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Angels & Spirits

Spirits, Angels, Origins & Relationships

Angels and SpiritsRobert Bruce explores the relationship between mankind and spirits.

There are an enormous variety of spirits: with good and bad and all the range between. Humans have associated with many of these, knowingly and unknowingly, since the dawn of humankind.

This is reflected in language to a certain extent. Many old sayings and clichés indicate knowledge of spirit/human interactions.

For example: I'm not myself today; I don't know what came over me; he's in low spirits; you're in high spirits; I don't know what possessed me; the children have the devil in them today; go to hell; it was heaven sent; you're an angel; you're a devil; I'm in heaven; she's in seventh heaven; the wind howled like a banshee; something spooked him; he played like a man possessed; someone just walked over my grave; et cetera.

And words like God; Heaven, Hell, Hades, Purgatory, Limbo, black magic; Voodoo; The Devil; The Big Kuhuna; black Sabbath; Witchcraft, Spell; Succubus, Incubus, Poltergeist, Sylph, Salamander, Undine, gnome, Vampire, Werewolf, Haunting, Evil Spirit, Imp, Gargoyle, Harpy, Mischievous Spirit, Demon, Pixie, Fairy, Elf, Troll, Dragon, Satan, Angel, Archangel; Karma, Universal Law, Astral, Maya, Avatar, Nature Spirit, Elemental, Spirit Guide, Spirit Channel; Guardian Angel, Higher-Self; et cetera.

All the above and many more like them indicate widespread ancient beliefs in nonphysical beings and spiritual forces. These words are all in common use today. Either there is some real meaning, history and worth behind these words and phrases, or mankind has one hell of an imagination.

The Nature of Good & Evil

What exactly is good and evil? We are all instinctively supposed to know the difference. The majority of us have innate senses of right and wrong, something we call conscience. Conscience stems from social programming, but is also something more subtle and intangible; varying in strength from person to person. But whether or not one listens to ones conscience or not is another matter. One might ask why evil exists at all and what purpose it serves. Its easy to imagine that in a perfect world evil would not exist. But what would the world would be like without evil, and more importantly, the adversity that springs from it? Could human society still function and evolve? What would become of our race if we did not have evil and adversity to push and fight against?

Good and evil are the opposing forces in what could be called the chaos of ever-changing evolutionary mutation. These forces provide the movement that shapes humanity, on both individual and group levels. Like the opposing poles of a magnet, positive and negative, neither good nor evil could exist without the other. Each is grounded, made real and given purpose by the existence of the other. If these forces are balanced, evolutionary change is free to move and experiment and harmony reigns supreme. But if the balance tilts too far one way or the other, chaos is overcome by dogmatic stagnation. And stagnation is fatal to human existence and evolution, physical and spiritual.

As there are good spirits, so there are bad spirits. Each group influences and shapes mankind, on group and individual levels. Good people struggle against bad people, good spirits against bad spirits. And in the midst of this struggle both change, growing stronger and wiser. Progress, growth and change are achieved on all sides. But there would be no growth or change without the underlying struggle between good and evil.

Good and evil are often a matter of perspective. Good people sometimes find they have to do seemingly evil things to bring about good results; where ends justify means. Sometimes, during the struggle between good and evil, bad people are shown the error of their ways. And through forced realizations, they often become good people themselves. Both good and bad struggle and sacrifice together. And through this struggle, lessons are learned, realizations forced and gifted on all sides. The end result is always change and growth, for better or worse. But only time and hindsight show true results. But so far, nature has done a reasonably good job of evolving the universe and all it contains, both physically and spiritually.

Karma & Universal Law

Karma is the accumulated influential force generated by all past acts of consciousness, both positive and negative; the sum of good and bad deeds. Through karma, a spirit obtains the real life experiences it requires to progress spiritually; through hard-life experience, via multiple bio-incarnations in the physical dimension. Karma can also be related to what the Christian Bible refers to as Sin.

Karma enables a spirit to maintain a healthy spiritual balance, life after life. This promotes spiritual growth and balance, while helping to avoid the possibility of soul corruption; which is to become totally evil. Karma is not reward and punishment. Karma promotes spiritual evolution through a process of enforced spiritual balance, and the upwards struggle this always entails.

