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O Lanoo! - The Secret Doctrine Unveiled

O Lanoo! ~ The Secret Doctrine Unveiled

Extracts from O Lanoo! - The Secret Doctrine Unveiled by Harvey Tordoff, which reveals the essence of H.P. Blavatsky's seminal work.


The Essence of the Creation to Come

2. And where was silence?
Where were the ears to sense it?
Nay, there was neither silence
Nor sound;
Naught, save unconscious,
Eternal motion.

It was the eternal
Momentary pause
In the breathing of Brahma,
Following the inhalation
Which had ended the last great cycle,
And before the exhalation
Which was to be your expanding Universe.

3. The moment had not come:
The Ray of Light in the Darkness
Had not yet flashed into the essence of Matter;
Matter and energy had not yet produced
The heat and moisture of Life.

4. Still latent was the Ether
Which was to receive the spark
Of immaculate conception,
Thence to give rise
To the virgin birth
Of the finite Universe.

The three higher Elements
Had not yet combined
With Fire, Air, Water and Earth,
The four lower Elements
That would mark the boundaries
Of your world of illusion,
O Lanoo.

5. The seven Creative Spirits
Were not yet born
From the web of Light.
The Father-Mother of Creation;
The eternal energy
Of the Universal Soul;
The fundamental Law
Of Cause and Effect;
All still rested in Darkness.

6. The Universe had yet to become
A Divine Thought;
The Universe,
Son of God,
Had yet to be conceived

Your God,
O Lanoo,
Had not yet said:
"Let there be Light!"



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