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God and Deities

Talking With Jesus

Spiritual articles - God and DeitiesAn article by Micheal Surro dealing with the nature of God and reality. "... I have learned that all of reality is mind made and consists of concepts that can be altered at will."

 When I first started my website life Attract in May of 2007, my initial intent was to write articles about spirituality and my own personal search for truth in a crazy world. My articles also focused on the principles related to Law of Attraction research, which I found fascinating. However, one day in early June of 2007 (yes, quite recent) when I was alone and quiet, I began to find myself thinking thoughts that were unusual and definitely beyond the scope of my normal thinking patterns. I actually felt that I was being given thoughts rather than simply generating thoughts of my own free-will.

It wasn't that I was hearing voices. No, these thoughts were my voice, however, the content seemed unusual and was beyond my usual everyday banter. One day I asked myself, in a somewhat humorous tone, could I be talking to Jesus. The response I heard was, if your are ready, why should you not?

I have explored and studied various spiritual doctrines in the past and, though much of what I was hearing was similar, this information seemed to surpass even those teachings. Much of what I have written so far, I still do not understand.

I have received information that contradicts much of what I have ever learned about God. Although, I was also informed that many other concepts I learned in the past must be vigorously reinforced.

From these talks I have learned that all of reality is mind made and consists of concepts that can be altered at will. I was told that God is not of the mind and cannot be found through the mind. God is non-conceptual and to seek God I must become free of conceptualized fear. I have learned that It may require many realities before I can move beyond my self-imposed, conceptual limits which impede my knowing God and myself as God created me. In addition, I originally felt that there was a Universal Consciousness that, based on the Law of Attraction, would provide for my abundance and joy. I was informed that no such consciousness existed and that what I asked for I would provide because the law was conceived by me, as was everything else that I experience.

Am I hearing the words of Jesus? I would like to believe that I am. I do know that I have read much of what Jesus has said, both from the Bible and from A Course in Miracles and I have always held a great deal of respect and admiration for his life and words. It is still very early in these talks and as I ask questions, when I focus and stay concentrated, I do receive answers. It will be interesting to see where this leads. Below is a recent Talk with Jesus.

What am I

M: You tell me that though I created my reality from concepts of my mind, I am not my mind. What am I?

J: This is what you define as the never ending question. What am I. You are conceptual as you experience yourself. Even your experience is a concept. Your experience of reality is concept stacked upon concept. Your thoughts are concepts, as is the process of thinking a concept, and as we discussed earlier, even your conceiving of concept is itself a concept.

But this is only your "experience" and not your Truth. Your Truth is, has been and always will be that you are God. God created you that way. However, God did not conceive you. Your "existence" was not derived from a concept. Concepts can be defined and that is inherent to a concept. You define all your concepts even and most significantly your concept of yourself. But since you were not created as a concept you will never understand who you really are from your mind which is itself a concept.

As we spoke of before, we cannot define God as God transcends conceptual understanding. Thus, you cannot define who you are as defined by God. Only God can define you. You can only explore the who that you are as defined by you.

M: So, in essence, all I can define about myself as God is that I cannot be defined since I transcend concepts as God transcends concepts?

J: Yes, God transcends everything as do you, BEING as God. But you do not know yourself that way. You only know yourself as seeking yourself and thus seeking God.

M: So if I cannot define myself as God. What would be the point of exploring how I define myself now since as you say it is not who I am since I am as God?

J: The need to explore how you define yourself is inherent in your need to seek God. Though you cannot define yourself as God, you desperately desire to do so and though you can never do so you will continue to try. This is inherent in you as God. Therefore, what you will do is find and strip away every part of you; every conceptual understanding of yourself, that is not part of how God defines you. This is the exploration you do now with me. Most of you religious traditions that involve taking you inside, have practices for this stripping away and, in fact, meditation can aid in this process as the process of meditation or deep focus can help you in seeing your labyrinth of conceptual reality. When you see your concepts more clearly you are better able to identify and isolate each separate concept. You can then annihilate each separate concept. However, since this is not currently a discussion about concept isolation and annihilation, suffice it to say that this is why meditation takes years and years to facilitate this "stripping away" of concepts. We could use the analogy of all the stars in every galaxy and we would still not touch on the number of concepts you have created to define yourself and your reality. Though that number is finite, it feels infinite to you, although nothing about you as you conceive yourself is infinite.

You have conceptualized many who meditate for years and still they do not attain an experience of non-conceptual which, in a sense, would be the experience of God.

M: If I cant know how God defines me, how do I know what parts of me are not as God defined me so that I can strip them from how I now define myself?

J: That is why you summoned me to aid you in this finding and stripping of what is not how God defined you.

M: You have defined yourself as God defines you?

J: Of course, or what use would I be to you for you to summon me.

M: Can you tell me how you define yourself as God defines you?

J: You do not have the capacity to understand that definition through your concept of mind or more specifically your intellect. I must provide you information through your intellect. Your intellect limits what can be received. That is why you conceived an intellect and in fact, a mind. The most I can do is assist you in identifying that in your intellect that can aid you in seeking how God defines you. This occurs primarily by annihilating what does not define you.

M: Will this process change how I conceive of my conceptual world?

J: Yes, to a degree, it must. Because inherent in changing your intellect is changing how your see your reality. This is beginning to already occur, based on the change in sensations that you have noted in the past few days. As we progress you will adapt to the information that I provide you, though at times that adaptation will seem unendurably slow in relation to your attachment to the concept of time. Even though I have taken that attachment into consideration, I need you to be aware of your impatience, which you can not completely detach from because of your attachment to time.

You need to seek God. Though that seeking is only conceptual for you, it compels you to evolve. I experienced that same urge and it pushed me to the edge of sanity on several occasions within my attachment to time and my attachment to sanity.

In addition, as I work through your intellect, you will often attempt to dilute the information I provide with your own concepts. This occurred in the last writing that you have not posted due to your inability to grasp what I provided and thus, your attempts to change the information. You must be vigilant against that occurring, as I must often need to consider your moods when providing you information. We have talked the past 3 days almost non-stop. We must guard against that in the future so that our dialogue can continue. If you become too discouraged, you will dilute my words and eventually you will not hear my words, which would end our talking together.



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