For every act of consciousness performed, an equal and opposite reaction is generated within the currents of universal law. All actions are eventually inflicted back upon their perpetrators, as per Karmic Law, in both the short and long term. This is aptly expressed by the popular sayings: "What goes around comes around" and "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Karma and Universal Law are indivisible aspects of the one subtle mechanism. Universal law works through the incredibly complex set of attractions, repulsions and conditional influences that are preset within every conscious being. Like may attract like, but only as preset and allowed by Karma. Karmic law adjusts how universal law works through all individuals, and through groups of connected individuals. Universal law can best be described as the working mechanism of karma, the magnetic force that applies the preset attractions and repulsions of karma to life experience in real time.

Karma and Universal Law have two main aspects, active and passive. Their active elements have more-noticeable affects on ones life, as its influences are more active and immediate in the short term. Passive or residual elements represent the underlying theme of ones life. These are long term conditional influences, possibly involving karma accumulated through many lifetimes.

The active aspects of Karma and Universal Law are more strongly affected by psychic attacks and the presence of negs in and around ones life. The way to counter these effects is to actively apply the principles of Right Living, Right Thinking and Right Action. These are all active actions that have immediate effects on life, as life is being lived.

The forces of Karma and Universal Law, and how they affect individuals, can be reduced to the concept of luck. Luck also has active and passive elements. Passive good luck means one will be generally lucky in life, meaning life will usually work out well for one in the long term. Active good luck means one will have moments of extreme luckiness, or winning streaks, where everything one touches turns to gold.

Both active and passive luck forces have reverse sides, commonly called bad luck. The presence of negs in and around ones life will tend to promote bad luck and suppress good luck.

I have often heard it said that karma should never be interfered with, and that when misfortune strikes, people should be left to work out their karma alone. This is frequently quoted to me as the reason not to interfere, or as the reason why nothing can be done, when people suffer psychic attacks and/or possessions. I think what they really mean to say is, when all they know has failed to help, by default, this failure is blamed upon that person's own karma.

But it could be said that we interfere with karma all the time and think nothing of it. We have road rules to improve safety and stop accidents. We have lifeguards at beaches to rescue people. We have police and courts to enforce our laws and protect the innocent. We have doctors to treat injury and disease. All of these can be said to interfere with the natural way of things, with karma. But all these things are taken into account by Karmic Law, as are all acts of consciousness.

If people really believed in karma to that extent, they would neither seek nor offer medical help, because disease and injury are instruments of karma. If thieves are stealing their property they would neither stop the thieves nor call the police. After all, its only living karma in action.

Its easy to blame things on Karma, be it fortune or misfortune. Its also foolhardy, verging on the ridiculous, to take belief in karma to extremes like the above. But this is not to say that karma does not exist. Karma is a very real and influential spiritual force. But ones belief in karma should be tempered with commonsense and reason.

Karma and universal law are subtle influential currents, linking and affecting the actions and interactions of all life forms. Karma could aptly be called the underlying weave in the divine tapestry of life. It could also be called the unifying field, the holographic carrier wave, through which all life is interconnected. Every action within this unifying energy field creates a ripple, a wave. This flows out and eventually flows back upon its source as a counter-wave, an equal and opposite reaction to the original wave.

Its clear that karma and universal law work through everything and everyone, be they man or beast, inorganic being or bacteria. If a child is drowning, that child's life might be saved or not as the case might be. Karma and universal law are involved in the causative factors behind the accident, yes, but they may also provide the means to rescue. Through the process of action and reaction the cosmic drama plays on. Lessons are learned and wisdom gained, experience after experience, life after life. Regardless of outcomes good or bad, changes and realizations are gifted all around. Friendships are made and broken. Love flares, waxes, wanes and dies. Hope is lost but endlessly renewed. And above all, life goes on regardless.

Another karmic analogy involves a hungry Tiger. Like all wild animals, the Tiger lives and works closely with universal law. It uses its innate predator skills to hunt and feed itself and its cubs. Universal law obliges and presents it with an unprotected child. The tiger takes a child and feeds its family. Now this may sound like a bad thing, but good and bad do not come into this karmic equation. The child was left unprotected and was available. Universal law, or in this case the law of the jungle (nature red in tooth and claw --Kipling) provided the hungry Tiger and cubs with a much-needed meal.

Universal law does not differentiate between humans and animals on that level of existence, concerning The Law Of The Jungle. God loves and cares equally for all His creations, be they Tiger cub or human child. Us modern humans like to think we are special, that we are above such raw brutality. But that goes against all the laws of nature.

