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Reincarnation & Past Lives

I am a grasshopper

Trutz HardoA regression therapy case study by Trutz Hardo, one of Germany's leading regression therapists.

Michaela is in her late thirties and works as an alternative therapist. For many years, she has been suffering from an extreme case of arachnophobia. Michaela feels compelled to leave a room if she discovers even the smallest of spiders.

She has undergone several therapies of varied type without any lasting success. She finally came to me for training as a regression therapist. In the course of the classes, I deal with the symptoms of trainees for the purpose of illustration.

What are you wearing on your feet?

I am not a human being, I am a grasshopper.

(On the whole, it is very unusual that a "victim life" dates back as far as an animal life. It is possible that the deepest reason for many spider phobias can be found here.)

Experience your most beautiful feeling as a grasshopper.

I can cover a long distance in one leap. I can see everything when I am up in the air.

Now see yourself during the biggest leap you have ever taken, full of joy. What do you feel?

It's beautiful, full of lightness and ease.

And how are the others? Do you sometimes have a jumping competition?

I don't have any contact with other grasshoppers.

What do you enjoy most in your life as a grasshopper?

Jumping around, eating.

What's your favourite food?

Parts of plants.

What kind of plants do you like best or what parts of plants?

I don't know the names. They have different colours and lie on the ground.

What do you do at night? Do you sleep?

It's not a real sleep, actually. I just rest. And when it gets cold, I am all stiff.

Do you rest during the daytime as well, or do you just keep on jumping?

No, I rest in the day as well, (particularly) in places where the sun shines, where it's nice and warm.

How many leaps do you make in a day?

I've never counted them. I guess it would be about five hundred leaps.

Are you male or female?


Do you have babies?

I lay eggs. I haven't laid eggs yet. All I know is that it is my duty to lay eggs.

Is there something like love for a male?


Have you copulated with a male yet?


Are you still a young grasshopper?


I will count to three now and you will experience your worst experience as a grasshopper. 1, 2, 3. What do you see?

I am standing before a very big spider web and I know that there is a very big spider behind it. I would like to get across it and I know that I can't. I somehow got caught up in it and I can't get out. There are all these branches. It is dark.

What are you doing now? Can't you somehow cut up the threads or gnaw them to pieces?

No, I am scared, I turn into the net.

And now comes the spider. How do you feel?


Is he biting you?

No no, he isn't biting me at all yet. I am not in the web yet. I only know that he is sitting there, waiting for me.

And now walk into the spider's web, no matter what lies in store.

I won't go in there.

What are you doing now?

I am sitting there and want to get away from it.

You know what? I am an invisible spirit and I'll take you by my hand. And then we'll go into the web together, and you are over and done with it. I will now count to three. And suddenly you are in the spider's web. 1, 2, 3. What is happening?

I am stuck there. (The client is sobbing)

And how does it feel? Describe it to me, go into the feeling.

I am afraid. I try and defend myself. And the more I thrash about, the more I get myself caught in the web.

And can you see the spider yet? Is he coming?

I feel him coming. Now I can see him coming. He has got fat black feet, all hairy.

And I am counting to three now, and then you are over and done with it all, since you have died and can see everything in retrospect.1, 2, 3. You are dead now. You are fine again, for you are over and done with it all and you know now what has happened. Just describe very calmly what has happened.

The spider bit me. But I wasn't dead. He only bit me so that I won't move any longer. He then wrapped me up and then I couldn't move at all. I can't breathe any longer. And then he's dragging me away in a cocoon or something and hanging me up.

And when have you eventually died?

A couple of hours later.

And now you have died. Where are you now? How do you perceive yourself?

As some kind of energy.

And do you feel all liberated now?


Why don't you look back now on what has happened. Are you offended that the spider killed you?

Yes, the spider was insidious. He has been waiting for me and taken advantage of the fact that I had no way out.

But now you are free. Now you are this energy. Follow this energy. What are you doing? Where are you going? What's happening to you?

I am still looking at the situation at the moment. I am relatively emotionless inwardly. I don't mind much watching that.

Basically the spider has carried you back into this wonderful energy state in which you feel very happy. Can you feel this sense of well-being in this energy state?

I feel balance, harmony and light.

And would you now say that you feel a lot happier than you felt as a grasshopper who, after all, was exposed to many dangers?

More well-balanced.

And you will be all right from now on. You are now protected and safe within this energy. You no longer feel threatened and may live this sense of freedom to the full from now on. Do you feel happy in this state now?

Yes, but I would quite enjoy leaping among the flowers again.

Why don't you try leaping among the flowers as energy. You can do it, can't you?

Hmm. (nodding assent)

Now imagine yourself as a grasshopper who can jump around as before and experience all those beautiful feelings without there being any danger for you. You are even able to leap through the spider's web since it can't hurt you anymore.

