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The Nature of Reality

Consciousness & Awakening: Navigating through the Dogma

The Nature of RealityAn article by Mike Eggleston. The truth, the reason we are here has been blurred and forgotten throughout the illusion of time, it is time to remember why... it's time to wake up...

Religion, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Consciousness are all intertwined, connected. Since the beginning of Ancient civilizations, from Atlantis more than 10,000 years ago, to the Egyptians and indigenous people of the Mayan and Native cultures, the secrets of life were passed on and respected. The secrets of life, that are so guarded and kept from the masses now in the 21st century, were second hand to these people.

They were aware of their consciousness and the interplay of forces and energy between nature, the universe and all that is. They were awake. They were in tune with the source energy and how to use it. They did not live in a world confined to the 5 senses that are taught today. They were aware of healing, and energy abilities and aware that the same energy flowed throughout all on this planet, rocks, water, animals, plants, everything! Towards the end of the time of Atlantis the powers and knowledge began to be misused by those seeking to control and use the abilities for personal gain. Many left and traveled to what is known today as Tibet and other lands in the East before the destruction of Atlantis.

In modern day, 2006, we are seeing very much the mistakes of the past repeating. A small few trying to old on to the Ancient knowledge, to the secrets of life. Religion, Organized Religion to be particular, formed over many years, as one civilization would rise to power and conquer another, they would merge the knowledge and incorporate the teachings into their religion. It happened from ancient Greece and the Romans and is continuing on to this day. The ancient secrets and knowledge hidden from the public and guarded by the highest levels of the Church and politics. Mainly in the western world, the teachings of Jesus, Moses and Mohammad were hijacked by fundamentalists and perverted in order to control a large mass of people. An invisible man in the sky was created to explain the origin of life and anyone that questioned, or strayed from the rules or "commandments" are told they will burn eternally in Hell.

The truth is, we are all Spiritual Beings, experiencing this human form that we have chosen. Yes, we chose to incarnate into this physical world. The plane of 3D, of physical existence. Even Jesus, whose teachings were and are so desperately contorted to fit the agenda of those wishing to maintain control, said that all are capable of doing what he did. Jesus was enlightened, he had attained cosmic consciousness, and was trying to show mankind that they to could achieve this and remember our true purpose on this planet. The purpose is to live as ONE with this planet and each other, in peace. That we are all capable of healing, and miraculous abilities. Sadly this was condemned by those in control and we all know how that story ends. But the teachings, the meaning behind it all are still evident, even though they have been twisted by the main church and taught that the only way to "God" is through the church and through the teachings.

Most people's belief system is not from learning and experiencing, but from being told what to believe. They are born into a family and that families belief systems, politics and religion are most often passed on and taught as truth. Without any real questioning or self thinking. Throughout education we are taught there are only 5 senses and anything else is mystical or fantasy. Why is this? Well again, if everyone was aware that the world they lived in was an illusion and were able to manifest and grow their other abilities then there would be no control by the few worldwide who wish to keep the ancient secrets and truths to themselves. This is again evident in our society, by all the lies and misleading teachings taught as truth to keep the populations dumbed down. To keep people ignorant of truth and unaware that we are all capable of so much more than this existence we have been conditioned to accept. In this day and age, with the teachings of the Eastern world and the Native ancient teachings now making their way into the mainstream, we are seeing these truths being taught again. The respect for nature, all other beings and people being taught as the path to heaven on earth, to peace.

Within all religious teachings are basic common truths found in every religion or spiritual thought process. Truths that have been passed from generation to generation. Either Hindu, Christian, Pagan, Druid, Wiccan, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, or Native beliefs, whatever your belief system, all are derived from the same basic teachings. The same source of creation, no matter what name that source is given, it is the same thing. Corruption, Greed and control have so polluted the modern organized religious structure that it has helped to create a Culture of Fear and dismay.

The basic structure has become so polluted with hypocrisy that the belief systems in place today no longer serve their original purpose. As with any spiritual teachings any system that claims to be "the way" or recruits disciples or claims to have a supreme guru, out of common sense should be looked at with a careful eye. The crusades in fact are still going on, as they have been in the middle east for millenniums. Religion has turned into Big Bu$ine$$, and it has become the goal to convert as many people as possible to one religion or another. In the age of capitalism it has been so perverted that you can not turn on the television without seeing infomercials and adds for bibles, books, videos, and countless "spiritual" leaders asking you to send them money to support their cause.

It is beyond time that the truth be made known to every person, that the ancient secrets about life, healing, energy and the reasons we are here are made available to all who seek to know. The source resonates through ALL life, through all physical and unseen manifestations. We are in fact all reflections of the source in action. We have come back to this physical dimension of reality to experience emotions, feelings, and life. So many spend their lives searching for and hoping to attain their spot in heaven, while so conflicted that they doubt themselves and are blinded by a life of false hopes and dreams. When we learn to detach and separate ourselves from the systematic control model and actually think for ourselves we see that everything is so much different than what we are taught to accept and are then able to live our life as the beings of light and energy that we are. There is so much more available to us when we do what we came here to do in the first place, and actually wake up and break free from the illusions placed in our minds.

We are now at the most vital point in human history, so many across this planet have realized these truths and are in place to bring them into the forefront of all that is, so that we may reshape this world of ours. So many light workers and others have awakened to their roles that we have reached critical mass and are literally changing the vibrations around us to the point it is now affecting everyone and everything on this Earth. It is no surprise that this is being resisted and fought by others. The thing to remember is this, Fear is an illusion, no matter what the situation we all have the choice and the chance to wake up and choose love over fear. We are here to bring in the prophesied age that has been talked about in every religious and spiritual teachings up to this point. Remember, we may all be going about our lives in different ways, but in reality we are all doing the same thing. So no matter what your personal belief system, remember that it is your choice on which path you take. It is your choice to question, change, and do what is right for ALL.

The differences placed in our minds are really no differences at all. The source of all is within all. We are all one and are on the verge of bringing in energies and changes to this planet that were meant to happen since we arrived. To live in peace, light, love and compassion with everything in the entire multidimensional universe of ours. No war, no poverty and no fear. Forget everything you think you know and open yourself to the infinite possibilities that are in fact reality and waiting to be unlocked and remembered. Do not be fooled or distracted by the wars of your governments, the closed mindedness of those who wish to maintain total control, or the many distractions placed in front of us. Life is to be experienced, life is to be lived, as one, free of discrimination and the countless ism's that have been created to distract us.

The Ego is the part of our physical being that allows us to be distracted. As we are here to experience, we become absorbed in the feeling of experience that we allow ourselves too often to disregard the feelings of others and just do. The desire to attain riches, and feel as though we are better than others is all part of the ego. The ego must be overcome and when we awaken our ego becomes part of the whole again, this is the problem of duality that we all experience. We feel as if we are separate from the source when in fact we are never separate, it is only what we perceive as separation in this illusion we are confined too. We are the source, each one of us making up parts of it. Everything within the universe is ONE organism, all dependent upon what seem to be different parts. Everything is Everything. Each action no matter how small or trivial affects the whole. It may not be evident at first but throughout the illusion of time it becomes clear. As are the issues we are now facing on this planet of ours. Things we al did over time, feeling separate from the earth, from the source, are now very clear. It is up to each one of us to realize this destiny, to realize our true purpose and to become part of the whole again. It is time to change. It is time to become who we truly are.



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The Nature of Reality
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)
Charles T. Tart, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Conversations)

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