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Society and Politics

The Natural Process of Conscious Evolution

Society and PoliticsThere is no limit to the levels of evolution we can achieve, both as individuals and as a world society. An article by Matthew Webb.

Human evolution is a natural process with infinite potentials. We are not yet a finished product! In fact, there is no limit to the levels of evolution we can achieve, both as individuals and as a world society. We have within our capacity the ability to guide our own development as consciousness beings, and many of us are doing exactly that.

Humanity as a sum total however, seems to be limited by its own concepts of life and right living. The only real limitations upon our continued growth as a species, are those concepts we continue to impose upon each succeeding generation.

True Progress and Prosperity

It would seem that our ideas about progress, prosperity, and successful living are getting in the way of our own true development. In fact, our lives are largely molded by how we define the words "progress" and "prosperity".

In the modern world we find that "progress" is often defined in terms of building bigger supermarkets, shopping malls, and schools, as well as the inventing of "higher" technologies, trade agreements, industries and social institutions. "Greater prosperity" is viewed as the making of more dollars per fiscal year, or the raising of the so called "standard of living" of communities and nations.

But are these things really an authentic measure of progress and prosperity? Do they really contribute to a more successful standard of living?

To answer these questions we must look beyond current social views, and consult with the spiritual center, (soul) of our being.

By silently observing our innermost selves, we find the vast and largely untapped potentials of the noble human spirit. When we meditate and pray, there arises a completely different perception of life, which has nothing to do with stock portfolios, resumes, club memberships, formal education or the adherence to "consumer spending" trends. Upon deep reflection we find that the meaning of life and of truth is far deeper than the corporate status quo would have us believe.

Rediscovering Our Natural Wisdom

The inherent condition of the human mind is genius. Our natural intuitiveness, insight and flexibility are easily observed in any child, who has been allowed to freely use their minds without cultural inhibitions.

Our natural wisdom is found reflected in the Native peoples of the world, one that comes with a knowledge of plants, animals, herbal medicines, practical spirituality and a deep perception into the purpose of life. It is the natural reaction of the child to express love and friendship to the stranger, as an automatic form of spiritual expression.

But in all of the above examples, the word "natural" is the key to understanding true human progress. Through natural laws, (which are also spiritual laws) we learn the reality of the Cosmos of which we are a part.

True human progress is not defined by the physical structures or institutions we can build, it is found in the natural, spiritual advancement of every human being. It is not our creations which need to be fundamentally improved, it is the creator within which must be elevated according to Cosmic Designs.

True prosperity is not found through money or the material things it can buy, it is found through the exquisite joy, profound clarity and deep wisdom of self realization.

Self realization also becomes the realization of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people in unity, and within the context of That which is called God. Self realization also demonstrates that Nature, like humanity, is governed by universal constants to which the human species must apply itself, or suffer the penalty of every failed experiment of evolution:extinction.

Overcoming Materialism

Our task in this modern age is to return to nature and natural ways, as a very authentic form of spiritual practice. In so doing we apply ourselves to the Cosmic principles of living, which recognize no international boundaries, ethnic differences, religious dogmas or political parties.

By following the laws already established by nature, we supersede the petty distinctions of courts, popes, emperors, kings and presidents, in favor of the sweet fruits of universal Truth.

But how can we accomplish this glorious task, this real purpose of life and enlightenment, while materialism is still the foremost world religion? How can we find God, our own souls and real prosperity, so long as the Almighty Dollar is worshipped as Divine?

We cannot. We cannot simultaneously worship money, the official corporate religion of Western society, and still devote our lives to universal Truth.

For what use is money and material possessions, when we are destroying each other and the Earth to gain them? For what use is an empire of material wealth, when our minds are in an artificially induced confusion, our bodies stressed to the limit by unnatural goals, and our lives lived in a social environment dominated by fear and lackingness?

Time for a Change

Clearly, we must culturally redefine what prosperity and progress really mean, not in the context of a profit oriented media, but in the context of a vast, intelligent and creative universe of which we are a reflection.

