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Astral Projection

Out-of-Body Experience:
A Powerful Tool for Self-Research

Astral Projection and Out of Body ExperiencesOut-of-body experiences are common to all humanity, but producing them at will and remaining lucid whilst outside the body requires ideal physical conditions as well as strong desire, concentration and determination. An article by Sandie Gustus.

Decades ago, the limitations of communications infrastructures provided something of a buffer between impactful world events and our sensibilities. Today, however, exposed as we are to real-time broadcasts, mass media and multi-media, more and more of us are finding it difficult to avoid reflecting upon the merit of our existence, the level of maturity of humankind and, as a natural consequence, the theme of evolution.

Fortunately, advances in sciences have enabled us to make sense of certain elements of our existence. Recent breakthroughs in technology and communication are doing so much to improve our levels of education and discernment that our questions about existence and evolution are becoming more precise and challenging.

However, science, for all its sophistication, remains unable to provide us with a verifiable explanation of what happens to us after we die, for example.

Religion has traditionally played an important role in addressing enigmas such as these, and until quite recently religious perspectives were widely accepted, contributing much to the alleviation of our anxieties about death and the afterlife. But as our levels of knowledge and acumen increase, we are becoming less willing to accept unchallengeable "absolute" truths and mystical interpretations.

As a result, people all over the world are now searching for more precise, logical and personally confirmable answers to the age-old existential questions such as: "Where did I come from?", "Where will I go when I die?", "What is it like there?", "Who else will be there?" and "What is the purpose of my life?"

In response to this growing demand, a veritable plethora of "routes to enlightenment" has sprung up in the marketplace. Some of these are espoused through cleverly marketed products such as lectures, workshops, books and videos, the international commercial successes of which attest to a worldwide demand of massive proportions. Many of these methods, philosophies, theories and practices, however, exact a degree of faith on behalf of the individual and cannot be authenticated by objective means.

With so many alternatives on offer, we've almost reached the point where we need a course on what course to take. So how do we discriminate what has value from what has not? How can we really know what the relative truth is? And is it enough simply to believe in something because someone else does, because it appears to make sense or because it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside?
For the time being, science, through its conventional paradigm, has limitations and has developed no means by which to answer these questions or those mentioned earlier, as it is unable to confirm the existence of life in other dimensions.

In search for better means to achieve substantiated and verifiable answers, some scientists are looking into the out-of-body experience (OOBE), documented throughout history since ancient Egypt, as an effective tool for allowing personal verification of what lies beyond that which we can perceive with our physical senses.

By employing a more updated ontological model and scientific paradigm for research, scientists can investigate the existence of nonphysical dimensions, employing a variety of methods that include the analysis of detailed, consensual information from accounts of personal experiences of lucid OOBEs. Experimental research conducted by a number of scientific organisations further corroborates the reality of the OOBE phenomenon.

In light of this knowledge, the objective of this article is to detail further why the OOBE is such an important tool, underscore that the OOBE is a universal phenomenon well within the capabilities of every human being, explain some facts about the OOBE based on decades of accumulated research, and demonstrate why we cannot afford to keep thinking of this natural, universal, long-acknowledged phenomenon as odd or extreme.

All readers are encouraged, however, not to believe in anything they read here but to experiment, have their own experiences and confirm for themselves the leading-edge relative truth expressed in this article.

History of the out-of-body experience

The out-of-body experience, also commonly known as the OOBE or astral travel, is as natural as sleeping and breathing. During OOBEs, the consciousness (oneself, one's soul or spirit) acts independently of the physical body in a nonphysical (or extraphysical) dimension. Sometimes this is experienced with some awareness of what is actually occurring, but usually this is not the case—meaning that the individual also has no recall of the experience.

References to the OOBE are evidenced throughout human history. Across cultures, socioeconomic strata, genders, languages, nationalities, religions, civilisations and the ages, from the most ancient tribal societies to the modern societies of the 21st century, human beings have recorded the departure and subsequent return of a subtle body from the physical body with a remarkably high degree of consistency in describing the many different characteristics of the phenomenon.

