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UFO Phenomenon

UFOs & EBEs - More Insider Evidence

UFO PhenomenaThis testimony from a former US Army Signal Corps and CIA officer is the latest to confirm that the US government and military are withholding the facts about extraterrestrial craft and biological entities. An article by Linda Moulton Howe.

Since my new book, Glimpses of Other Realities Volume II: High Strangeness, was released to nationwide US bookstores on April 1, 1998, I have heard from several ex-military and ex-intelligence people from around the country. They say the documents and military voices in my new book have true information about United States Government knowledge and cover-up of non-humans interacting with Earth.

And a month ago, in May, I was put in phone contact with a man I will simply call "Kewper" to protect his identity at his request. Kewper served as a First Lieutenant with the US Army Signal Corps and was a CIA administrator at an Army base in the southeastern USA from 1957 to 1960. He provided his DD-214 and Certificate of Discharge along with a 1956 newspaper article about his being drafted. That civilian name and Army Signal Corps base of operations were consistent with the Army discharge papers.

I would name the Army base, but as you read further you will see that Kewper was asked by a government watchdog to withhold that information in order to protect current CIA-sensitive and classified operations out of the same base in 1998.

Back in the 1957 to 1960 period, Kewper taught radio operations and cryptography to Army Signal Corps officers under a false identification assigned to him by the CIA. The head of that Signal Corps school had worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II. The OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947. In addition to teaching, Kewper's CIA boss at the Army base asked Kewper to help analyse Top Secret cases gathered for the Air Force's Project Blue Book investigation of unidentified flying objects.

When I first talked with Kewper a month ago, he said his security oaths expired 30 to 35 years after he got out of the Army and CIA in 1960. So that period ended around 1995. Therefore, he said, he now feels he's not doing anything wrong by discussing with me his extraordinary first-hand knowledge and experiences concerning "extraterrestrials"as he said they were referred to in the Top Secret classified files he'd read and analysed. However, a month ago he was not certain he wanted to go on the public record.

On Saturday, May 30, I called him again to ask if he might now be willing to do a radio interview as long as his real civilian name was withheld. Since 1993 I have been reporting science and environmental news for the nationally syndicated Chancellor Radio Broadcasting Network. Kewper surprised me when he immediately said, "I'm afraid your phone is tapped." He'd had a call on Monday, May 25 from a man who did not explain who he was or for whom he worked, and did not address Kewper by name but simply started talking. And this is what Kewper told me on the record, under the condition that I edit out subjects that the unidentified caller said were still sensitive. Those edits are indicated by parenthesis notes in the following interview first broadcast on the North American syndicated radio programs Dreamland, on May 31, 1998, and Coast to Coast AM Hosted by Art Bell on all-night radio, June 1-2, 1998:

Howe: You answered the phone and they said...?

Kewper: Yeah, they didn't repeat my name. They just said: "We understand that you had a conversation with somebody in Pennsylvania in regards to classified materials that had been classified, and we would appreciate it if you didn't bring up the fact in an interview or television interviews in regards to [Army base name deleted] that you had mentioned on the telephone, and also about anything going on in the [CIA aerial logistics deleted] or anything in regard to that. We would really appreciate it because reporters and just interested people, if it gets aired, may try to get into the classified area there and, of course, to their own physical harm."

Howe: They did not say that you could not talk about the six-fingered humanoid film?

Kewper: No; nothing like that.

Howe: Well, then, could we do an interview today? Not for name attribution but to put you on the radio as a person who served and you can tell me how you want it described and who saw this film, and you could try to give me the year. Can we do that?

Kewper: Yeah, I guess so, as long as I don't bring up anything about...

Howe: So you were getting the reports that Project Blue Book was collecting; that they were allowing to the public only those they were explaining. You were actually handling the files that were unexplained?

Kewper: Yes. Probably not all of them, but at least we were one of the groups investigating the unexplained. I know when they closed down Project Blue Book they said they had found absolutely nothing as far as what they did in Project Blue Book that wasn't explained. And that was actually true because anything they didn't explain would be sent to Fort Belvoir in Virginia and then farmed out from there to other military. The FBI was involved with some of the things, too, I know, because FBI would show up on some of these peoples' doorsteps.

Howe: What were the years that you were personally working in the CIA and handling these highly classified reports related to the UFO phenomenon?

Kewper: 1957 to 1960. I was in the service starting in 1956, but I didn't get involved with this in the first year, you know.

Howe: And your rank was what and in which military branch?

Kewper: I was in the Army and a First Lieutenant. I was still actually in the Army Signal Corps, but I also worked for the CIA, too, because I was getting two paychecks. I was getting one from the CIA and one from military service.

Howe: Now, in the course of this work from 1957 to 1960, did you see any 16-mm films related to this phenomenon?

Kewper: In regard to UFOs in Roswell, you mean?

Howe: Right.

Kewper: The only film I saw is the one that has been released in the last couple of years showing an alien autopsy. I saw that very same film in 1957.

Howe: And what were the circumstances in which you saw this?