A global revolution of social values is now poised to emerge, like a butterfly from its cocoon. The transformation of Old World material ideals, to the New World of spiritual lifestyle has the greatest chance for success, now in this present age.

At no other time in history has the human race been more ready for a change. The people of the world are realizing that must find the real meaning of life and right living beyond cultural norms and expectations. They are realizing for instance, that they are not humans having spiritual experiences, but spirits having human experiences.

Nature, like the human body, is being remembered as a sacred temple for spiritual growth, rather than as a "resource" for material exploitation. People are being viewed not in terms of their "credentials" or resumes, but as centers of consciousness who are capable of performing what has been considered miraculous. Society is finally being recognized not as a collection of warring states, but as parts of a global organism which is inseparably united.

In this realization the meditator finds that the sufferings and loves of their fellow human beings are theirs to experience every moment of every day.

Searching for Truth

Above all else, the highest priority in life must remain Truth itself. The spiritually responsible person does not ask, "What is it that I want to hear?", or "What is it that makes me feel comfortable?" Instead, the truly spiritual person asks, "What is true and what is not?"

The truth of our world society is that it is in serious trouble, and it simply does not matter who likes this fact or not. What matters now is what we as individuals and groups do about this world crisis.

The immediate remedy to crisis is a change of lifestyle. In the modern world we find that the stress of unnatural living is our greatest foe. Why is it unnatural? Because it is based upon the worship of money and material things, far and above real need. We suffer because we seek material goals instead of spiritual ones.

One of our first tasks as spiritually minded persons, is therefore to reject this materialistic world society in which we live, in favor of the precepts of natural law. We must reject materialism as the state religion, in order to dedicate our lives to the greater evolution of self, and the human species as a whole.

Materialism is an ideological disease, and until we are cured of it there can be no realistic hope of genuine progress or prosperity.

We may invent higher and higher technologies and new political methods, but these will never actually improve the quality of living so long as their implementation remains unenlightened.

Any system of management remains only as effective as the persons who participate in it. Our best opportunity for personal and social improvement is therefore one of inner transformation. Outer revolution rests squarely upon the advance of inner evolution.

Meditation and the Group Mind Principle

Inner evolution involves the expansion of consciousness. Every single thing we do and the manner in which we do it, is dependent upon our state of consciousness at that moment.

This is why meditation is so important, because it is the premium tool for self change. In meditation we realize that we are not the thoughts, images or feelings which run through our being. Our true identity is that which creates those thoughts, feelings and images to start with. That creator within is none other than consciousness itself.

Not surprisingly, all of nature is also composed of consciousness, and in meditation the realization I AM THAT spontaneously arises at a critical point in spiritual practice. When this happens we realize that the consciousness within, is the same in essence as the consciousness in all persons, all life, and in fact, all existence.

Our reality is that we are not only in contact with God, but that WE ARE A PART OF GOD, just as cells are a part of our body. We also begin to realize that consciousness is a shared "substance", one that makes it possible for people to "tune in" to each other all the time. We feel the emotions of others, and very often experience their thoughts as well.

The ocean of electromagnetic impulses in which we live carries thoughts, feelings and intentions just as readily as radio and television waves. In recognizing this truth, we are given a hint as to how we may transform the World Mind of humanity in which we live.

Through meditation we are afforded an opportunity to SELF EVOLVE or in other words, expand our consciousness.

In the group setting this potential is made even more pronounced via the group mind principle. In short, the group mind principle of Nature states that the resulting force generated from the combining of like minds is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, minds which are focused together upon a common theme, create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual.

Through this force of combined, spiritually-oriented consciousness, we may reshape the landscape of social events. As we combine our mutual, inner force with a change of lifestyle, (from materialism to spiritual growth) there is literally nothing that the human species cannot accomplish.

The World Mind Society website exists for the benefit of all thinking people, and those with a revolutionary spirit. They work for the further evolution of humanity, for truth and social progress, worldwide.



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