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Reincarnation & Past Lives


Trutz HardoA regression therapy case study by Trutz Hardo, one of Germany’s leading regression therapists.

Gabriele was a ballet-dancer and is now head of training in a German ballet theater. She often had the feeling of being out of breath or even being strangled. Besides this, she often had throat aches. She had already visited me a year before, when we took care of her migraine and her teeth problems and discovered among other things three lives as a perpetrator. It had seemed to her to be a complete success, as her migraines as well as all her bothersome teeth problems had disappeared.

Now she wanted also to rid herself of her neck problems and - if possible - also her personal love problems. She was namely good looking and single but somehow not able to develop a close relationship to a man. One of her greatest desires was to have a harmonious relationship.

In her life as a perpetrator she was a coarse man named Frank, thirty years old. In 1491 he traveled from place to place in Germany and was single, a fact that can partly be attributed to his addiction to sex. But he was an unpleasant fellow who seemed to know no limits. He had already raped several women and gotten away with it. But this time he took a prostitute to his hotel room, where they got into an argument. Frank then choked the woman and finally cut her throat. Fleeing again, this time he was caught and hanged.

In her life as a victim Gabriele is a twenty-five year old nun named Sophie. She lives in a French monastery in the year 1756. She comes from a very wealthy, aristocratic home, where she felt unloved both by her mother and by her father. Her mother, by whom she felt rejected, seemed completely foreign to her. Her father was seldom at home.

At seventeen she was sent to a boarding school, but she decided rather to enter a monastery. One day men came and demanded that Sophie come with them, as she had entered the monastery illegally, i.e. without the consent of her father. The latter had sent the messengers after procuring a consenting letter from the bishop.

The man who takes her from the monastery has been chosen as her husband by her father. He seems horribly ugly to her, is fifteen years older and also very wealthy. His name is Henry. After the marriage ceremony, when she has to share a bed with Henry, she notices that he smells of alcohol. She refuses him. He hits her and starts to strangle her. Afraid of him, from then on she lets him have his way. But still he seems to enjoy making her suffer physically. Luckily Henry is often away on business.

She bears him two children.

Now fifty years of age, she is lying on her deathbed. I ask her to look back on her life and to tell me what she would do differently or never do again. She answers, "I will never again be silent. I have never defended myself. I will never again do something against my will. I will never again have a relationship with a man. I want to be alone."

These last thoughts or feelings, whether expressed or silently thought, are the actual program for future experience. Therefore one should die free of such thoughts, for whatever has remained unsolved in life finds its sequel in following lives on earth.

Her last two sentences were taken into the life which now has taken place as Sophie in Germany. The program: "I want to be alone and I will not have a relationship with a man", has been completely fulfilled even in her today life. And without Regression Therapy it possibly would have been carried forward into other lives to come.

Her neck pains have to do with both of these lives. Again and again in Regression Therapy a problem or symptom is found to be coupled with a whole series of other symptoms and problems. The latter can also be cleared up through clearing up the former and passing the cup for them. Possibly in this case Gabriele will be able to live, too, in a satisfying relationship and even allow the man to touch her over-sensitive neck, because the neck is certainly free of pain and there should be no feeling of choking left.

Here we have another case in which the perpetrator (Frank) attains karmic balancing already in the same life by suffering the same or a similar fate - he suffers a death in which also his air is cut off. But with that the neck karma was not completely dissolved. As Sophie she was often choked. And one can easily imagine how terrible these experiences must have been, seeing that probably a certain neck phobia would have been carried over from the life as a perpetrator, even today still causing problems for Gabriele's neck, including frequent pains. Such pains are, as we will see, usually reminders of karmic causes that the soul has not yet cleared up. Their purpose is to remind us to finally take care of them.

In this case also a typical reaction behavior based on feelings of karmic guilt is demonstrated. After a life as a perpetrator a soul often chooses a life in renunciation, e.g. as a monk or nun, in the (subconscious) aim of doing penance, on the one hand, for guilt still burdening it from another life and, on the other, to attain a life position from which it is impossible to fall back into previous behavior patterns. So even lives as nuns can have a karmic background.

Before I had finished the final correction of the manuscript for this book, I was able to reach Gabriele by telephone. She told me that she had felt a greater inner stability since this Regression Therapy session and was living in a satisfying relationship. She had been even able - as a previous absolute teetotaler - to drink a beer now and again and - this was the most important result - had been free of neck pains and could even allow people to touch her neck which was before impossible for her to let it happen.



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Trutz Hardo is Germany’s best-known regression therapist and the author of many books, including the ground-breaking Seven-Colour Novel and Children Who Have Lived Before.
Children Who Have Lived Before
Children Who Have Lived Before
by Trutz Hardo

In this book children talk convincingly about their past lives. Subjected to scientific scrutiny and verification, their statements are invariably confirmed in every detail.

"The case for reincarnation moves up a notch in this absorbing, unique title, packed with case histories and reflections on how children's statements were verified." -- Midwest Book Review

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