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Reincarnation & Past Lives

Why She Chose to be Burned at the Stake as a Witch

Trutz HardoA regression therapy case study by Trutz Hardo, one of Germany’s leading regression therapists.

Angelika is a woman of forty-four years of age in her second marriage. Her present husband is a doctor. From childhood on she has often had to gasp for air. Attacks of incessant coughing were also one of her symptoms. Medicine for asthma and pollen-allergy was prescribed for her from the age of 15. When hay was thrown on her at the age of 16, she experienced a state of panic. Asthma and attacks of suffocation occurred almost constantly, and the pollen season was a nightmare. Later she also became allergic to dust and feathers.

At 36 she caught tuberculosis of the lungs. Although her asthmatic attacks worsened, she could not give up smoking, so she usually - as she herself expressed it - held a cigarette in one hand while keeping her asthma spray ready in the other. Furthermore she suffered from arachno-phobia (spider phobia), fear of heights and a strong dislike of crowds.

As she was in training as a regression therapist, I decided to use her case in a demonstration for the other trainees. After I had put her in the alpha-state and the Higher Self had led her to the Gate of Clouds, we went through a life to find the cause for her present asthma. Upon going through the gate she found herself in Normandy (France) in the year 1346, claiming to be Susanne Brisson, 23 years of age, who sold herbs to make a living for herself and her children. At this moment there were numerous militiamen with her in the mill she was presently visiting. Accusing her of having poisoned the cows of the area, they arrested her and took her to the city.

Being asked by me about the reasons for these accusations, she answered as follows: She had been having an affair for the past two years with an aristocrat of the city, Jean-Jacques Bernadotte, son of the Lord of Rennes, who she had met in the forest and who had visited her often in her out-of-the-way house at the edge of the forest. But secretly she was in love with another man from whom she had already had two children, but who had abandoned her. She had not been able to love Jean-Jacques and had therefore stopped letting him into her house. He seemed to be taking revenge on her for that now.

The city militia, clothed in coats of mail and armed with spears, took her to prison. She was very fearful because her girlfriend had already been accused of witchcraft and publicly burned at the stake. The next day, a man dressed in black read the accusation, in which she was accused of having an evil eye and bewitching men. She was also supposed to have recently cast her eye on a woman, causing her to have a miscarriage. She was claimed to have bewitched by magic the cows of the area, too, afflicting them with an illness from which many had died. Thus "proven" a witch, she was to be burned at the stake. Then she was pulled by the hair downstairs to her cell, still loudly proclaiming her innocence.

Angelika related all of these incidents as if she were experiencing them at the moment. Her face was locked in a grimace of terror and shock while tears flowed down her cheeks.

Then she described the day of her execution. She was acquainted with one of the guards who pulled her out of her cell and commanded her to put on a white gown. He nodded to her request to take care of her two little children. She was then led onto the market place. There the crowd began to cheer. Screaming insults, they seemed to all be enjoying the spectacle. Priests on the steps of the church, and she was shocked to see Jean-Jacques among them, her last hope for freedom because of his influence.

While she was being led to the stake, a sympathizing priest whispered to her that she would soon be free, since the fire would drive the devil out of her. She was then taken to a platform where she was bound to the stake. Another priest demanded loudly that she confess her sins. But Susanne just spit in reply at him, which was answered by the jeering screams of the mob. At that point the drums began to roll. She glanced at Jean-Jacques, who was staring at the ground. Then she could already feel the flames crawling up her body.

At this point Angelika began to cough. In my therapeutic sessions I have seen a great number of asthmatics that have had to experience death at the stake. The flames enveloping the body from below consume so much oxygen that the person usually suffocates before the flames can destroy the body.

Suddenly Suzanne found herself outside the body, viewing the whole scene from above. She looked into the still horrified faces of the spectators. Thereafter she was flying to her house at the edge of the forest, where she saw the miller's wife taking care of her children. Then she was surrounded by light-bodies, among whom she recognized both her parents. She was then "led into the light", as she described it, and came into a great hall. There she recognized other figures, i.e. souls, who altogether formed a great family, of which she was also a member. A wise old man named Abraham took her in his arms. A woman took her by the hand. To her question about the reason for the cruel experience the woman replied that she herself had already chosen the fate of being burned at the stake before her birth as Suzanne, as she had in an earlier life also burned people or had had them burned.

