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Spiritual Growth

The Ascension Process

Spiritual GrowthWhat is the process of Ascension? An article by Chris Bourne.

Are you undergoing the process of Ascension?

Throughout spiritual circles across the planet right now there is much talk of our 'Ascension' into a higher vibrational plane of existence. What exactly is this all about? Are you beginning to Ascend? What is the process of Ascension we tend to go through? The following article addresses these questions...

What is Ascension?

At Openhand we tend to agree with the teachings of the 'Ascended Master' Djwahl Kuhl (known as 'The Tibetan') that ascension is a sequence of internal shifts of consciousness leading progressively to a higher vibrational state. Ultimately, we leave the physical density of the body behind and continue our journey in the next higher realm expressed by means of our spirit light body.

Through our work in helping people with their spiritual unfoldings, we observe that there are 5 key expansions of consciousness - through internal gateways - leading to our ultimate ascension. This is very much inline with many spiritual teachings and practices.

They are as follows

  • Gateway 1 ‘Awakening’ - we awaken for the first time to the presence of the soul and its quiet inner voice
  • Gateway 2 ‘Baptism’ - the personality surrenders to the governance of the soul
  • Gateway 3 ‘Transfiguration’ - the soul infuses completely within the personality and the seer is partially liberated
  • Gateway 4 ‘Crucifixion & Enlightenment’ - the Seer is fully liberated from within our being
  • Gateway 5 ‘Resurrection & Ascension’ - all remaining conditioned behaviours are dissolved to allow full unbridled radiance of the seer expressed through the soul

Once we have been resurrected, which means to have fully cleansed the bodymind to be the prefect, undistorted means of expression for the soul, then the pathway is open for us to continually raise our vibration until at the time we leave the body, there is no longer any need for us to return to this lower plane of consciousness.

Our inner journey of Ascension

For most of our incarnations, the seer - the absolute - is lost within the personality vehicle and is identified with it. Hence we - as the seer - have the experience of actually believing we are the sum total of our mind, body and feelings/emotions.

In this state, we are largely unaware of the soul which represents our destined state of beingness. The soul represents the authentic expression of the seer we are destined to unfold and is unique to each of us.

In the beginning the soul merely 'extends a downward finger' of energy to the personality which the seer has been mostly unaware of. Then at some magical point, we awaken to the energy of the soul and taste "unity consciousness" - the universal life energy that unites us all.

This brings with it a wonderful experience of at-one-ment with the universe. It is frequently so powerful that many think they have become enlightened but this is only just the beginning. It can be called the 'awakening'.

It is precipitated by an expansion of consciousness and as we step through the gateway, is often marked by a life changing event of some kind - in other words a 'ceremony' (sometimes called an 'initiation').

At this point, we tend to embark on an inner journey following the impulses of the soul to discover ever deeper realms of our spiritual nature, continually expanding our consciousness until the personality surrenders to governance of the soul. It is then that we pass through the second gateway. The soul is now guiding the show. This transition is frequently called the 'Baptism'

At this stage, we will be exploring our own consciousness a good deal of the time and so will be relinquishing attachments to the physical realm. This process is also accompanied by an inner drive to purify the vehicles of the lower self mentally, physically and emotionally.

The personality is thus prepared for the soul to 'infuse' completely within it. As this process begins, we can be thrown into great turmoil. We will feel the divine beauty of the soul flowing through us and therefore receive bursts of high energy. As the infusion takes place however, it brings to the surface distortions within the personality.

This can cause violent mood swings and a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sometimes we feel very 'up' vibrant and alive, and at other times we can descend into the deepest of depressions. Some explore suicidal tendencies which is a personality distortion of a natural inquisitiveness by the soul to explore mortality.

If we resist the change, then this process can drag on and become very destabilising in one's life. We seem to be pulled in two different directions - because we are!

Ultimately though, the soul completely infuses within the personality. The experience has been described as many things waves of unconditional love flowing through the body; a blissful state of expansion and at-one-ment; a fire of inner transformation.

It can also feel quite destabilising - it could even seem like we are facing death. This is because our whole inner frame of reference to the outside world is being torn apart. It is our identification with the personality that is finally dying.

Once more it is likely to be marked by a powerful life changing circumstance and again feels like an amazing awakening - even more powerful than the other two. We have now stepped through the third gateway and are 'transfigured'.

At this point we are likely to taste the experience of the non identified 'seer' for the first time (although it sometimes does arise before this). In other words "we" - as the absolute - are liberated from the personality and experience ourselves flowing spontaneously in the moment through the soul.

There are still two other transitions though. The fourth is the 'Crucifixion' leading to our enlightenment. Following transfiguration, an inner 'shadow' (sometimes called the 'imposter') tends to form in the personality copying the actions of the seer (expressed through the soul).

The shadow is like an echo of the seer within the personality. If you like, it is a fragment of the seer which is still not comfortable with the experience of non identified awareness. It needs an 'anchor' in the illusionary reality and so forms an identity within the personality once more (although much more subtle than before).

The shadow is like an inner questioner, tending to question the authenticity of a direct pull to act expressed through the soul. Or it might also be continually asking whether it is in the place of the non identified seer.

The shadow could be expressed in a number of ways, for example

  • the 'false prophet' owning the selfless actions through the soul requiring a "payback" thus rendering them less effective ().
  • the 'controller' not trusting in the natural actions the universe, thereby needing to control them.
  • the 'doubting Thomas' doubting the experience of 'absoluteness' that it has arrived at.
  • the 'restrainer' retraining a spontaneous impulse of passionate action thereby dulling its taste.
  • the 'questioner' continually questioning the authentic impulses through the soul.
  • the 'distorter' distorting an authentic action causing confusion and loss of inner peace.
  • the 'absolutist' needing to always express truth, whatever the cost.

It might be said the shadow mimics the spontaneous actions of the seer thereby distorting the natural flow of energy rendering it less effective.

The shadow can be extremely difficult to 'see' - as soon as we spot it, we turn around once more to 'look at the seer' and the shadow disappears. It reappears when we least expect it, slipping surreptitiously into the background of our psyche until we spot it once more.

So it frequently requires quite extreme events to separate the shadow from the seer in order that we may recognise it internally and dissolve it. That's why it is sometimes termed the 'Crucifixion'. Once complete however, we slip into a seemingly quite ordinary state of non identified perception - enlightenment - which itself happens without further drama.

Once the shadow has been dealt with, the final gateway is that of the 'resurrection' of the enlightened being. In other words, as the soul, we walk the naturally unfolding path to confront and dissolve any final distortions - fixed neural pathways - in the brain.

The bodymind becomes the perfect vehicle of expression for the soul
and we are now able to act as a fully consciousness channel for the plan of higher consciousness to unfold. Over time, our vibration rises and finally when we leave the body, there is no longer the requirement to reincarnate in physical form. This is our ascension.



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Chris Bourne is the founder of The Openhand Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to helping people evolve spiritually and to ultimately ascend into a higher vibrational reality based on unconditional love, joy and respect for all life.
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