I am leaping onto the spider's back now.

And suddenly you are before the cloud gate with your Higher Self again. You remember everything. And you are asking the HS: Why did I have to experience that cruel death by that spider as a grasshopper? Why? What does the HS say?

It was my duty to serve as food for that spider.

So you are seeing a normal natural cycle, where someone needs to live on something else and where one has to serve to feed others. This is another kind of destiny in life. Ask the HS. What does it say?


The spider is no malefactor. It is his function to live on flies, insects, grasshoppers and other animals. He has no choice. The spider as such might be a really wonderful and loving animal, but he has to eat and carry out the function of his programming which involves feeding on other animals. He's got no choice.

But he is so insidious.

Yes, because he is probably aware that this is the only way for him to get his food. He must be insidious since otherwise he might starve to death. Can you see that?

... (no answer)

He has to be insidious. He has to build his web in secret so that he will get his food, since if he made it quite openly in broad sunlight, every insect would see it and think: "No, I certainly won't go in there." And they would swerve out of the web's way and the spider would have to starve to death. As you can see, the spider has to be insidious, to use your words, in order to even survive. It is his destiny to be insidious. Can you see that?

Hmm. (nodding assent)

In the same way the plants might say that they are afraid of you because you eat plants. But it is their destiny to be eaten by grasshoppers and other animals. Can you see that?

Hmm. (nodding assent)

And can you see that it is equally the destiny of grasshoppers and other insects to serve as feed for the spider?


And you can also see that basically the spider per se isn't evil. He is, as he has been created. Yes, basically you can absolve him from any blame. Could you absolve the spider from any blame?

I can absolve him from the blame that he has eaten me as a grasshopper.

And the HS leads you into another life now that also has to do with your spider phobia. 1, 2, 3. Now you are there. Where are you?

I just see myself as a human being lying somewhere in a hole and there are a whole lot of big spiders.

Who are you?

I am a captive young woman somewhere. I can't make out much at the moment. They tied me up in any case and chucked me in there. And there is a whole lot of spiders in there who got a fright. Or are they hungry? I don't know. There's a whole lot of them in any case. And I do die very fast then as well. Oh, that hurts!

Go into your feelings. Where do they bite you?


Are you all alone in that hole?

Yes... (weeping)

I will now count to three, and you will be where you were three days before, before you got into that hole. 1,2,3. Tell me, what's your name?


How old are you?

About 17.

Jeanette, tell me about your life. Where and how do you live? Where is your home? Look at your home.

I am not at home, I am in a foreign country.

What country are you in?

There are some aborigines. They don't understand me. They captured me. I was on the way with others. They took me prisoner and sentenced me for some thing or other. And the others, I don't know where they are. They have taken them away. They sentenced me to something and I don't understand their language.

Who are those others who have come with you to that place? What country do they come from?

From France.

And how did it come about that you went to that country where there are those aborigines?

We made some kind of expedition and I had been invited to participate. I am not sure but I think my father was part of it and a few other people wearing pith helmets.

How do the people look where you are now?

Small and black-haired. Dark skin.

And did they capture all of you or just a few?

They took everyone prisoner and took the others away.

Do you know where they took them?


What did they do to you?

They undressed me and bound me hand and foot after pronouncing the judgment, and took me away. Not in the jungle, but outside of it. It's like a steppe, like, it's gravelly close by. Kind of stony hills.

And there is a big hole, and the critters are in there.

Did they throw you in there deliberately, knowing that you will be killed by the spiders?


The spiders you are seeing, are they small or big? Describe them a little.

They are big, huge, in fact.

Are they tarantulas?

They are tarantulas or bird spiders or..., I don't know. They're huge ghastly things.

Can you mash up or smash some of them?

I can't, I am tied, don't you know. I have probably fallen onto some of them, 'cause I can feel them below me as well.

I will count to three now and it will be all over then. You will have died then, Jeanette, and you will be seeing everything from a different perspective. 1, 2, 3. How do you feel after your death? Describe it a little.

I feel relieved to have gotten out of that hole.

What's happening next with you, Jeanette? Is anybody there?

Not a soul up to now. I am still hovering above the hole and looking at everything.

What's happening next?

Light. I am going into the light. I am floating. I feel somehow attracted by the light.

Go into it.

Yes, I am floating into the light and I am feeling an incredible amount of love. And I can feel other beings, but I can't distinguish anything properly.

Do you meet at some point anybody from the group which had gone to that country with you? Is somebody there?


And suddenly you are before the gate again with your HS, and you remember everything you've experienced. And now ask your HS: "Why did I need to experience all that, what is the reason? Why did I have to be killed by spiders?"

Part 1 | Part 2



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