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God and Deities

The Spiritual Meanings of Kuan Yin's Parables and Shape Shifting

Spiritual articles - God and Deities An article by Hope Bradford, author of The Living Word of Kuan Yin.

"Sit with me in divine faith and believe in me and I'll be there. Remember, I am here for all beings until the last soul passes off the earth". -- Kuan Yin

You may already be familiar with Goddess Kuan Yin. Considered the premiere female deity in the Chinese Pantheon, this Goddess has traditionally been (in Chinese culture) the protector of mothers and children. She has also been patroness and protector of fishermen. Not surprisingly, in the manuscript: The Living Word of Kuan Yin copyright 2006 Hope Bradford & Lena Lees, the Goddess speaks extensively on the power of motherly love, compassion and loving-kindness. Beyond her wise and prophetic words, however, are her parables--chapter vignettes demonstrating her profound teachings explaining one's creation of personal reality and immortality.

Ever changing, Kuan Yin could, at any juncture, transform her guise. The embodiment of her empathetic and powerful message, her forms show the divine dynamic that is the God Force. Transmuting with ecstatic abandon, Kuan Yin demonstrates how we are all a part of this vital dynamic. Appearing to psychic channel, Lena Lees as thousand-arms Kuan Yin, she could morph into bigger than life, godlike forms, demonstrating our full god-potential. Insisting evil does not exist, that nothing can overcome the God Force, Kuan Yin emphasizes there is no reason to fear. Teaching that no one is better than the next, she stresses the importance of accepting differences and the development of community.

Explaining it is necessary to return to this earth odyssey, experiencing even the darkness to finally enter Nirvana (which is Oneness), Kuan Yin insists that it is the earth experience which represents the most important step in our entire evolution:

Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity. The incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from ones trials and tribulations.

Further, Kuan Yin advises that what is needed on earth is compassion for the untruth. Touching untruth's shoulder with the utmost tenderness, she shows her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. Stemming the tide of war and destruction can only occur, the Goddess maintains, through the sprinkling elements of truth and healing.

This process requires one be centered upon and understand the issues of his or her life from a place of detachment. To examine ones life from this perspective allows the Higher Self to participate in daily choices and problem solving. While ego is responsible for maintaining the self during waking reality, much of the pressure of decision-making can be mitigated when allowing ones relationship with the higher-self to unfold.

Divinity is not, according to this Deity, some distant or unattainable ideal. Rather is intimately associated with all that is considered part of a "realistic life". To spiritually assess ones personal dramas from a place of detachment; to regard them as integral to spiritual growth is an enlightened choice. This personal choice, in itself, has the power to transform the course of ones life path.

Manifesting during each of Lena's trances, Kuan Yin did not arrive with a list of instructions. Nor was there a user's manual. Insisting that her kaleidoscopic shape shifting harbors the mysteries of the universe, the Venerated-One explains that it rests upon each of us to unravel the meanings of her vast array of amazing and mysterious forms.

While instantaneous metamorphosis is, indeed, a very impressive skill, the full extent of Kuan Yins upaya-kaushalya (expedient means) is truly stupendous. The fantastical and sometimes whimsical props and spiritual tools she brings with her to each channeled session are to illustrate her spiritual teachings. One must wonder if Kuan Yin is limited in any way whether her ability for metamorphism is, indeed, infinite.

During the years spent creating this manuscript, I've come to recognize Kuan Yin's characteristic metamorphisms occurring in my dreams. Aware of her coming to me as a host of humans, I've also viewed (while sound asleep) her many and varied animal transformations: a black stallion, a turtle, a Brahman cow and her calf and a variety of beautiful birds.

Once, beset by continuing obstacles and frustrations, I dreamt of a giant winged ant buzzing around the room and then coming towards me. I couldn't help but wonder if it was Kuan Yin encouraging me to stay the course. In Native American lore, ant possesses the very special medicine of patience and fortitude.

A few days later, staring at the computer monitor, I sensed something blocking my field of vision. Constantly brushing from my brow what I thought was a loose strand of hair: I finally thrust off my glasses only to find a stray ant patiently scouting the top rim. Thoroughly searching the area, his appeared to be a lone expedition.

Because of the synchronicity occurring throughout the writing of this manuscript, I have come to believe that the channeling chronicled herein, was not accidental, that this manuscript possesses its own timeline and destiny. Kuan Yin had the intent to come to Lena and myself, that this material be manifest here and now.

