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Advanced Chakra Meditation

MeditationMatthew Webb explains the Advanced Chakra Meditation technique.

Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on the feelings centered in the area of the forehead, or sixth chakra. Those new to this practice may begin by tapping the tip of their right index finger upon what is known as the "third eye", or exact center of the forehead, with the eyes closed. Tapping increases awareness in that region, which is useful for the beginner. Be aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness to spread to the entire region of the frontal lobe of the brain, (the front third of the head, directly behind the forehead), through the middle of the brain, and inclusive of the occipital region, (back of head). Feel all the subtleties. Do not avoid any pain, fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in these areas, but instead relax them, and continue the meditation.

As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and return again and again to a feeling focus, even if this means doing so a hundred times every minute. Chronic, rampant, seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored stress in ones' being. As the practice of meditation proceeds, stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon the process of meditation will gradually diminish. Be patient and don't let the simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you. Maintain your awareness on the area of the front of the head, with particular emphasis paid to the third eye, and the temples at the side of each physical eye. Areas of particular stress or activity in this region, will attract your awareness and hold it for longer periods. Allow this to happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and energy body activity. Don't be concerned or irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling-oriented focus.

After maintaining this feeling focus in the third eye region for about 5 minutes, shift your focus to one of awareness only. In other words, don't just be aware of feelings in this area, be aware of that in you, which is being aware. This statement may at first sound a little cryptic, but it is actually quite simple. In the basic Chakra Meditation we use awareness to focus on feelings in the body, as a replacement for continuous thoughts in the mind. In the Advanced Chakra Meditation we start with a feeling focus, and then soon shift to a "focus upon the focuser", or to one of having, "awareness of awareness". So while focused upon the third eye region, the meditator engages in "awareness of awareness", particularly in the frontal lobe of the brain. This act "recycles" awareness back upon itself, thereby increasing its intensity. This is a primary means to gain greater clarity. Contemplate this concept to comprehend its profound simplicity and value. It is recommended that you perform this meditation twice daily as a temporary replacement for the basic Chakra Meditation, before arising from bed and just before going to sleep at night. Each session should last at least 20-30 minutes.

Employing the Advanced Chakra Meditation to gain greater clarity is a process of self education. Clarity is not a concept Western culture is thoroughly familiar with, and rarely is it a term that is concretely defined. In this system, clarity is defined in terms of the degree of awareness of awareness one possesses. Represented mathematically, this principle of natural law may be shown as A/A=C, whereas, "A" is awareness, (divided by itself) and "C" is the clarity that results. As greater experiential familiarity with clarity is had, it then becomes a known quality of mind that can be summoned up or enhanced at will, even without the precursor of meditation. Thus it can then be Intended into place at a moments' notice, for the purpose of improved mental and even physical function. In the group meditational setting, it may also be Intended into place for oneself as well as others, simultaneously. In other words, awareness of awareness may be psychically projected to others, which aids in their higher establishment of clarity as well. We should not consider this a particularly esoteric act, when remembering that any state of consciousness can be projected. All states of consciousness in fact, automatically radiate from the body/mind as soon as they are gained within, to some degree. By Intending their projection outward however, we are increasing the potency of rendered psychic effects many times over. In this way too, we are acting on behalf of natural laws, and are thereby gaining the cumulative support of nature in our spiritual practices.

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