Kewper: It was in regard to studying UFOs, in working up and going through and trying to cover or investigate some of these folders we had in regard to the different sightings. Apparently someone at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, sent that film to my boss. The team viewed the thing one Saturday morning and he had to send it right back to Fort Belvoir again. But we did see that one. And we also saw several other at that time highly classified UFO sightings on film. We had one film showing a UFO actually developing or materialising over a power plant out in one of the western states like Oregon or Washington or Utah somewhere out in that area.

Howe: You mean someone just happened to be filming?

Kewper: Yes. Someone was trying a brand new camera and they were filming this power plant. First, the mountainous areas around, and then they were over to this power plant. The power plant had a smokestack and had some smoke going on up. And a little ways away from where the smoke was going up, we started seeing little white, a little piece of a cloud. It got more and more dense, and more and more round. And pretty soon you could see little tiny windows around the bottom section. I'm just using "windows" as a term loosely. It developed more and more, and pretty soon it looked real silver, and soon it started flying off by itself, slowly.

Howe: So you had on film, in Central Intelligence Agency work, we'll call it an actual materialisation of what appeared to be a hard, silver disc that literally just emerged from what looked like a vaporous cloud?

Kewper: Yes; just a little ways from a cloud emitted by the smokestack. So we thought at that time that these aliens must have some way of materialising or traveling from one area to another and materialising, by using the current that was down in the power plant somehow to change the electric currents...into something electromagnetic or something solid, like solid material.

Howe: Now, how was the autopsy/dissection of the six-fingered humanoid film presented to you? What was the explanation of how this had occurred?

Kewper: They just said that this was done at Roswell, the same day or day after the same, I think the craft was picked up at night; that some time during the next day this autopsy was performed there at the military base, and also an autopsy was performed in town in the little clinic or hospital they have there.

Howe: Now that would contradict the statement released with the autopsy/dissection film by the alleged cameraman who said he was there and filmed the wreckage and the beams that had the symbols, and that about two weeks later, I believe, he was asked to go to some place to film the autopsy dissection. Do you know how to reconcile these two pieces of information?

Kewper: No, I don't, because we were told it mentioned right in the film that it was done in New Mexico, that most of the film was done right there at the military base outside of Roswell and that some little parts of the film were done at the local hospital or clinic.

Howe: And what was the briefing to you about these six-fingered humanoids? How were they described? Was there any information?

Kewper: There was little info in regards to that. The film was about 10 years old at that time, and they just said this was the only film that we have of the aliens and the body. There are pictures that have been taken by different private people showing these aliens walking around outside their craft, something like that, but this is the only film that we have that shows a close picture of the aliens and exactly what they look like. So, if you run across any more of these sightings that people have sent in that describe this particular being, then you can match them up according to this.

Howe: Was the film you saw in black and white or colour?

Kewper: It was black and white.

Howe: And did you ever see any colour film or photographs of these beings?

Kewper: No, not of the beings. The only coloured film I remembered seeing was of that spaceship materialising.

Howe: Now, you were working for the CIA and this was tangential to Project Blue Book. How were you shown this film? What were the screening conditions? Were you in Washington? Were you in the South?

Kewper: Yeah, they sent this down to [location deleted at Kewper's request after anonymous phone call referenced in introduction to this interview] and we looked at the film. Then my boss had to send it right back the next day by a special courier they had running between Fort Belvoir and CIA headquarters.

Howe: How many of you were there?

Kewper: About 20 of us. There were 26 people involved altogether in our group, and I would say that about 20 of us saw it. Some were overseas at the time. A lot of the UFO pictures that we got were not from the United States; they were European, Central American, Mexican, and South American sightings of UFOs. One was an Italian film. So I believe we got it down there at the CIA because the CIA had facilities in all these foreign countries to be able to try to verify some of these things; because we had men in all the different parts of the world.

Howe: So this was your first visual sort of experience with something non-human. Do you remember what you thought at the time?

Kewper: Yeah, I was kind of perplexed. I thought: How can this be? How can these beings come here? How can they be completely different from man?

Howe: But sort of resembled us in a humanoid-shape way.

Kewper: Yes, they did; they did resemble us. That particular alien, the six-fingered alien you might say it didn't resemble us completely, but it looked like a miniature man with a smaller head, but it wasn't the great big narrow face with the big eyes. It didn't have ears like we have; it had a little circle around a hole inside of its skull. The ears didn't look like [ours]. The nose looked basically like [ours] and the mouth was much smaller.

Howe: Do you remember if this film was shown to you in 1957, 10 years after 1947? Was there any knowledge then among the intelligence agencies from any communication with these beings about what their origin was?

Kewper: Nothing really. While I was there, the whole three years, we never saw any information about where they came from and what they were doing here. Nothing was ever brought out in regards to that. My boss and I were both wondering about that: Why were they here? Why would they come here? And where were they from? During that period of time, as far as I know, the government had no idea where they were from or what they were trying to do here.

Howe: From a military and CIA point of view, were they considered a threat?