This is not to say that Lena and I didn't have a choice in the matter. However, once we were committed to seeing the project through, we both experienced unexpected and profound changes in our lives. While Kuan Yin insists there really is no beginning or end to such an undertaking, there appeared to be (through visions and dreams) an organized and purposeful structure to the communications.

There has been a pattern that during historical periods of great strife (for instance, now, following 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars and recent geological catastrophes: the Indian Ocean Tsunami as well as hurricane Katrina), the spiritual "Elders" once again return to earth to assist humans in our quest for spiritual consciousness, to help us remember who we truly are. Considered an "Ascended Master" and "Elder", Kuan Yin's appearance at this moment in history conforms to this pre-existing pattern.

Transcribing the Kuan Yin material I recognized certain former Elder teachings, for example, Kuan Yins assertion of the great mix of karma and free will. This canon, however, is accompanied by an important caveat, that karma does not possess the iron grip on our lives many would suppose. We are not meant to suffer, nor are we are destined to endure endless entrapping, "made-up realities. Rather, upon resolving whatever limiting beliefs one might possess, one is free to then focus upon creating endless possibilities.

Showing us the Crown of Creation, Kuan Yin professes that we are here not only to experience the wonder and beauty of being alive but to also learn from her and from those spiritual speakers who preceded her. Desiring that we fully experience our humanity by marveling at and participating in all the sights, sounds and smells this earth has to offer, Kuan Yin stresses that one's earthly incarnation is an opportunity for the divine.

An essential cornerstone of the Deity's canons is that a realistic life allows for the higher self to pluck divinity from ones everyday life drama. The embodiment of her universal principles, Kuan Yin declares there exists only eternity, knowledge and bliss and that we, as humans, are constantly dealing with seen and unseen forces:

"You are riding the karmic wave and the wind can shift. Everyone must take what they see and deal with that which is unseen."

Throughout the manuscript ageless Goddess, Kuan Yin, also spoke of collective (soul) agreements, spiritual contracts comprised of specific mind sets, creating personal as well as global realities. She wants us to understand how limiting collective agreements are responsible for much of humanity's despair, and that we have greater control over our reality than we might believe.

With the concepts of reincarnation, karma, free will and soul agreements forming her bulwark, the entirety of the Kuan Yin precepts is as unique and authentic as it is compelling. Placing nurturing and motherly love at the foundation of her teachings, Kuan Yin decrees, Loving kindness is the most potent energy of all.

Insisting that desire is why we're here on earth: to taste, to experience, Kuan Yin cautions not to become attached to the outcome. According to the Goddess, attachment to a certain goal can create a "negative driving force". Distinguishing between the two, Kuan Yin characterizes desire as a natural human drive whereas attachment to a goal encourages artificial expectations and outcomes. Relinquishing ego's need to "grab onto" and "take things to personally", trusting in one's natural impulses without presupposing the outcome, one has an opportunity, here and now, to experience authentic spontaneity and spiritual liberation.

Kuan Yin professes that even when all hopes and dreams have been dashed, when everything has been destroyed, humanity will eternally possess the attributes of loving kindness and free will. Those born of this precious earth are capable of transcendence through utilization of these inherent human traits.

Dedicating this book to all the people who feel left behind, who don't believe they measure up", Kuan Yin wants her readers to know that spirituality is liberating and that even a moment of meditation is potent. Further, she emphasizes that loving others and praying for their well-being is the most incredible thing a person can do".

Guided, by Kuan Yin, through spectacular astral vistas, Lena's trances were gateways to illumination with visionary sojourns spanning the earth plane and beyond. Embellishing each amazing journey is Kuan Yins ability to transform herself into any shape she so desires. Her transformations utilize two primary modes: metaphor and archetype. While entertaining, her metamorphoses are intended to be much more. As she has expressed, her shape shifting allows her to take whatever forms necessary to convey her spiritual teachings.

So, it is told, many in the East have sought and found her loving and comforting visage and words. Her many forms have been immortalized; elaborately sculpted and painted in temples and pagodas throughout the eastern hemisphere.

It is said that the Deity is capable of assuming thirty-three distinct forms and that seven of them are feminine. Doing her own thing, she is the action figure, the dynamic embodiment of her empathetic and powerful messages:

Kuan Yin is shape-shifting. She's a willow branch. Buddha. Oh now she's a chubby Kuan Yin floating in a bubble.

Oh wow. exclaims Lena in another segment. I'm seeing so many beautiful things. I see a flower. Oh, now a lizard. A bumblebee. Unseen things! Energies. Plants! Raindrops!

