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Reincarnation & Past Lives


Trutz HardoA regression therapy case study by Trutz Hardo, one of Germany’s leading regression therapists.

Johanna is a thirty-eight year-old civil servant. She has never been married but is living with a partner with whom there has been no sexual contact for the past eight years.

Johanna is extremely afraid of being raped, though in this life nothing of this kind has occurred. She is afraid of the woods because a man could be waiting there to attack her. She is also afraid of pregnancy. At eighteen she started taking the anti-baby pill "just in case", though she had no contact with men. At fourteen years of age, when her menstruation began, it was accompanied by strong cramps. For the next four years these cramps reappeared every menstrual period.

Johanna now sees herself as Brigitte, the daughter of an influential aristocratic father at the middle of the 16th century in France. At twenty-three she would certainly have been a good match in higher circles in her golden shoes and long white and gold dress if her character had paralleled her appearance. But she is arrogant and impossible to please.

She has a cool relationship to her father. Her mother is no longer living in her father's palace at the edge of a forest, where Brigitte loves to ride out with men, outdistance them in horse-races and to play with their hearts in society. She is careful not to let them come too close.

At the edge of the forest one day she sees a girl with torn clothes pleading for help. The men had stopped in the forest to avoid riding by this girl. Brigitte knows immediately what has happened, for she knows well the rapacious desires of some of the men in her company. It is clearly not the first time that she has made aware of the callousness of her companions. She knows that she herself has made these men rapacious by her own coquette behavior. Laughing, she only mocks the girl and rides on.

But her conscience tells her then that she should have stopped to help the girl. The sight of the girl occupies her thoughts constantly. Out of disgust for men she never marries. When she is asked after death what she would say about her life, she says, "I will never again be heartless."

But, as we shall see, this callousness was to have karmic repercussions in a later life. For not only our active deeds produce karma but also the things we fail to do - out of indolence, disinterest or malice. Her mocking smile was already a sign of hardheartedness. Every act of callousness, even if only in thoughts or words, requires karmic balancing - as a subsequent life of Brigitte will prove.

The soul of Brigitte was reborn in the Bavarian Forest around 1770 as Maria Pfeiffer. Her father was a forest worker and her mother already dead when we meet Maria, at the age of 15. She was walking in the woods, collecting cranberries with a basket under her arm. Suddenly three men turned up, encircled her smirkingly and began pushing the mortally frightened girl with their hands. Her basket fell to the ground. Then they threw her on the ground, tore open her blouse and pulled her skirt up...Only two of them violate her - the youngest is too afraid or feels sorry for her. Finally they leave the girl and go their way. Her blouse is torn, her skirt full of cranberry stains, and blood is flowing down her legs.

With shaky steps she walks home, her only wish being to die. When her father demands, "What has happened to you!", Maria starts to cry, moaning, "Something terrible has happened." After hearing the whole story he asks her if she recognized any of them, which she denies. Taking his rifle her father starts to go. Maria, fearing the worst, tries to stop him, but he storms out into the forest.

I take her to a year later, to see if she has a child. She says no. But I had the feeling that something terrible might have happened. Had the father killed the child after birth to protect his daughter from the shame of an illegitimate child? At any rate she would not go into it any further, so I turned to another track. For one of the commandments of a regression therapist is that he always respects the free will of his client, even if the client is experiencing an earlier life at the moment. As she said, she thought constantly of this terrible experience of being raped. Also she felt so ashamed in front of her father, who was the only one who knew the whole story. Nevertheless she never developed a closer relationship to him.

I led her to the time one day before her death. She was thirty-nine. She had never married and was still living in the same house. Her body was very weak. Having spent all her energy, she grieved over her wasted life.

After death she meets her father, who treats her very lovingly. She meets other souls wearing purple-colored robes. She feels as if a terrible weight has been taken from her shoulders. A group of five souls is caring for her. She admires a waterfall that she sees there crashing down over a cliff and wonders why the cliff looks transparent.

I expect from my past experience that this life as Maria must have been preceded by one or more lives in which she as a man committed rape. But apparently her Higher Self was not prepared to reveal those lives because Maria was not ready to take a look at them. The Higher Self knows what it can reveal to a soul and what not. One will therefore never discover more than one is able to stand. Therefore no one need fear that he/she will be confronted with things exceeding the soul's ability to accept them.

But, in any case, every horrible life must be therapeutically resolved immediately, before the client can be sent home.

This case demonstrates quite clearly that even passive heartless behavior brings about karmic reactions forcing a soul eventually to undergo drastic learning processes.



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ruleWe live in deeds, not years: In thoughts not breaths; In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heartthrobs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.” -- David Bailey (British Photographer)

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Trutz Hardo is Germany’s best-known regression therapist and the author of many books, including the ground-breaking Seven-Colour Novel and Children Who Have Lived Before.
Children Who Have Lived Before
Children Who Have Lived Before
by Trutz Hardo

In this book children talk convincingly about their past lives. Subjected to scientific scrutiny and verification, their statements are invariably confirmed in every detail.

"The case for reincarnation moves up a notch in this absorbing, unique title, packed with case histories and reflections on how children's statements were verified." -- Midwest Book Review

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