The results of any real-life drama are always complex; countless wheels within wheels. In the above case, the child's spirit passes on from this world and the Tiger and cubs are fed. The cubs live where they might otherwise have died; to grow and perhaps mate and breed and kill again. The lives of the child's family are altered forever. Guilt, blame and grief change everyone concerned. Reactions occur that would never happen under any other circumstance. Friendships are made and broken, lessons are learned, hard life realizations and changes are gifted all around.

Any cosmic drama unfolds into a many splendored pattern, no matter how insignificant it might seem on the surface. Threads are woven and unpicked continually in the great tapestry of life. The end results caused by small changes can be massive and widespread changes, for better or worse in all directions. These changes affect both the present and the future; countless wheels within wheels within cosmic wheels.

When the theory of karma and universal law are applied to psychic attack and neg. influence, even to possession, it becomes clear one is looking at an enormously complex equation. Negs attack, torment, injure and influence people for their own foul purposes. But like the Tiger, what attracts negs in the first place? Is it karma, chance, circumstance or destiny? Is it universal law working through the preset attractions and repulsions of Karma? When people come under attacks it can be said life is testing them sorely. Lifestyles, beliefs, aspirations, expectations and personal choices have everything to do with it. Dark clouds of unseen terror may enter peoples lives. But in the overcomes, silver linings are always eventually revealed.

How people affect those around them depends greatly on what choices they make, and upon what actions they take to meet life's challenges; large and small. By fighting against neg. attacks and influences, people are given opportunities to change and grow. Whether changes are positive or negative depends upon individual reactions, choices, strengths and weaknesses. The words of the great thinker, Nietzsche, "Pain that does not kill us makes us stronger" are entirely apt here.

Many people with high spiritual ideals and desires have come to me complaining about bad Karma and the seeming unfairness of life, asking what can be done to ease it. Often they stagger under life's burdens and suffer greatly. Life is undoubtedly testing them sorely. Many rile against God for inflicting such pressure, instead of just giving them the spiritual gifts and truths they crave and have often worked so hard for.

Being good and striving hard for spiritual development is often not enough. Strength and spiritual maturity are required to accomplish great things in life. And these things always have a steep price tag. If ones hearts desire is to do great spiritual works, then one needs great spiritual strength and maturity. If these are not preexisting, life has many ways to teach what is necessary to realize ones goals. Hard life lessons are usually involved and many fall by the wayside.

For example, if one aspires to a spiritual level where one is capable of healing the sick, or casting out bad spirits, or seeing into the future, one must understand that these are not easy things to learn and do. All require great strength of character and spirit. If one does not have these, one could not withstand the negative spiritual forces the realization and use of these abilities would invoke. Taking this into account, one must either rethink ones goals and expectations or be prepared for it when life provides the necessary. The lessons involved may entail great suffering, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If this is accepted, and the lessons weathered stoically and good-naturedly, they will be of far shorter duration than they might otherwise be. This is sage advice to all who aspire to great spiritual attainment.

What all the above means in relation to good and evil spiritual forces, is that both are necessary parts of Karma and Universal Law. Both good and bad spirits have their place in the grand design. All play their parts in promoting necessary (Karmic?) life-path changes. Good spirits apply forces and pressures representing positive karma, while bad spirits apply forces and pressures representing negative karma. Short term results may be adversity, struggle and suffering through change. But long term results are spiritual strength, maturity and progression.

In the case of the Tiger, one could easily say evil spirits influenced the family into leaving the child unprotected, and in leading the Tiger there. It could also be said that good spirits (the child's guardian angel?) failed. Its common for people to blame God for their misfortunes when they have no one else to blame. But is life really this simple?

Karma and universal law are not governed by what humans want or would like to believe. At best we struggle to understand what we now see through a glass but darkly. We see only the surface of karma and universal law in action. We do not understand their complex depths and inner mysteries. But we do know enough to recognize and give names to actions of these forces. While awesomely complex, once again, they can be reduced to the simple concept of luck.

While karmic influences, attractions and repulsions are preset within all individuals at birth, the laws of choice and chance are ever present. These allow change through the action of free will. Actions of free will affect luck. By living under the opposing influences of good and bad luck (good and bad karma) spiritual balance can be attained. And if right thinking, right effort and right action are applied to ones life, Karmic burdens can be greatly eased.

If one could rise above life and see an overview of these awesome forces in action, the most noticeable thing would have to be the constant flux and change. To a casual glance it might appear to be a chaotic maelstrom without rhyme or reason. But if one watches close enough for long enough, patterns emerge like solar flares, showing myriad possibilities for spiritual growth and attainment.

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