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The Nature of Reality

God and Consciousness (we are one)

The Nature of RealityWe are all “made of God”, or in other words, Consciousness. An article by Matthew Webb.

In countless ways throughout history sages and philosophers have said,"We are One". What comes to mind when you here this phrase spoken? Does this seem a trite platitude, or a literal and obvious fact? A person will tend to understand "We are One" in direct accord with how much inner reflection they have done in their lives. Meditation helps us understand that our oneness is a fact of natural law.

Through human self-reflection, the universal force that is consciousness also self reflects to some degree. This is so because there are no real boundaries between human beings and Nature, other than those we impose. Humanity is an extension of nature and natural laws. This is why we are a medium for That Which Creates and Understands in the Universe.

As a part of this creative Cosmos, we too create, self reflect, and come to know the Creator Within. This is why one of the very best ways to know God, is through the knowing of self. Our daily reality is not only a matter of connection with God or Universal Consciousness. We are in fact, actually composed of the same essence as that which is called God. In essence, we are as"cells in the infinite body of God". There are no ultimate boundaries in the cosmos. The universe is actually composed of the very same underlying substance in all places, peoples, and times. We are all "made of God", or in other words, Consciousness.

Within our being is the essence of universal Intent. That Intent prompts us to grow, to increase our knowledge and become ever more than before. This is the impulse of evolution in all living beings. As a result of evolutionary impulses, we have at our command both the intelligence to accurately perceive the laws of Nature, as well as the potential wisdom to apply them effectively. We may, if we so choose, realize our Divine and Natural identity. Humanity may stride forth into a self-enlightened era, one that recognizes Nature and Consciousness as self. Through such understanding we may fashion an enlightened world.

Humanity, like all life, is the expression of Universal Intelligence. We are the product of the Universal Will to evolve, through the medium of living bodies. Life is conclusively not the result of purely random mathematical probabilities. It is the result of an intelligent universe that has Intent, and which is self aware. For this reason it is not reasonable to conclude that we are the sole intelligent creation, in a universe that is itself everywhere intelligent. Our existence and sophistication is testimony to universal order, and purposeful action. It is no mere accident that human potentials for creative, wise and purposeful action are vast. Even the single cell possesses an incredible library of information encoded into its very structure. The scope of that information will never be adequately encompassed by words, not even by many volumes of the most advanced scientific texts. How much more this is true of the human being we cannot even scientifically guess, with any real accuracy. We must turn within to obtain kind depth of knowledge, and how to make best use of it. The intelligent expression of Natural Law, that is everywhere for us to observe, be it named God, Synchronicity, Consciousness, the Tao or Gaia, is still, That which Manifests throughout Nature. When we return to Nature and the natural, the principles of natural law will again become clear to society as a whole. So will the best means for right living in general.

Subjects such as study of the soul, of unified field implications, psychic phenomena, group mind phenomena and the underpinnings of Natural Law, are all fundamental keys to the understanding of life. A striking feature of such studies is their inherently unifying nature. Such fundamental knowledge encompasses all of religion, science, philosophy and day to day living, simultaneously. If one were to summarize all of these pillars of wisdom under one comprehensive heading, it would have to be under the category of consciousness. This is why a knowledge of consciousness breaks all ideological and social boundaries. Through it, all apparent divisions in the world are rendered essentially meaningless. In the realization of self as consciousness, we may see that the conclusions of scientists, theologians, and philosophers of all ages, (past and present) have been derived from the same fundamental reality. In all the great philosophies and religions of history, consciousness and its particulars form the common thread of Truth, that is woven into the fabric of the world's rituals and practices.

It is within the context of consciousness where Eastern and Western thinking merge. It is here that the views of Native peoples worldwide find communality, and where past, present and future paradigms cannot truly be distinguished from one another. In this context, the phrase "We are One" is given concrete meaning. Whether this essence be referred to as the Great Spirit, Gaia, the Goddess, Jehovah, the Earth Mother, the All Seeing Eye of Existence, Consciousness, Unified Field Dynamics or simply God, is of no matter. What is of importance is the real understanding and self mastery of this common essence. The mastery of the particulars of consciousness, and the responsible use of that knowledge in daily affairs, is the surest remedy for modern ills.

Thus, when we speak of wisdom, truth, or self mastery, we are essentially speaking of the greater self realization of consciousness. This is genuine inner wisdom, since the true self is composed of consciousness itself. The inner knowledge of consciousness could thus be referred to in many ways, such as,"living in accord with Natural Law","following the Will of God","observing the principles of unified field physics","the application of occult knowledge"or simply"spiritual living"in general. It emphasizes the Oneness of all practices and people, of all Nature and God, as an inherent and invariable fact of existence.

