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Spiritual Growth

The Secret of Surrender

Spiritual GrowthAn article by Chris Bourne. Some teachings advise us to try to manifest a new more desirable reality by bringing our consciousness to it. Is this true wisdom?

Is there a hidden danger in manifesting our desires?

There is much wonderful work out there at the moment exposing the illusion that we are separate from one another and from the awesome creative power of the universe. It is demonstrating that we shape and change our reality by our inner state of being. We are each like a cinema projector, creating the movie of our lives by our state of consciousness. However it seems that some teachings would also advise us to try to manifest a new more desirable reality by bringing our consciousness to it. Is this true wisdom?...

It seems to be a part of the grand design that in the journey to full spiritual enlightenment we are all tempted by the external drama, believing that in order to find true completeness we must shape our reality in some way - find a new partner to bring a deeper sense of unconditional love; a new job to bring greater security; a new house or car to build the feeling of abundance or self esteem.

Why is it that such manifestations never quite bring the fulfillment we were looking for? Oh sure they can bring a sense of satisfaction for a while but ultimately the illusionary bubble bursts and once more we head off crashing through the jungle of our tangled desires in search of some other temporary taste of fulfillment.

We keep doing this until finally, one magical day, we tire of chasing external experience all together and let go of the inner tightness the pursuit has generated. Paradoxically it is at just such a moment, when we stop trying, the real secret of our journey comes into view. The sweet taste of inner surrender liberates our soul from the seemingly endless internal chatter and it expands out of our bodyminds like a genie released from some ancient, dusty bottle...

"Desire is a judgement of the moment,
saying 'I judge that outcome is better than this one'.
It is caused by fear and ignorance,
not trusting what the universe is unfolding.
It is like applying the hand brake to a moving car,
it leads to fate rather than destiny.
Desire requires effort...
enlightenment requires lack of all effort."


We reconnect with the conscious life force through all things and the experience is sublime. We taste expansiveness, timelessness and the divine flavour of infinite inner peace. But this is not the end of the journey. Seemingly it doesn't take long for our inquisitive minds to ask “what can I do with this new found spirituality?”

And herein lies the next trap for the emergent soul. It seems our natural inquisitiveness causes us to want to use the new found ‘spiritual laws’ to manifest a “better” reality, one that is more in keeping with our original desires. Just as curiosity killed the cat, a subtle inner efforting arises once more and this deceptive inner demon strangles the very life energy from us. Although we’ve realised the magical beauty of the infinite, it seems that for many, the emergent soul sinks once more into slumber. It is not until the sleeping beauty surrenders yet again, that the soul may have its splendid wedding day.

So what is the ancient message hidden in the bottle of our desires?
what is the real secret?

"The act of creating is the act of allowing.
In looking within, we see past the distortions of the ego,
to find what is meant to be.
When we know what is meant to be,
we become as one with the creators will...
the inner most longing of our highest self;
we become an open channel and
infinite potential is manifested through us,
and through us, the infinite cycle is complete."




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Spiritual Growth
Chris Bourne is the founder of The Openhand Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people evolve spiritually and to ultimately ascend into a higher vibrational reality based on unconditional love, joy and respect for all life.
The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation
The Inspired Heart - An Artist's Journey of Transformation
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He destroyed his large body of art, gave away all of his possessions, and spent the next 10 years living in the moment, on basically nothing, surrendered to unconditional trust and the creative inspiration of his heart.

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