From this birth as Suzanne, Angelika was again lead to the Gate of Clouds, where the Higher Self revealed to her that both her children from that life were again her children in this life, that Jean-Jacques was her second husband and the priest that she had spat at was her first husband. Later she reported that whenever she saw either of these husbands, she always felt a tightening of the chest and had to cough or clear her throat. So other persons having to do with the causes for symptoms from an earlier life can also trigger the same response in one's present life.

But now I requested her to ask the Higher Self to lead her into the life where she had caused the burning of others. She sees herself now as a Germanic warrior named Igurk in the year 572. He admittedly has taken many women by force, killed many persons and otherwise often plundered and razed different places. At the moment he and others are again preparing to plunder a village - out of boredom. He describes how he, along with 12 or 13 other warriors, attack the village. The people scatter in panic, while the attackers plunder, destroy and raze the houses. He sets the torch himself to a hut and hears suddenly the cry of a child. This cry haunts him from then on, causing him to end his life as a warrior out of regret for his deeds and finally to become a beggar.

After death he stands beside his earthly body, afraid of confronting those who he had pained or even killed in that life. And when I ask him, "What would you say if you looked back and said, 'I will never again....'?", he answers "I will never again cause pain to others. I will always show respect towards the life of others and help the weak and needy."

On the Mountain of Revelation Angelika learns that the cause of her asthma has now been revealed and that it is therefore not necessary to visit another life in this connection, but that the cause for her hay fever could be investigated in another life. Her fear of crowds also stems from this life as Suzanne. With the Golden Cup in hand, Angelika now goes into this life as Igurk, begs forgiveness from all those to whom Igurk has caused suffering. And gives the cup also to Igurk himself and absolves him of his guilt. Finally Angelika takes the cup into her life as Suzanne, forgives all her enemies as well as the members of the jeering crowd, gives it also to Suzanne herself and releases her from all her suffering experiences in that life.

Then she takes into her present life the cup of love, forgiveness and release from suffering and guilt, giving it to her two husbands, who she forgives for their earlier acts against her, and to her children, who she asks for forgiveness for their suffering, and finally to herself, who she forgives for all the suffering caused others as Igurk. She also releases her suffering from the life as Suzanne.

She then puts everything of which she would like to free herself at this moment into the pine-cone, saying, "I free myself of all my lung problems, my constant need to clear my throat, my fear of men and of greater crowds. I free myself of the need to punish others and myself. I free myself from all my guilt feelings."

After returning to the present moment, she suddenly cries, "I can breathe again freely!" It was the first time for weeks that her respiratory system was free again. She felt as if a great weight had been taken from her chest. Two weeks later I called her at home to ask her again about her asthma. She told me that two days after that session, her respiratory system had worsened again somewhat but that it had since then been improving again day by day so that she was again completely free of asthma.

Nevertheless she wanted to have another session at the next opportunity in order to free herself from her hay fever. But this was not so pressing, it being winter at the time.

The woman who had taken Suzanne by the hand in the beyond said to her that she had chosen her death at the stake herself. When we are in "the beyond", in the intermediate period between two earthly lives, and have sinned greatly against love, we feel the need to make up for our misdeeds. We learn from our instructors there that we can integrate such loveless misbehavior into our scope of experience by living through a similar loveless event which we have caused to a victim.

So we can only grow and clear our karmic account if all wrongs that we commit are also committed against us. After gaining this insight we can finally realize the need to allow the karmic clearing process to happen to us. We are then offered the decision whether to have this experience in the immediately following life or in a later one (because other learning steps may be more pressing at the moment).



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Trutz Hardo is Germany’s best-known regression therapist and the author of many books, including the ground-breaking Seven-Colour Novel and Children Who Have Lived Before.
Children Who Have Lived Before
Children Who Have Lived Before
by Trutz Hardo

In this book children talk convincingly about their past lives. Subjected to scientific scrutiny and verification, their statements are invariably confirmed in every detail.

"The case for reincarnation moves up a notch in this absorbing, unique title, packed with case histories and reflections on how children's statements were verified." -- Midwest Book Review

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