Ever the changeling, Kuan Yin will be here until the last soul passes off the earth. As she seeks approachability, her forms predominantly mimic coin of the realm shapes avoiding the arcane. Only on certain occasions, when radical measures were required for explaining her more esoteric concepts, did she choose almost incomprehensible transmogrifications. While instantaneous metamorphosis is, indeed, a very impressive skill, as you have read, here, the full extent of her upaya-kaushalya (expedient means) is truly stupendous:

The fantastical (and sometimes whimsical) props and spiritual tools she brings with her to these discourses are to, as well, illustrate her broad range of spiritual teachings. Emerging from the miasma, transforming into infinite manifestations of the original oneness, Kuan Yins morphs are emblematic of her timeless truths. One must wonder if Kuan Yin is limited in any way, whether her ability for charade and drama is, in fact, infinite.

Arriving on the scene, Kuan Yin didn't come with a list of instructions or translations. Like a spontaneous and incredibly wise child, she just is, leaving it to those witnessing her transubstantiation's to decipher their meanings.

Insisting that it is for each of us to fathom the mystery of her visages, Kuan Yin reveals (within every nuance of her undulating forms), the nature of our humanity. Becoming her surroundings she demonstrates the intimate fabric: our inextricable enmeshment with nature and the universe:

See my image, create my image. Understand all my manifestations. Watch my pastimes.

Stating that meditation upon Kuan Yins form is one way to avoid being overwhelmed by the fear and stagnation of earth consciousness, Lena went on to remind us of another: praying for the welfare of others.

Kuan Yin believes that praying for others well-being is the most incredible thing a person can do. It is a spiritual act. And there is something else. Because Kuan Yin is made of pure intention, she is energized by the good intention and prayers of people.

Many of her shapes are eminently interpretable, metaphors for beliefs or current events. Others, however, can be perplexing, necessitating an acceptance of perhaps more expanded perspectives. All possess one thing in common, that on earth things do not remain stagnant. Swathed in the inevitability of change her contortions symbolize the constant push, pull between, for example, an initial force and the resulting countervailing force.

Kuan Yin's progression to more solid and corporeal forms delineates the validity of individual perception and experience, that there is profound meaning in the mundane. In fact, it is daily beliefs, emotions and actions forming the scaffolding from which personal reality is created:

I come to people in many forms, forms constructed from peoples own perceptions. And it is individual spiritual needs that create these unique perceptions. In the end, it does not matter what form I take.

Through her morphing, Kuan Yin dramatizes how it is unnatural for our lives to be hopelessly encumbered. Endowed with the potential to re-envision and reform, we generate our own path.

While physicality and personal tendencies are influenced by one's predominant beliefs and emotions, one has the opportunity to break free from any limiting karmic cycle through experiencing the earth. It rests upon each of us living within the boundaries of this earthly incarnation, then, to fully explore and discover our humanity, our compassion and free will.

Anyone's desire for control is right and natural: stemming from one's driving force to fully experience free will. Such a powerful drive is part of the Authentic Self. For it is ones Authentic Self's signals and communications (through trance or dreams) guiding the individual through the daily maze.

Besieged by cultural systems discouraging ones natural inclination to grab the wheel and take control, one might abdicate: believing all ones follies originate from remote, fabricated sources. Actually, as Kuan Yin states we have complete control:

It is like meditating upon a beautiful place. The more one dwells on the vision of the beautiful place, the more real it becomes.



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ruleHow far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” -- William Shakespeare

Hope Bradford was born in Manhattan and has practiced hypnosis for over twenty years.

Even though she had facilitated hundreds of trance regressions she was not prepared for the phenomenon that changed her life: witnessing the channeled teachings of the ancient Asian deity Kuan Yin.

Agreeing to transcribe each of the twenty-eight sessions, she then recorded them in manuscript form.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters
The Living Word of Kuan Yin
by Hope Bradford & Lena Lees

A meticulous chronicling of how, through hypnosis, Asia's ancient deity, Kuan Yin, spoke through Lena Lees, this work ultimately demonstrates how each of us carries within the twin potentials for rebirth: compassion and free will.

Focused upon the power of loving-kindness and the importance of personal beliefs and life choices, Kuan Yin speaks with immediacy and ardor. Insisting that it is upon each of us to understand her kaleidoscopic shape shifting: Kuan Yin offers her wondrous insight and wisdom, spirituality for our times.
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