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Society and Politics

Society & Politics

Society, politics and current affairs from a spiritual perspective...



The Dalai Lama’s Views on War and the Iraq Conflict
His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s views on war and the Iraq conflict.

Self and Other
Alan Watts explores personal identity and man's relationship to the universe.

When Towers Fall
An essay by Jerry Wennstrom, author of The Inspired Heart, written during the week of September 11th, 2001.

Give Peace a Chance
An article by BK Sister Urvashi in honour of 21st September, UN’s International Day of Peace.

What to Do When an Entire Culture Goes Insane
Matthew Webb asks if our collective focus gone far astray from truth and reality. What does this imply for each of us as people of conscience and spiritual practice?

The Natural Process of Conscious Evolution
There is no limit to the levels of evolution we can achieve, both as individuals and as a world society. An article by Matthew Webb.

Intimate with Fear
As global tensions escalate, have we the courage to bear witness to what scares us? Christopher Titmuss, a leading western meditation teacher, spoke to Vishvapani about his book Transforming our Terror.

Dealing with Authority and its Abuse
A chapter taken from Transforming our Terror by Christopher Titmuss, a leading western meditation teacher.

Bombings, Blessings, and Life's Balance
An Essay by Tim Bellows.


Message for a Globalized World
Despite the glowing promises and forecasts of technologists, economists, and business leaders, we inhabitants of the emerging global marketplace have not yet found in technology any relief from our most basic ills: greed, violence, and meaninglessness.

Envisioning the Future
An article by Robert Aitken, one of the most widely respected Western teachers of Zen Buddhism.



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