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The Nature of Reality

Love versus fear

Alex PatersonThere are really only two emotions in the Physical Universe - love and fear. An article by Alex Paterson.

There are really only two emotions in the Physical Universe - those being love and fear. All other emotions are just variations on these two primary states of emotion. Love is the emotion associated with a 'knowing' that everything in the Universe is an expression of a singularity (i.e. God) and is therefore interconnected, whereas fear is the emotion underlying the perception (i.e. illusion) of being separate from God. The following article compares these two states of consciousness.

Love is an expression of the Oneness that underlies all reality associated with a deep felt knowing that everything is an expression of Source and that nothing (no-thing) can exist outside Source. By contrast, fear is rooted in the illusory perception of separation that pervades the Physical Universe.

Love expresses itself as an urge towards unity, whereas fear is a result of the perception of dis-unity that is part and parcel to God's game of separation that defines the Physical Universe. (i.e. The 'them' versus 'me' syndrome associated with the isolation currently experienced by most humans)

Love is rooted in a state of ' knowing ', whereas fear is based entirely upon ' beliefs', most of which are false.

Love knows the difference between 'knowing' and 'believing', whereas fear is unaware of the difference and believes they are one and the same. (see Belief versus Knowing by Alex Paterson)

Love knows that existence is eternal and that 'time' is an illusion. fear believes 'time' is real and as such is only aware of the temporal nature of physical existence.

Love recognises the perfection underlying all processes in the Universe, whereas fear thinks the Universe is imperfect.

Love knows that the Universe is in a perfect state of balance and that all the circumstances a Being finds itself in have been created entirely by that Being for the purpose of experience. As such, love knows that the Universe is perfectly safe, whereas fear perceives potential threats all around it and believes the Universe to be unsafe.

Love knows that physical death is simply a change of state, that consciousness is eternal and as such survives physical death. Fear believes death is final and that consciousness ceases upon death. Love welcomes physical death as an old friend because it knows existence is the never-ending evolution of consciousness and that 'death' is a return to a more authentic state of consciousness. Fear is terrified of death and will do almost anything to avoid it, including the killing other Beings in order to perpetrate its perception of existence.

Love knows that everything in the Universe is an expression of Itself and that so called 'enemies' are just aspects of Itself mirroring facets of its psyche (i.e. Soul) that need to be addressed and healed through the process of unconditional love and acceptance. Love knows that at a higher level of existence all enemies are really just loving friends acting out a role in Love's play for the purpose of experience. By contrast, fear believes its enemies are truly separate Beings bent on harming it.

Love knows that 'true' love is unconditional, meaning it judges nothing (no-thing). Love knows that "conditional love" is by definition an oxymoron. Fear expresses an emotion called "conditional love" believing it to be "love", but it is not.

Love is an expression of Truth whereas fear is the result of Illusion (i.e. Maya). fear could be correctly described as being "False Expectations Appearing Real".

At its essence, source is love and as such love is the only 'real' (authentic) energy in the Universe. All else is just illusion (Maya) associated with the game of separation that defines the physical Universe.



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The Nature of Reality
Alex Paterson is a former airline pilot, now living in Tasmania, Australia.

He writes articles and advises on issues pertaining to aviation, politics, sociology, the environment, sustainable farming, history, computers, natural health therapies, esoteric teachings and spirituality.
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