All boundaries of nationalism, race, economic class, belief structures and political viewpoint, as well as stereotypes of age, profession and gender, all begin to clear away as the illusion that they are, within the context of this Universal subject of subjects. Deep inner knowledge shows us that all social divisions are entirely artificial. They are the inheritance of an unenlightened human history. Such distinctions are nothing but smoke containing no reality in themselves, having been caused by the fire of ignorance, which burns down the very house in which we all live. They do not exist in nature, in birth, in death, or in fact. By truly understanding our inherent unity as consciousness with each other and Nature, (that nothing can erode or change) we also begin to embody a mutual respect for one another as kindred souls. We are all inescapably part of the same Cosmic Intelligence and Universal Body. We are all growing from the same deep roots, making all people equal in Divine heritage.

The right application of consciousness is essential for our survival as a species. A human society based primarily on this universal essence and its principles, would indeed be modeling itself after cosmic and natural purposes. The primary way to generate such a society is by first gaining self knowledge as individuals. In so doing we gain experience of what consciousness really is. We learn how it functions within, and also manifests itself in the universe at large. The principles through which it operates are logical, practical and consistently validated, through meditational practice. This makes the mastery of the true self very attainable.

When we look within, we see that we are not our thoughts, emotions, memories, job titles, family history, culture or nationality. Our true identity or self, goes far deeper than any of these. In meditation we realize the truth that we are that Presence within, which is always watching the activities of the mind. This Watcher is the soul or true self. The soul is composed of consciousness.

Upon further reflection we notice that consciousness is made of three primary and distinct components. These are Intent, Awareness and Energy, in that order of importance. The Universal consciousness which some call"God", is also composed of Intent, Awareness and Energy, and in that order of Creative importance. This is why we learn more about God, as we learn more about our true selves as souls.

Science has begun exploring the unified principles of Nature in a significant way, in the last 50 years. This is a trend set largely by Albert Einstein. Einstein was very arguably a mystic as well as a scientist, who recognized the need for science to concretize a unified model of existence. This model came to be known as the unified field theory, whose name reflects the reality of a contiguous and all-inclusive connectivity pervading the universe. Thus,"We are One" has its scientific basis in fact. This model demonstrates the connectivity of nations and neighbors via subatomic realms. It also speaks of the natural laws of particle physics, which govern our Unity. The same natural fact is realized in both meditation and prayer. The mystics of the East and the West, in the modern age as well as the traditional shaman, have been realizing the truth of this connectivity since before recorded history. Any genuine mystic or psychic will attest to the truth which is (unity) consciousness. The connectivity of mind to mind, and of mind to Nature/God, is as real and concrete as material existence. It is available right now for anyone to experience by looking within.

Physics has recognized the fact that when matter is reduced to its subatomic components, the apparent solidity of material existence is not"solid"at all. The subatomic realm is organized into quanta, (or packets of Energy). These form themselves into both particles and waves, sometimes acting as both simultaneously. Subatomic waves and particles are extremely interactive with one another. This is true even at great physical distances and relative locations. Our own inner states create such outgoing waves and particles in the surrounding unified field. Thoughts and emotions create impulses that travel outward into the environment.

An impulse generated in one area of a given field of energy, effects all the particles of that field, (and adjoining fields to some degree). Those in turn effect more adjacent energy fields, and so forth. A crude analogy for these field effects, is that of a stone thrown into a pond. The stone causes waves which eventually render changes in the entire body of water. This is the nature of the electromagnetic world in which we live. The fact that each of us is immersed in an ocean of usually invisible energy, intent and awareness, (God) one that carries all manner of impulses, is common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is the extent to which such principles effect our daily lives, on a moment to moment psychic basis. The human nervous system is like a psychic radio transceiver, broadcasting our inner state to the world.

The human body/mind acts as a psychic stone, thrown into the pond of our collective consciousness, (World Mind). With every thought and emotion we create, waves of influence are sent out, which effect all other people according to their qualities. Our inner states also effect the universe at large. The fact that "We are One" is true given the fact that the composition of human consciousness, is of the same"substance"which coordinates and composes the universe in general.

Intent is in all things, even the atom, as is awareness and energy. Consciousness, (God) is therefore in all things, and is causal to the material world. Far reaching influences rendered by even the most minute of impulses, (emotions and thoughts for instance) on the subatomic levels of existence, have been described by what is termed the"butterfly effect"by certain circles of science. This term makes reference to the connectivity and unending effects brought about by each individual, within our planetary system. Our own states of consciousness ranging from love to fear, and from lucidity to confusion, radiate outward to influence everything from neighbors to nations. The small changes made in individual consciousness can eventually result in enormous cumulative transformations in society. These occur in a compounding, snowball-like fashion. Soon others are thinking and feeling in the same way, forming a group mind of sorts. When enough people think and feel in a given way, a critical mass- threshold is crossed, at which time a new"fashion"or"fad"takes form. If we were to apply this natural principle to spiritual focus as a species, our entire global civilization would be transformed. We would enter into an enlightened age.

