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Death & Afterlife

Near Death Experience

Alex Paterson Alex Paterson relates his Near Death Experience as a child.

It has become clear over the past few decades that a significant number of people have experienced what would appear to be the beginning of the death process, but for a variety of reasons have not continued on with it and 'returned' to tell the tale. Such an experience is known as a Near Death Experience (NDE). Practically all who have experienced it report the event to be the most beautiful and profound experience of their life and in this respect my case is no different.

I had a 'near death experience' as a child of about seven. I was kicked in the chest by a horse and I passed out. (I was severely winded and suspect my heart stopped briefly) My experience was similar to the descriptions of many others who have experienced it; an exquisite floating sensation of not just being weightlessness but of having no body at all. There was an accompanying incredible sense of well-being and love and connectedness with the UNIVERSE yet paradoxically I was also keenly aware of my own individual consciousness at the same time. Somehow I knew I was the universe. (or God for want of a better name) I was acutely aware that everything seemed to be manifestly more than this reality; an indescribable vibrancy to colour, sound, taste, emotion etc) yet paradoxically I have no actual recollection of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling anything.

These words simply don't go anywhere near describing the sensation, as it is impossible to describe the sensation in the terms of this reality or its mechanisms.

I didn't see the tunnel of light described by so many others and with an audible "whoosh" I snapped back into the pain, heaviness and grayness of this reality, with a group of terrified people around me shaking my physical body.

There is a delicious irony in all this. Most people perceive 'death' as one of the worst evils they could experience in their lives (whether it be their own death or that of loved ones) yet if the experiences of Near Death had by so many are anywhere near the 'truth', then the most beautiful experience a human being is ever going to have in this life is his or her own death. The irony of the perceived worst being the best highlights the cosmic humour which seems to underlie the 'Game' associated with experience in this realm.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly I have little fear of death now and in a sense I actually look forward to it, although that doesn't imply that I have suicidal tendencies.



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Alex Paterson is a former airline pilot, now living in Tasmania, Australia.

He writes articles and advises on issues pertaining to aviation, politics, sociology, the environment, sustainable farming, history, computers, natural health therapies, esoteric teachings and spirituality.
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