Kewper: Not really a threat, but there was a questionable threat; and they were working under that assumption to try to increase the different radar around the country more so that they could detect if they were coming in from outer space and be able to get some type of scrambling from the Air Force's nearest base to check it out or shoot them down or whatever.

Howe: Were you ever given a briefing or exposed to any other information between 1957 and 1960 beyond that screening of the autopsy/dissection film?

Kewper: I would say no, not during that time. We just had the various foreign, a few domestic, but mostly foreign sightings that we had gone over. We had people overseas who would go and interview these people who had photographs of aliens outside of a saucer, but nothing at that time. Basically I saw just the film of the autopsy on that particular being; but, like I mentioned, when I went to Area 51 in 1958 I did see another type of a being where it was the peaked face, the great big eyes and the little chin that has always been termed a "grey", I believe.

Howe: Okay, can you describe that experience?

Kewper: We were out there for a meeting of all the CIA people around this country and over towards the Far East and so on, and we had the meeting there at Area 51. We were involved with this Project Blue Book thing and they wanted the meeting there, so some of us involved directly with it there were only five of us that went from [name of Army base deleted] and we were the only five that had the meeting out there. They had meetings right in the main buildings of the Air Force, a little base they had there.

Howe: At Nellis AFB in Nevada.

Kewper: Yes. But we went out to Groom Lake area and the two areas they had out there. They showed it to us, but only to us and not to the CIA people from the Far East or from Central America. They didn't go out there; it was only the five of us. We landed at Area 51 at the main landing strip. Then we got into a van-type of small minibus. After that, we didn't stop to get into any other buildings there.

They took us down about 10 miles away, something of that nature, and stopped at the first special area. And they took us into the area there, and they had U-2s and also the SR-71 Blackbirds I believe they were flying them at that time. We were there a short period of time, and then we got back on the bus and went about another eight miles to the third and final area where they had highly classified material. We stopped there and went into an office area first, and then a colonel there met us and took us on a tour. He took us first of all down a walkway into a hangar area that had been carved out. It might have been a natural cave to start out with, but at least it was carved out of the mountainside area. It was not extremely large.

Howe: Was this the Papoose mountain range?

Kewper: I wouldn't really know. I don't think I ever questioned what the mountains were.

Howe: Okay, but so I am clear, this is a colonel who is joining you and your CIA boss and three other CIA men in your program?

Kewper: Yes.

Howe: Were there only six of you?

Kewper: Yes. As we passed through different areas, naturally there were other workers and scientists working on different things, and office personnel.

Howe: And did you understand what the reason was that your boss was having you go to have this tour by this colonel?

Kewper: Yes. They wanted us to see the craft so when we looked at pictures, trying to identify fake pictures from the real thing, this would be a help to us. That was the main reason why we were toured through the area to see the different types of craft, so we could pick out the [hoaxed] "garbage can covers" from the real craft.

Howe: So the six of you, with the colonel, your CIA boss, yourself and these three other CIA men involved in this project, you're going, literally moving, walking into a carved-out area of a mountain?

Kewper: Yes.

Howe: Can you describe exactly what you saw?

Kewper: As soon as we got in, the first thing we did see were two small craft.

Howe: What colour were they?

Kewper: They were silver, kind of a silver finish to them; not real shiny and bright, but basically silver.

Howe: What was the diameter?

Kewper: About 18 or 20 feet. They were quite small.

Howe: Were you allowed to go over and touch them?

Kewper: No. We were on a walkway area and couldn't get down over to where the craft were actually sitting.

Howe: And how many others could you see?

Kewper: At least about seven, I think. There were some larger ones that were in the rear towards the end that we could see down there because they were probably 50 to 60 feet in diameter.

Howe: Could you see any characteristics on these? Were any different from another?

Kewper: They were all disc-shaped, but some had larger bottom areas that extended down the same as the top, the top extending up. And they were in different colours. The larger ones in the rear were a real deep, real dark grey colour, and some of the other ones were lighter in colour, but maybe like a light- or medium-brown type of thing. The larger ones in the rear had real large top units and large bottom units to them and were sitting on metal saw-horses to hold them up off the ground.

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Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University, USA, and has a Masters Degree in Communication. She is a science and environmental reporter for radio and television.

Her investigations have taken in such diverse subjects as crop circles, the chupacabras mystery, humanity's hidden history, and the evidence for UFOs and ETs, including research into the alleged Roswell UFO crash fragments and government knowledge and cover-up of non-human intelligences interacting with our planet.
Glimpses of Other Realities
Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II : High Strangeness by Linda Moulton Howe

Recovered crash debris, information from alleged military insiders, and the transfer of human souls from body to body--this isn't the script for the next SF blockbuster, but the voluminous exposition of evidence for a mystery involving the entire human race...

Howe didn't write Glimpses of Other Realities for light entertainment (this book is annotated and appended better than most university textbooks), and anyone who doesn't take the idea of alien encounters seriously will be challenged by the depth of the book's coverage... --Brian Patterson
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