We can see examples of compounding subtle causes, in many areas of scientific study. They can be observed in psychology, computer science, ecology, meteorology, electronics, biology, human physiology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, political science, in the transformation of ideas worldwide, the global internet, etc. Yet nowhere is massive change through"subtle"cause more in evidence, than in the case of human consciousness itself. Mass focus shapes our society at all levels. The products of our consciousness literally determine how our very lives and collective civilization will unfold, day to day.

The Vedic texts of ancient India speak of the connectivity of mind to mind, and mind to environment, as one of the primary attributes of consciousness. This is also true to a significant degree, of sacred texts written in China, Japan, Tibet, pre-Roman Europe, Egypt, Greece, pre-conquest South and Central Americas, and in other places at different times throughout history. All of these writings display profound insight into the nature of existence, of our mystical union with Nature and God. Even more importantly, these insights have been gained without the instrumentality of particle accelerators and advanced mathematics. The mutual influence of mind to mind, and Nature to humanity, has been an explicit, (and implicit) premise in all world religions and philosophies.

It can be readily observed that other peoples' states of mind continually impact us. This fact is registered within us, as subtle, body-wide variations of feeling. A careful observation of feelings had during any conversation for instance, make this fact obvious. We in turn, impact the body-wide feelings of other people, in ways that are in accord with our current mindstate. Of particular importance in how we directly influence others, is our intent. On a moment to moment basis in fact, each of us renders an almost completely unrealized degree of psychic influence, on those who are in our immediate environment. These influences of intent effect their moods, thoughts, attitudes and even actions. Simple observation of day to day events will reveal this fact, beyond the slightest doubt.

To bring this realization even one step further, is to look into the deeper meaning of scriptural statements such as the Christian,"love thy neighbor as thy self", and its parallels in other world religions. This statement is not merely an inculcation of good will. It is one which at a deeper level of occult meaning, alludes to the fact that, Thy neighbor is thy self. We are all a part of Truth, Natural Law and the unified field that is Consciousness, (God) forever and always. This is the meaning behind the Vedic phrase"I Am That". When personal consciousness expands, it reveals to the meditator the commonality of all people, places and things.

In spiritual practice whole new levels of personal intelligence and wisdom are attained. When a certain point in spiritual practice is reached, the personal identification with the body and mind, become a generalized identification of self as universe. This is a matter of directly perceiving the unity of consciousness in all things, including the self. Upon reaching this stage of self-realization, artificial boundaries fall away. Nationalism and materialism are perceived as misguided. Thus in grasping the Truth of self as consciousness, we surpass all the conceptual barriers passed down through the generations of society. These have been imposed upon us by the accumulated thoughts of centuries, and are nothing more than learned behavior. With the knowledge of self-realization, it becomes very clear that the sufferings and joys of our fellow beings are ours to share. We experience each other via the unified field. Thus it is the wise who in fact,"love their neighbors as themselves".

In comparing the basis of Eastern and Western thought, what is demonstrated is that their apparent diversity is only an illusion. Those who speak of consciousness in the East, (Buddhism/Taoism) as well as those who speak of God in the West, (Christianity) are in fact referring to the same universal essence, as shown by the following;

IN THE WEST (the attributes of God) IN THE EAST (the attributes of Consciousness)
God is creative and creating Consciousness is creative and creating
All creation is of God All creation is of Consciousness
God is aware of all existence The Awareness in and of consciousness, is present in all of existence
God is all-pervading Consciousness is all-pervading
God has specific purposes and direction Consciousness has specific purposes and direction
Natural order is a result of God Natural Laws are a result of consciousness
God possesses Will and the Energy to carry it out Consciousness possesses Intent and the Energy to manifest it
Humanity is created in the image of God Humanity is a reflection of universal principles and patterns in Consciousness
God is eternal Consciousness has, and always will exist
God is the source of all intelligence and wisdom Consciousness generates intelligence and wisdom
Knowledge of God is knowledge of universal order and purpose Knowledge of Consciousness is knowledge of universal order and purpose
Look within to find God residing there Look within to find Consciousness residing there
Know God to understand yourself, and know yourself to reach God Know yourself to reach universal consciousness, and know universal consciousness to gain a better understanding of the self

After some reflection it becomes apparent that the only fundamental difference between the Eastern and Western views of Universal Intelligence, as well as the theological and scientific approaches to creation ideology, is one of names and terms only. Consciousness is our common essence. Only it forms the true basis for the self and for our species. In recognition of the unified and all-pervading nature of consciousness then, the reader should note that terms "God", "Consciousness" and "soul", (the true self) are completely synonymous.

The study and greater Mastery of consciousness, (Intent, awareness and energy) is the ultimate life focus.

The World Mind Society website exists for the benefit of all thinking people, and those with a revolutionary spirit. They work for the further evolution of humanity, for truth and social progress, worldwide.



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