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Basic Psychic Countermeasures: Basic Water Crossing Method

Self HelpBasic psychic countermeasures by Robert Bruce: Running water creates an energy field that 'cleanses' human energy roots; in effect washing off negative attachments set and used during an attack.

Note: These countermeasures are extremely basic. They only contain the bare bones of what is necessary to use them. To understand the principles behind these countermeasures, please get a copy of 'Practical Psychic Self-Defence'. Neg. = Negative inorganic being or bad spirit of any variety.

To counter neg. attacks, especially direct attack, the basic water crossing method is to walk over a garden hose, gushing water along the ground. An underground water main or stream can also be used: every street has a water main with water continually flowing through it. As the majority of direct attacks are centred on the bioenergy roots that extend from the feet into the ground, this method is very effective.

Running water creates an energy field that 'cleanses' human energy roots; in effect washing off negative attachments set and used during an attack. Note that this method does not work as well on long-term resident neg's that are already entrenched within someone. But the majority of neg. attacks are made by neg's that are 'not' entrenched, i.e., they do not have to attack if they are already entrenched.

Running Water Barriers

(Protecting perimeters of house or room with thin hose barrier)

(Building a cheap recycling unit from small keg or aquarium)

As most neg's cannot cross running water, a perimeter barrier can be created to protect a room, or even a house, using thin plastic tubing. Any type of tubing can be used, even copper pipe, but clear oxygen tubing or black garden reticulation tubing is cheaply available.

To create a perimeter barrier, the tubing should be laid around the room, on the floor next to the walls. It can be tucked under carpet edges, tied or held in place by furniture. Tubing should overlap so there are no gaps.

Once in place, one end of the tubing can be connected with an adaptor to a handy tap, and the other end placed outside in a garden, or in a drain. Only a trickle of water is necessary so minimal water is wasted; but using a tap is best suited for short-term use.

Water Recirculating Unit

For long-term use, a simple water-recirculating unit can be made out of a twenty-litre home brewing keg or a small aquarium, with a small fishpond or aquarium pump to provide the necessary water flow. A submersible type pump is best, as these are silent and easier to set up, i.e., you just connect it to the tubing, drop the pump into the tank, and run the other end of the tubing back into the tank to make a closed circuit.

For added value, a small filtering unit can be added to the recirculating unit. This should contain activated charcoal, which is cheaply available from any pet store where aquarium equipment is sold. The activated charcoal will help keep the water fresh as well as absorbing negative energies, which reinforces its effectiveness as a running water barrier. The filter and water should be changed once a month for general protection. Change more frequently during periods of neg. attack; daily during intense attacks. Activated charcoal can be placed in a small gauss bag and tied over the end of the water return dropper. This addition will also help to dampen trickling water sounds.

If an aquarium is used, gravel, water plants, under-gravel filters, and even a light can be added to make the unit more attractive. It is not a good idea to add fish, as water must be kept fresh, clean and drinkable. Artificial fish and other such aquarium ornaments are a much better idea.

Artificial Telluric Spring

The above method can be extended to create an artificial Telluric spring under a bed. Create the perimeter barrier, as above, then run the tubing under the bed and coil it in clockwise overlapping loops, covering the whole underside of the bed. You cannot have enough coils, so make as many as you can out of what tubing is available; within reason.

The artificial spring generates energies that are destructive to neg. bioenergy body attachments. This weakens neg's considerably and, in time, can rid one of attachments and exorcise troublesome neg's. These energies are also protective during psychic attack and interference. This is safe for anyone to use, even children.

The above (basic water perimeter) has worked in serious field situations and helped ward off and wear down major, life-threatening P attacks. This will not stop inorganic beings projecting (via OBE type projection) into a room, but it will contain them within that room if this happens. In that case, simply changing rooms (moving to and sleeping in a spare room) will leave them trapped and allow peaceful sleep. If problems arise again a few hours later, simply return to the original room. This makes life very difficult for any attacking or interfering neg's.

Theoretically, if perimeter in main room is carefully shrunk to the point where its internal space disappears, and or if another section of running water hose is passed over the loop (when an attack is known to be happening) any projected earthbound-type entities within it will be destroyed or severely damaged -- cut off from their source of energy.



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Self Help
Practical Psychic Self-Defense
Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce

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Think of this book as a supernatural expose for the beginner, a survival guide for those living the nightmare of being influenced by unfriendly spirit beings and forces of darkness, says Bruce. "I have lived through everything I describe and have spent decades searching for ways to survive and create spiritual peace and quiet for myself."
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Robert Bruce is an internationally respected mystic, hands-on metaphysical researcher and arcane experimenter.

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Born in England, Robert Bruce currently resides near Sydney, Australia.