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Reincarnation & Past Lives

The Boy Who Once Again Lives With His Wife from the Past

Trutz HardoA regression therapy case study taken from Wiedergeburt - Die Beweise (Reincarnation - The Hard Evidence) by Trutz Hardo, which provides compelling evidence for the reality of reincarnation.

I wish to begin with a story which Dr. Tag Powell, an American friend, publisher, leader of seminars and author of various books and tapes confided in me during the "Frankfurt Book Fair."

"Do you know something Tom?" (This is what my friends call me). "I can tell you about a case of reincarnation that is so extraordinary that it could surely turn every sceptic into a dedicated follower of reincarnation. Even so, I am not allowed to give away the names of the respective couple and their son. I am sure you know this couple, at least by name, since he is a well known author, and he and his wife run seminars and lectures in the whole of America."

I would have loved to know the name of this couple, but I was not going to encourage Tag to break his promise to them. Even so I asked, "Does he run courses on spiritual themes like Reincarnation, Astrology or...?" "No, no!" interrupted Tag, "he's a bloody scientist and one of his books has become a national bestseller. He is owner of many patents. His wife is also a scientist and an author."

The couple in question had a son whom I shall call Michael. When he was a baby he desperately wanted to hold his father's Rolex watch in his hands. He kept reaching for it again and again. As soon as he could speak his first words, he pointed to the watch and said, "Mine!" One day, when his parents called him by his name, he pointed to himself and said, "Sunny." He insisted so long and so forcefully on being called Sunny that his parents gave in and agreed to his wishes. A few months later the young nipper said, "Me Sunny Ray."

His mother quickly accepted this name, which after all meant sunray. So from now on she called him My Little Sunray. One day he told them that he had a wife whose name was Dawn, and that they had both lived in Texas. In his present parents' house they mainly listened to classical music. When the radio played a Country and Western song Michael would sing along, and to their amazement he even seemed to know the words.

One day Michael was looking at a book with his mother that had pictures of dogs in it. All of a sudden he pointed to a white Pomeranian and called out excitedly, "That's my dog Willie!" Even so, his parents never seriously considered the possibility that their son could be talking about something from a previous life.

Some time later when the boy had just turned seven, the couple was running a seminar in Texas. One of the people taking part was Dawn Ray. During a break Michael's father started a conversation with the woman, and asked her whether she was married. She said no and told him, "I have been a widow for eight years." "What was your husband's first name?" "Sunny", she replied. The couple then looked at each other in amazement. Then he asked the woman whether she would please come to their hotel after the seminar because they had something important to tell her.

Once there, they told her that they had a son who claimed to have been married to someone called Dawn Ray from Texas in a previous life. "Did you own a white Pomeranian?" asked Michael's mother. "Oh yes, that was our Willie. He and Sunny were inseparable!" Mrs. Ray now was keen to meet Michael.

Michael's parents phoned home to arrange a flight for him and two days later the seven-year-old was able to fly out to be with them. They did not tell their son over the phone why it was so important for him to come to Texas so suddenly. After collecting him from the airport they immediately took him to Mrs. Ray's house as previously arranged. When she opened the door, the boy recognised her immediately and called out delightedly, "Dawn!" He stretched out his hands and ran into the arms of the dazed Mrs. Ray, hugged her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

Finally everyone sat down in the living room. Mrs. Ray, who was still sceptical, asked Michael whether he knew this house. He did not recognise it. On hearing that, she explained that she only moved into this house two years after the death of Sunny. Then Michael asked her whether she had kept his guitar for him. Mrs. Ray was highly amazed at this question. She went to a cupboard and took out a guitar and placed it into the outstretched hands of the little man. Michael held the instrument like a competent guitar player. After a couple of tries, even though the fret board was not the right size for a seven-year-old, he began to play and sing a well-known folk song. This especially amazed his parents, since to their knowledge their son had never played the guitar.

But then he asked Mrs. Ray, whom he now only called Dawn, whether she also kept his watch for him. She fetched a box in which the watch was kept. It was a Rolex identical to the one his father was wearing. Then he asked her for his camera. His parents first wanted to know exactly what it looked like. When he had described it, Dawn fetched it and it perfectly matched his description. Also his pipe, which he wanted to see, had first to be described by him in detail.

Tag closed his reports with the comment, "I would have loved to have been witness to that evening." "Me too," I agreed. "Gosh Tag! That's really an incredible story!" "The best bit is yet to come," he continued. "Dawn sold her house and moved in with the family in California. She looked after Michael, since his parents were often away traveling. When she moved to New York Michael missed her so much that even though he was only fourteen years old his parents agreed to let him live in New York with her. They have lived together ever since." "If these events were really like you say or even close to it, then this is a real classic!" I said. "Honest to God, this is a true story."

Dear readers, my jaw dropped in amazement at the time I was told this story. Perhaps it would have been the same for you. One more word for our dear sceptics who are in no way inclined to believe in reincarnation, but who could still have read this report, you still have the chance to put this book down. For if you do not you may find yourselves having to agree that maybe there really is some truth in it. To the rest of my readers I would now like to report on some more amazing and often unquestionable cases.



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Trutz Hardo is Germany’s best-known regression therapist and the author of many books, including the ground-breaking Seven-Colour Novel and Children Who Have Lived Before.
Children Who Have Lived Before
Children Who Have Lived Before
by Trutz Hardo

In this book children talk convincingly about their past lives. Subjected to scientific scrutiny and verification, their statements are invariably confirmed in every detail.

"The case for reincarnation moves up a notch in this absorbing, unique title, packed with case histories and reflections on how children's statements were verified." -- Midwest Book Review

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