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The Littlest Angel

Angels and SpiritsDolores Hufham describes a magical encounter with an angel which changed her life...

It was just after Thanksgiving, and a little before Christmas, when something magical happened....

Three weeks earlier, my mother had fallen and broken her arm and I was taking care of her and running back and forth between her house and my apartment. I was also trying to get the last of the Christmas shopping done and hoping to find a job. Every night I would fall into bed, totally exhausted, but slept only fitfully.

Nearly every cent I had was already gone and the month had just barely begun! No prospects for a job loomed on the horizon because, each time I checked the want ads, the jobs I had already applied for were still there! The people I interviewed with never said it was because of my age, but deep down inside, I knew it was.

Very upset, I spent every day, racking my brain over how to make ends meet! I had been very depressed for months and cried a lot! Nothing I did seemed to work out! But I told myself, "No matter how bad things get, I will never give up!" Well, after months of telling myself that, I was on the verge of giving up!

Then one night, something happened that changed my life forever!

I was at home, in my apartment, and had spent the entire day sending out resumes for jobs in the paper. I had spoken to my mother earlier, and told her I would be at her house the next morning, to take her to therapy.

Therapy! Now there's a word! And I was thinking, that if I had the money, I should probably get some sort of therapy for myself but, since finding the money didn't seem likely, I busied myself with anything I could find to take my mind off my problems!

I was going through my usual routine, that night, and as I turned down the covers, I thought I saw something moving out the corner of my eye! Whirling around, whatever "it" was had disappeared. Dismissing it as the light playing tricks on my eyes, I got into bed, lay down and pulled-up the covers.

I was lying there, going over the horrible day I had just had when suddenly, Oscar, my dog, sat up and began barking! Holding my breath for a minute, I listened but didn't hear anything. Deciding that maybe he'd heard another dog barking, I turned out the light and stared at the darkness.

I was just about to close my eyes, when a very tiny, very bright light flew in the window, sailed across the bed over me and disappeared into the wall! And as I lay there, trying to figure out what had just happened, Oscar jumped off the bed and began barking again! Turning on the light, I saw him sitting and staring at the wall and wagging his tail!

Well, I can tell you, at this point, I was more than a little nervous! Then I got to thinking, "Oh, don't be silly, maybe it was just the lights from a car going by!" But that couldn't have been it because my bedroom doesn't face the street! "Okay!" I told myself. "Calm down! It was just your imagination!" But that didn't explain why Oscar was still looking at the wall and wagging his tail! I mean, I've heard that some dogs are psychic, but I didn't think they shared visions with humans!

Not being particularly brave, my heart began to race, as I tried to recall just exactly what I'd seen! (Or, what I thought I had seen! At this point, I wasn't convinced of anything!) Getting out of bed, I sat down on the edge of the bed and, again, something darted past me! And, this time, I could have sworn I heard a faint giggle!

Now I'm not one prone to "seeing things" although, after my father passed away, I did see things, from time-to-time, but I had never experienced anything like this! Getting to my feet, I walked nervously over to the wall! Approaching the spot, where I had seen "it" disappear; I reached out my hand to touch the wall and was hit from behind by something moving awfully fast!

Grabbing the back of my neck, with one hand, I spun around and caught the "cause" of the disturbance with the other! Opening my hand slightly, I was shocked to see... a small... angel? Or what appeared to be an angel! (At any rate, it looked like the pictures I had seen of angels when I was a child!) Stunned, I loosened my grip and flopped down on the bed.

As I held the tiny being in my hand, it didn't struggle or cry out but, instead, looked up at me and smiled! (At least I think it did!) Squinting, I grabbed my glasses from the bedside table and put them on. And now that I could see, I saw "it" was a little girl!

The pretty little thing was dressed in a white gossamer gown that had tiny pink rosettes and ribbons on the sleeves. On her feet where the smallest satin slippers I have ever seen and she was wearing white stockings! The little girls skin looked like "peaches and cream" and her hair, that reminded me of spun gold, curled-up around her face and cascaded down her back! And on her back were tiny little wings; so soft, they felt like kitten fur, when I touched them! Looking at her, I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

As I sat looking into that cherub-looking little face, the angel flew up and, with her tiny hand, patted one side of my face! After giving me a small kiss on the cheek, I heard her giggling in a delightfully childish way! I couldn't help smiling! Taking her gently by the wings, I placed her back in my hand and just sat there looking at her in total amazement!

No words passed between us, but I could tell she knew what I was thinking. I don't recall how long I sat there but it slowly began to dawn on me that I was no longer afraid! Inside, there was a wonderful warm feeling and for the first time, in a very long time, I wasn't worried about anything!

Suddenly, tears of joy and relief fell from my eyes and when I looked at my hand again, the angel was gone! Looking around the room, I didn't see her anywhere and sat on the edge of the bed for a long time. "What just happened?" I asked myself, trying to rationalize it. "Have I finally lost my mind?"

Just then, Oscar jumped back on the bed and licked me right in the face! Looking into his eyes, I saw a look I had never seen before, it was a look of pure joy!

Lying down, I reached over and turned out the light and, for a long time, stared at the darkness. When I finally fell asleep, I began to dream. No, not about the little angel, though she was the last thing on my mind, but what I dreamed came in a message. And the message said: "No matter what burdens life throws your way, your guardian angel is always there to help you!" (And if, like me, you have the opportunity to see yours, its an experience you will never forget!)



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ruleI am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” -- Pablo Picasso

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