Early evidence of the OOBE appeared in ancient Egypt between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago. The Egyptian priests were aware of the existence of the astral body; they called it the Ka. References to the OOBE later appeared in ancient Greece through the writings of a number of philosophers including Plato and Herodotus. Cases of conscious projections are also well documented in the Bible, for example in Ezekiel III:14; the Apocalypse of John 1:10–11 and 4:2; and in the Epistles of Paul of Tarsus, e.g., II Corinthians 12:2.

During the Middle Ages, due to the repressive influence of the Inquisition, the OOBE was studied and practised in secret within esoteric and occult movements. Information gathered was not made available to the general population. This need for secrecy contributed to the fabrication of various myths and untruths about the dangers of astral travel that persist today.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a number of pioneers in this field of study had a great impact on society with the publishing of various works. Chief among them were the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, the French novelist Honoré de Balzac, with his (autobiographical) novel Louis Lambert, and the creator of spiritism, Frenchman Allan Kardec.

Other key figures who made significant contributions towards giving some credibility to the OOBE as a real event were Apollonius of Tyana, Antonio of Padua and Padre Pío.

The subtle bodies

From this historical perspective, the most telling conclusion to be drawn from studies and personal accounts of the OOBE is that human beings are more than just their physical bodies. When one experiences a lucid OOBE, one has irrefutable evidence that the physical body is merely a temporary "house" through which one's consciousness or awareness manifests in the physical dimension.
For what occurs during the OOBE (which usually takes place when the physical body is either in an altered state of consciousness or asleep) is a separation of the nonphysical (or extraphysical) body from the physical body. If the individual has awareness during the experience, he sees that his self-awareness resides in the extraphysical body, not in the physical body. The most concrete personal evidence of this is when an individual gains lucidity outside the body and witnesses his physical body sleeping on the bed. This commonly occurs during the near-death experience (NDE), when the departure of the extraphysical body is forced through the critical physical condition of the individual. Thousands of documented reports of accident victims and cardiac arrest patients, among others, attest to this phenomenon known as self-bilocation.

Similarly, it is widely reported and acknowledged that the extraphysical body is connected to the physical body by a retractable energy field, known as the silver cord. The silver cord acts like a set of reins on the extraphysical body, preventing it from getting lost in extraphysical realms or failing to return to the physical body. The silver cord acts as an energetic intermediary between the two vehicles of manifestation (the physical and the extraphysical bodies) and is broken only at the time of biological death, at which point the extraphysical body (housing the consciousness) departs to begin a new period between physical lives (the intermissive period).

The silver cord is sometimes referred to as one's bioenergy or energetic body (as it is known when the individual is in the physical waking state). In fact, this energetic body is the connection point through which the fields of energy generated by the chakras inside the human body flow back and forth to the nonphysical body.

This constant (usually unconscious) exchange of energy is responsible for maintaining the necessary functioning of the body and for keeping it alive, both when the individual is in the waking state and when he or she is outside the body. This energetic connection similarly enables the nonphysical body to travel far from the physical base.

Bioenergy: a key component of OOBEs

Bioenergy is one of many terms used to describe the field of energy that emanates from and encompasses every living being. It is also known as vital energy, chi, aura, prana and life force. A natural element, bioenergy is present in all human processes and interactions. What most people don't realise is that it's also a significant resource that is within our capacity to control.

There are innumerable benefits to mastering one's own bioenergies. In the context of the OOBE, the control of bioenergies is a key component in producing OOBEs, is responsible for the level of lucidity we are able to acquire outside the physical body, and is the resource that enables us to carry out tasks and maintain balance in the extraphysical dimension.

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More info

Sandie Gustus is the Director of Marketing and Communications with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC ) – UK. She joined the IAC in 2002 as coordinator of its activities in Geneva, Switzerland, where she was working with the United Nations, and took up her post at the IAC's London office in 2003.

The IAC is a non-profit scientific and educational organisation dedicated to consciousness studies and research. Its origins date back to 1981 with the creation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, of the Center for Continuous Consciousness, the brainchild of Waldo Vieira, MD, author of Projectiology (2002), Our Evolution (1999) and Projections of the Consciousness (1997).

Dr Vieira's books and related videos, such as Out-of-Body Experience: A Glimpse of Immortality (2000), can be purchased through the IAC's website

Sandie Gustus can be contacted at: IAC – UK, 3rd Floor, 45 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London W1H 7LH, UK, tel/fax +44 (0)20 7723 0544, email