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The Nature of Reality

THOUghts FORMulated

Rev. Omar Khayyam YeldellRev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell examines Thought-Forms, a crucial yet often overlooked influence upon our lives.

There is a growing concern which keeps tugging at me from deep within regarding spiritual influences. A crucial yet often overlooked group of influences that belong to the same hierarchy assigned to angels and extraterrestrial Be-ings. They are called Thought-Forms and I place them first as our immediate influence in life. It is easier to attribute spiritual influence to angels, demons, or even spirits of the deceased because in doing so, the responsibility and result of the influence will always remain outside of ourselves. However, if we adhere to the belief that we are creators, then our first responsibility would be to acknowledge our own creations and how said creations influence our lives.

Energy never ceases to exist; it does however change form. This simple and very pertinent fact is the bond between creator and creation. How often do we find ourselves in a difficult situation and ask, "How did I get myself into this mess?" The question is immediately followed by another daunting one, "How do I get myself out of this mess?" The answer to both is the same. You created the situation by poor decisions made and you can find a way out with proper decisions made. One must be held accountable to the intent in which the thoughts were directed. In essence, it is the thinking processes at work. The power of the mind is called to the forefront and holds the dual position of culprit as well as saviour. The crucial part though is not pinpointing the decisions, but the energy surrounding them; all the emotions which inspired the need to decide and the emotions which surrounded a preferred outcome. All that energy, all that "creative" energy can be found within every aspect of the situation itself.

Thoughts and Intent + Creative energy = Thought Form

This rationale may sound good in theory; quite plausible in-deed, but I assure you many do not follow that course of action. Instead, responsibility is placed on an outside source which lightens the load of responsibility and lessens the need for inner reflection into one's own psyche. In other words, a very important step is skipped along the path of spiritual growth but not without repercussions. Creative energy will continue to form using the initial energy we dispensed and will eventually broaden out in search of more creative energy as it continues to form. The driving force of course is the intent behind its existence. The creative energy will begin to form while still having strong ties to you, its creator. You can deny its existence. You can dismiss the eerie feeling of something hanging just over your shoulder. You can even chuckle at the odd dreams that have surfaced in your sleep. But none of the above will eradicate the creative energy you dispersed that is still forming beside you.

For example, if the intent of your thoughts were to cause harm to someone. Upon releasing this thought you visualize that person being harmed. Creative energy at that point is added and the ingredients are now in place to begin creating a form. One with a negative purpose toward someone else. However, due to the bond between creator and creation, it is you who will be harmed as the form gains strength and commences to influence you and your life. Thought-Forms gain strength with additional thoughts, words, and actions. Sometimes this is a gradual process which starts with just negative thoughts. As it gains strength, negative words follow feeding the negative form. Then negative actions may follow, at which point the form has gained considerable strength and is directly influencing its creator. Now we have a type of possession in the making.
It is possible for a Thought-Form to gain enough strength to temporarily possess the greater whole of its creator. Cases of road rage, blind fury, even dis-ease can be attributed to Thought-Forms that were consistently fed with negative thoughts and intentions. Judging by the results of this type of temporary possession one can only imagine what Thought-Forms look like. I have seen several and felt many. They are so disturbing in fact, that when asked by someone to describe the features of the form, my immediate reaction is to hesitate followed by a strong need to cry.

There is another aspect of Thought-Forms that I must bring to light. Again, energy does not cease to exist and so, if an individual were to die, their Thought-Forms still exist and depending on strength level can do one of two things. The Thought-Form can accompany the spirit of the individual through the transition of death into the afterlife or it can remain in the astral realm. The latter is of greater concern because in that realm Thought-Forms become Astral Creatures. The difference being Astral Creatures were Thought-Forms that have acquired enough energy to gain independence; a life of their own. They seek out "like energy" on the earthly plane to influence and of course to feed off of. With that being addressed, now we can go back and say that in the initial stages of forming thoughts...was the individual correct in stating an outside influence such as Astral Creatures was responsible? Keep in mind they only seek the "like minded" individuals and energy. Think about it.

Countering Thought-Forms requires three things: faith, knowledge of Self, and proper diet. Placing faith in the universal healing energies allows us to accept Thought-Forms as a sort of spiritual checks and balances. We must be held accountable for not only what we think and how we think but also for how we think of each other. This forces us in many ways to look within ourselves at what drives our emotional states of being. The thoughts we allow ourselves to formulate governs our emotions and empowers our experiences with each other as well as how deep we are willing to explore the Inner Self. At the core, we are all attempting to balance the same two driving forces of Love and Fear. The balancing act in itself requires a healthy attitude and outlook which can only come from a healthy diet (and exercise). With these three factors in place, one can convert the initial energy of a negative Thought-Form into a positive one. The key is not to eradicate a Thought-Form because in doing so you can harm yourself or its creator due to the bond the two have. Instead, convert the essence of the form into positive energy by re-assigning it a healing intent and follow it up consistently with positive words and actions.



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ruleWe must never cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time.” -- T.S. Eliot

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