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Do You Need Psychic Protection?

Self HelpJohn Fitzsimons looks at various ways to protect oneself from discordant energies and/or people.

Do you find that certain people and places can make you feel drained of energy and/or feel unwell? Perhaps leaving you with a headache, or other aches and pains, afterwards.

To better understand what “Psychic Protection” is one needs first of all to understand why you need it.

One can be affected by discordant energies and/or people (these people may be physically alive or dead). Discordant energy can be, and usually is, created by people’s thinking. Someone who is very angry, for example, may create a lot of negative energy. If they are angry with you then that energy may well be directed at you.

This can be even more of a problem under a number of different situations. If many people are thinking of you negatively. If one, or more, of them think of you in a negative way, often. If they come physically close to you.

People can have strongly negative auras. Those who are heavy drinkers, or drug takers, for example. Just the sorts of people you might be best not to work/live with. Unless one knows about, and applies, psychic protection techniques.

Not only people but things can also hold energy. Suppose, for example, you were to sleep in a room where a violent person had previously been. If he/she had been there awhile then many of the items in that room would be negatively charged with energy. One may feel very drained of energy oneself as a result.

This is one of the reasons why some people who work in a medical and/or psychiatric environment often feel quite “drained” of energy after a day’s work. It isn’t only the physical work that makes them feel that way. If this sort of thing happens over a prolonged period the therapist/carer may need to have an early retirement, or change of profession. Due to feeling “burnt out.”

Discordant situations aren’t only found inside. Outside, if an area used to be a battleground then the violent energies may still be around many years later. A place where someone was killed can often be very similar. Even car accident sites can be a problem for some people as they become aware of the traumatic energies.

The number and strength of people directing energy to you isn’t the only thing to consider when one wonders whether one is being negatively affected by others. Our own strength is a factor as well. In some circumstances one may be a lot more prone to negative outcomes than normal. Because of this two people in the same “negative” room may not be affected to the same degree.

What I am talking about here is our natural protection. Our auric strength. We can have a strong aura that helps to reduce negative effect, or a weak aura, that does little to counter it. The latter situation can lead to people barely feeling rested after a night’s sleep. Which type of aura we have depends on a number of factors.

As a general rule someone with a happy, positive attitude will have a stronger protective energy field than someone who is unhappy and/or has a negative attitude. Circumstances can also come into play as well. Someone who has experienced trauma and/or illness will tend to have a weaker aura. Sometimes for many years afterwards.

Someone who eats properly and doesn’t overwork tends to be in a good position. Even something like massage can help. It tends to de-stress the body. Someone who receives regular energetic healing may also have a lot more auric strength.

The effect of discordant energies/entities can be felt on many levels. Physically, mentally and emotionally. One may feel for example as though one were very physically tired, have difficulty concentrating, be in emotional turmoil, etc. Now one may feel any/all of these things due to such things as an incorrect diet, overwork, and other issues, but I am talking about where these things aren’t involved.

Some people eat correctly, don’t overwork, and generally look after themselves but still have problems. Not only the sort of things mentioned above but difficulty sleeping, having aches and pains that don’t appear to have a physical cause, being unable to improve their emotional state, and more. When in this type of situation one may also find oneself a lot more prone to diseases and illnesses than normal.

When one considers that we can die from physical ills we might think that is pretty bad. That, however, isn’t the worst-case scenario. Someone under severe negative psychic influence can end up with such a weakened aura that they are open to spirit obsession and/or spirit possession. Unless this is dealt with properly people may then be considered to be “mad” by others and locked up in a mental establishment. Perhaps for many years.

Sometimes people bring these sorts of things on themselves. In a number of cases unpleasant circumstances have followed an involvement in Ouija sessions.

Talking of psychic experiences, some people believe they are under the effect of a “spell” and want me to clear it. Now, whether they are correct or not, if one were in such a situation then they could be “cleared” on Monday only to have a repeat situation occur on Tuesday. So keeping oneself “clear” is an ongoing task.

There are not many people who do exorcism work these days so if one can avoid at least the severe potential consequences of negative psychic influence then that is at least a worthwhile start.

As has been mentioned already, it is best if we avoid being around discordant people and places. Practice psychic sanitation so to speak. That isn’t, however, always possible. In any case, like avoiding germs, though it might sound easy in theory it may well not be easy in practice. Suppose such people work with you? So what can one do then?

Well, one can learn about, and apply psychic protection techniques. There are books, and booklets, about these things. As well as meetings, classes and seminars that cover this topic. I myself run these types of things regularly. As well, I have a booklet I wrote on the subject.

For those on the Internet there are newsgroups where these things are discussed as well. Details are on my web site at

Now, who should be thinking about “psychic protection”? Only those with the types of problems mentioned above? Well, that question is a little like asking, “Who should be thinking about protecting themselves against germs?”

It isn’t only people who have got diseases that should think about hygiene. It isn’t only people noticing severe psychic problems who should be thinking of psychic protection. If one is sensible one protects oneself against burglars before they arrive. So, too, with regard to (potential) energetic problems. As people often say, “Prevention is better than cure.” That applies here as well.

