The Nature of Reality
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