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Healing Mind and Body

Taking "The Secret" for a walk with EFT

Healing"The Secret" is a movie that popularizes the concept known as The Law of Attraction. In this article Ryan Harrison shows how to combine this intriguing concept with EFT in an easy and entertaining way so that more benefits can be achieved.

The movie "The Secret" is very popular now. There are those who have serious problems with The Secret and those who gravitate toward it with incredible gusto, hope and energy.  Personally, I sit nearer the middle of these extremes.

When I first saw the movie - upon its original release date - I was truly inspired, and I began to follow its steps immediately.  More correctly, I began to step with it.  I found that the perfect time to focus on my heart's desires was to walk at night.  So, I began taking nightly walks for about 20 minutes at a time, using the Secret as I went along.

It very shortly occurred to me that if the Secret was good, the Secret coupled with EFT would be great.  So, I devised my own plan.  And, having tried it with success for myself, I highly recommend it to others.  Here's how I do it:

1. Before I start out on my walk, I select a topic that I want to work on.  It could be money, job, family, etc.  Anything will work!  The important thing is to be very clear about what I'm going to focus the next 20 minutes on so my mind doesn't wander.

2. For the first half of my walk (10 minutes) I tap on everything that's wrong with that particular topic or situation.  I tap on as many fears as I can think of, the limiting "writing on the walls" that I may still have decorating my mind, and on anything that I think presents a problem (or possible problem) with regard to the topic I've chosen to work with.

3. As soon as half of my walk is completed, I immediately shake out my hands, and switch gears.  I start tapping again, but I do so with statements of only thanks and joy.  This means that I leave out the "Even though..." part of the equation and go directly to "I'm so thankful that..."  And I make these statements about whatever it is that I am wanting ... even if it hasn't appeared in "real time" yet.

For example, if I were sick I'd make statements (while tapping!) such as "I'm so thankful that my health is radiant, that I can breathe freely and easily, that my throat feels smooth and healthy." You get the idea.  I do this for the remainder of my walk and, 100% of the time - without fail - I return home feeling very, very good inside and out.  It's like a clean sweep of energy that just happens also to be supercharging my ability to manifest.

What I have found, with repeated use of this "technique," is that the specifics of what I think I want tend to change at first, and then fall away altogether.  Then I'm left with an underlying desire that is quite powerful ... and I'm tapping directly on that.  It's almost as if my unconscious mind recognizes that what I'm really working on isn't, for example, a new car, but a sense of and belief in my own mobility, safety, freedom, etc.

Another example: I may start out thinking that what I want to manifest is a certain amount of money for a specific purpose.  Then, over a short time (sometimes within one walk!) this shifts to tapping on how thankful I am for ceaseless abundance, having "more than enough" and feelings of wealth and prosperity to the point of complete liberation from my financial fears and limiting beliefs.

Accessing and feeling so positively wonderful about these wider, deeper feelings can completely overwhelm me - literally producing "tears of joy" - and this seems to me much more powerful than the laser-precision focus on a particular, physical something.

While this adaptation - going from the most precise desire to one more broad and foundational - isn't exactly the Secret's recipe, I find that it has tremendous potential for manifesting change in energy, emotional health and focus.  This, of course, leads to physical changes in the real world. Changes that I have seen and felt, and which others can as well.

I recommend this simple technique to everyone, but especially to those who may distrust "The Secret."  (In fact, taking "The Secret" on such a walk will likely transform their ability to appreciate and utilize the truths it represents!)



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Healing Mind and Body