There are a number of ways to “protect” ourselves, on psychic levels. The primary ways are through asking positive forces to protect us and via our use of Light. The former is generally done through what most would call a “prayer.” This can be said at any time of the day and/or night. We ask the forces of Love/Light to help out. Some do so by thinking such a request while others do so verbally.

The latter is usually done by visualisation. If, for example, we imagine ourselves being surrounded with an eggshell (layer) of Light, then that can help. Many people who wish to work more consciously with their spirit guides/helpers often use this technique. Better still is to use the prayer and the eggshell style of protection.

When people think of “protection” it is very easy to think of something like a “shield.” In reality a better analogy would be a “filter.” Love/Light can come to/go from us but the opposite gets stopped/nullified.

In addition to these two methods we can also think of a more dynamic approach to things. For example, if we think of ourselves as a “Sun” then not only do we create a form of “psychic protection” for ourselves but we also “shine” on the people/things around us. (Some people call this type of thing “flaming.”) Doing this will dissolve a lot of negativity in our world, making it a better place not only for ourselves but everyone else as well.

We mentioned earlier about negative people directing negative influence towards us/others. The opposite can happen as well. We can imagine Love/Light going to them. If the “others” are people directing negativity towards us then the positive energy will help dissolve the negative. In some cases totally. So we don’t feel any of their negative effect.

Keep in mind that it isn’t only people we can direct Light/Love to. It is things as well. For example, suppose we are soon to move to a new flat/house. We can ask the positive forces to help us to direct positive energies there before we physically move in. This can of course continue after we move. Also, we may care to send Light to the battlefield area we mentioned earlier, to plane crash sites, where train crashes have occurred, etc.

We have mentioned a number of ways of doing things. As you can see, we can use multiple approaches at the same time. Some semi-defensive and others more pro-active. The total number that can be used is mainly limited by our imagination.

Added to that, “protection” can cover multiple dimensions. For example, suppose you imagine yourself radiating white light and wearing light colours, such as perhaps white. The two will tend to support each other. The opposite applies of course. Being negative and wearing dark colours. The latter can reduce one’s auric strength/defences.

Now some positive people suggest that dark colours don’t affect them. In a sense they are right. In a sense they aren’t. They may or may not notice any affect, even if they do they may consider it minimal. Fine, but if one wants to maximise one’s strength then one should also consider the colours around them.

Consider imagining yourself radiating a light colour such as white, pink, blue, etc. and wearing similar colours. You can also add sound to that. Calming and/or uplifting music can improve one’s “protection” on psychic levels.

So we are using invisible imagery, invisible helpers, colours and sounds. It doesn’t stop there either. Pleasant smells can also be used. Someone under “psychic attack” should consider having more fresh flowers around them.

Not enough? Well, if that is the case then you may need the help of an energy “hands on” healer and/or “exorcist.” He/she should be able to help things along somewhat. The important points to keep in mind here are that things take time and you need to do something yourself.

If you have been going downhill for ten years don’t expect everything to be “fixed up” in a one hour healing session. A “proper” response may be regular healings for many weeks/months.

This is for a number of reasons. To dissolve very strong negative energies around someone takes time. To move negative spirit people from a person’s aura takes time.

Added to that the capability/experience of the healing channel is a factor. Think perhaps of a light bulb analogy. Some people are a 30-Watt bulb and others may be 300-Watt, with everyone else in between. If the healer/exorcist you find has little experience/capability then he/she may be the former rather than the latter.

If that still doesn’t make things clear, then because negative energy can seem somewhat like liquid, or hardened mud, think of the therapist as a mud remover. He/she may use a garden hose or a fireman’s hose. Guess which one is going to be better? One is, however, still limited to how much energy a person can accept into their system at once. The energy lines in our body may not be able to accept too much energy in a short time.

Also, suppose you left your house doors open. Suppose further that you found burglars in your house. Would getting the police in to remove them solve your problems?

“No.” That would only solve the immediate problem. If you leave your doors/windows unlocked when you are away you may find that new burglars replace the previous ones. So just as one needs to keep a house “protected” all the time, so too do we need to keep ourselves “protected” all the time. On psychic levels at least.

One is best advised to think of protection even when one is feeling fine. Just like locking one’s doors when one doesn’t think there is a need for protection. If one gets in the habit of thinking oneself as a bright light then this can become increasingly easy. A formal prayer now and then can help too. (See my website for an example). Many people do this just before going to sleep to improve their sleep state.

Perhaps it might help to think of things this way. Suppose you had a headache and went to your doctor for a cure. He gives you a pill. It works. Would you be surprised if later in your life you got a headache again? I doubt it. A healer and/or exorcist may be a big help to you, but keep in mind that unless you look after yourself their help may be needed again.

The less you know about these things the more vulnerable you may be. The more you understand, and apply psychic protection techniques, the more likely you will be to have less “problems” as regards negative psychic situations.



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