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God and Deities

A growing selection of articles exploring
the nature of God and Deities...


The Prayer of St. Francis and Commentary
A commentary upon The Prayer of St. Francis.

Your Definition of God Defines Not God but You
Your definition of God colors every thought and belief you have.

Talking With Jesus
An article by Micheal Surro dealing with the nature of God and reality. "... I have learned that all of reality is mind made and consists of concepts that can be altered at will.

God and Consciousness (we are one)
We are all “made of God”, or in other words, Consciousness...

God's Game
An interpretation of the rules pertaining to God's Game in this realm.


The Spiritual Meanings of Kuan Yin's Parables and Shape Shifting
An article by Hope Bradford, author of The Living Word of Kuan Yin.



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