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The Nature of Reality

Consciousness & Awakening: A Summary

The Nature of RealityAn article by Mike Eggleston. The truth, the reason we are here has been blurred and forgotten throughout the illusion of time, it is time to remember why... it's time to wake up...

From consciousness manifests reality. Every day more people continue to find their way, wake up, and catch on to the realization that everything is changing. Not restricted to the old belief systems. Not restricted to the mere 3D illusion of reality as defined by the old, closed minded control model. Many are discovering that everything is exactly the way they had always thought it was.

With the advancements in Quantum Physics and the reality of the expansion of cosmic consciousness we are starting to see shifts in thought and reality paradigms occur at a much higher rate than ever before. Quantum Physics is basically providing the "scientific" proof that reality is manifested by consciousness, by thought, more and more people are starting to realize that the "past", which is an illusion of linear time, was nothing more than a restriction on the ability to recognize what those awake have known. That the Esoteric, the unknown, the Mystical is reality. That the dogmatic organized religion ways of yesterday are no longer relevant as the "only" way to connect to the divine. That what has been known since the days of the ancients, the Egyptians, Mayan's and Shaman's is in fact completely real. Truth.

Now this is not to say that Quantum Physics or Science will be able to answer all the questions skeptics or the religious fundamentalists have, because the basic fundamental foundation is the belief, the faith. This is the part which we know just "is". The other side, The divine, the source, God. The awakening will in fact clarify, redefine what organized religion has always attempted to teach. The God in organized religion, primarily western civilization is in and of itself man made. Created in the likeness of the men who ruled who held control. This control, like a veil is being lifted as true spirituality and consciousness comes into full awareness. That the divinity of humankind, is within. That we are connected through all, in nature and the universe. That the very fabric of space, time and consciousness is interwoven, interdimensional. Unlimited, with no middle, or end. That time is in and of itself constant. That we are all reflections of one another, experiencing everything subjectively. That the duality of these poles is one in the same.

Those already awake are completely aware of the multi dimensional realities. From the dream states, to the astral, mental and higher planes, to OBE's (Out of Body Experiences) and the mystical such as heightened sixth sense awareness, abilities to see the aura's, intuition, premonitions and so forth are all in fact, reality.

While this to some, will seem like fantasy the reaction is expected. The fear, the falsities taken as truth in this society of ours are beginning to melt away. People around the earth are all experiencing the coincidences, the awakening, the source in different ways. Some subconsciously, some unconsciously.

The reality of it all is this. We are evolving mentally, spiritually, and consciously. In other words we are growing, getting stronger, manifesting this reality as we create it, just as is supposed to happen. The universe is one entire organism, which consciousness is the catalyst. We are, each one of us, spiritual beings experiencing this human form. We chose to incarnate to experience, to share, to learn until we are aware of why we chose this physical realm of existence in the first place. To live as one, in unity with this planet, Gaia and each other. We are one.

As we have reached the critical mass of this wave of thought, we are going to continue to see the manifestations occur at a higher rate, as the frequency (Schuman resonance) of the earth continues to rise we will become more in tune and aware of what is happening at the physical level. As "time" continues to speed up, as we become aware on a global level and as we consciously put an end to the walls holding us back from achieving this true state of being, we will ascend to the true divinity, to the true vibration of all energy. Disease, "death" and even the struggle of every day life will become a distant memory as we embrace our destiny and expand our minds to the point of acceptance of all living beings and nature.

This is not a new age thought or realization as some would so like to label it. This movement has been around since the beginning, only to be forgotten, distracted by the preoccupation of civilization. Labeled Mysticism, Fantasy, Witchcraft, and even in the case of enlightened ones condemned for teaching equality, going against the system of control, trying to teach that eternal peace lies within and not without, that when we hurt each other we hurt ourselves. This realization is now taking to the forefront in the age of greed and corruption by those sworn to lead us, to show us the way. These false prophets, religious and world leaders have one thing in mind, and it is their closed mindedness that has lead us to where we are today. It is up to each of you to raise your vibrations, to raise the level of love energy we each release and to see clearly, not blinded by the materialistic false dreams and not afraid to realize that the fear is an illusion. We have nothing to fear or dread.

We have only life, to live, to experience, to be.

"Above all other emotions, energies is Love, the ability to ascend to the true state of being"



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ruleBe who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” -- Dr. Seuss

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The Nature of Reality
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)

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Charles T. Tart, Ph.D., is one of the original transpersonal theorists. His classic text, Altered States of Consciousness, influenced a generation of consciousness explorers and scientists.
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