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The Nature of Reality

Divine Synchronicity

The Nature of RealityWhat is synchronicity and how is it created? An article by Chris Bourne.

Exactly what is 'Synchronicity'?

To me acts of synchronicity are circumstances of apparent chance coincidence that are in fact orchestrations by the universe designed to reveal a message or guidance...

Synchronicity can appear in many ways. It may be that we observe the same sign on a bill board several times in quick succession, or different people refer us to the same book, or the clouds seem to talk to us, or the lyrics in a song answer the thoughts and questions we have at a poignant moment in our lives.

For most people, these actions are easily overlooked and little or no attention is paid to them. However to some, it has become their very direction in life - the way by which they follow their true path.

In my experience it is not too hard to understand the meaning of these divine acts. It just requires us to have patience, to persevere and to overcome that niggling doubting Thomas that we all seem to have.

So how does one observe acts of synchronicity?

The key is to have an open mind and open heart. An ‘open mind’ is to be in the place of non judgement about the information flowing through it. This can be tremendously hard. We are used to forming judgements about our world the whole time. We receive over 400 billion bytes of information about our reality in every second however the brain can only process a piddling 2000 of these. To cope with the overload, it filters out only that information that conforms to the idea of reality you may be holding. So by forming judgements, you will be filtering out the vast majority of your true reality!

If you don’t form judgements about things and you don’t need to see a particular outcome, then what happens is that you begin to notice patterns of events forming around you. If you don’t hold your own questions about life, such as ‘how will I pay the mortgage/rent? how will I win that next contract? how can I find my ideal partner? then other, more important questions begin to arise naturally from out of the silence.

Questions about your self realisation - the only true purpose of being here. So for example, why are particular patterns forming in my life? How am I being which is causing similar incidents to occur time and time again? Why are similar types of people and interactions reoccurring?

If you stay open minded, then the heart begins to open too. Then you can literally feel what is the best choice to make now. You find that not only do questions arise but the answers too.

So how is synchronicity created?

This is a very deep philosophical question which can be answered in many ways. The scientific answer is that linear time - past present and future - are but figments of our imagination. There is no such thing as linear time, everything happens in one moment with space between the events - this is what Einstein coined ‘space time continuum’.

That means that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is happening right now. So the question arises ‘do I have free choice’?

This is where it gets quite tricky to follow and I can only offer a view point from my limited understanding. Imagine there is not just one universe but infinite universes both parallel and at angles like a multi directional spiders web.

Each of us exists in our own universe and others are guests within that universe. We also exist in every other universe but the one we experience is the one where the centre of our consciousness is - it is the universe we choose to be in, caused by the ideas we hold about our reality.

We can move between universes if we choose to experience a different reality however we must be able to hold the belief of the new universe in EVERY CELL OF OUR BEING, because mind is formed from the collective consciousness of every cell.

So for example, if you can hold the belief in every cell of your being that you can walk on hot coals at over 500 centigrade, then you can move to the universe where you can do so. If you wish to fly, then you can do so. If you wish to experience only love in your life, then ‘all’ you have to do is hold that belief in every cell and you may move to the universe where only love exists.

It is not quite as simple as this however because in order to evolve we have to release attachment to desire for an outcome and even for choice. There is a tendency at a certain point to surrender to divine will ("father let thy will be done, not my own").

So the point at which we have the ability to fly, we may find that we don't 'want' to!

So in short, even though every action is pre ordained, paradoxically we still have infinite choice. But this is a wider choice - it is no longer just the choice of the individual but that of 'being' - that which serves the good of the whole.

Who is creating the synchronicity?

In my experience, we each work with a group of soul brothers and sisters vibrating on a frequency very close to our own. The purpose of the group is to help us walk the path that reveals what we have chosen to in this life time - if you like, they help us move between the ‘right universes’.

Einstein once said, ‘to fully understand a problem, you must get above it’ and to me this is why it is so important to embrace one’s soul group. From their elevated position they are able to see more accurately what is ‘right action’ for you in line with the divine plan.

Therefore if you open yourself up to their guidance, they will help you make the right choices for your unfolding.

(There is a fantastic book I would recomend called "Oriel in the Desert" which is a fictional story from the perspective of guardian angels as they try to guide Moses to his destiny. Although it is fiction, the truth within it resonates deeply.)

Does synchronicity get stronger the more we evolve?

In short, yes! When we observe synchronicity we have a choice - either to follow the guidance or not. In my experience, if we follow, then we are guided to experiences that help us open up and unfold more and more.

Eventually we find that we are not following synchronicity at all but that we are the centre of streaming synchronicity and our very consciousness is manifesting ‘right action’ all around us.

The converse is also true. If we don’t follow the pathway, then synchronicity tends to quieten down as we follow the life of the false self rather than the true one.

If we can just let go and trust, then we find that belief begins to fill every fibre of our being. Doubt, fear and disbelief dissolve and we unfold into the timeless masters that we are.



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ruleLove is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. [Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.” -- 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 (NIV)

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The Nature of Reality
Chris Bourne is the founder of The Openhand Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people evolve spiritually and to ultimately ascend into a higher vibrational reality based on unconditional love, joy and respect for all life.
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)

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Charles T. Tart, Ph.D., is one of the original transpersonal theorists. His classic text, Altered States of Consciousness, influenced a generation of consciousness explorers and scientists.
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