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Chakra Meditation

MeditationMatthew Webb explains the Chakra Meditation technique.

Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on the feelings throughout the body. Those new to this practice may begin by focusing upon a very small area of the body, such as the tip of the right index finger. Be carefully aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness to spread to the entire finger, then the hand, arm, both arms, chest, torso, head, legs and feet, (not necessarily in that order). Do not avoid any pain, fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in the body. [Such feelings are usually the result of Intentions which inhibit personal growth, and these can be "reprogrammed". Fear can be replaced by love, confusion by clarity, and pain by vibrant energy/positivity.]

As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and return again and again to a feeling-awareness focus, even if this means doing so a hundred times every minute. Chronic, rampant, seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored stress in ones' being. As the practice of meditation proceeds, stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon this process will gradually diminish. Be patient and don't let the simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you. Let your awareness travel freely from one area of the body to the next, as it will be inclined to do. Feel every subtle inner detail. Areas of particular stress or activity will attract your awareness, and hold it for longer periods than the rest of the body. Allow this to happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and energy body activity. Don't be concerned or irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling/awareness-oriented focus within the body, in a relaxed manner.

One particularly notable value of the above meditational practice, is that is can be done any time during the day, at work, at home or in conjunction with any other activity. It can be done for as little as 5-30 seconds at a time, (as daily inner awareness) and it will still render cumulative benefits, though these are usually more pronounced when the eyes are closed, and the body still. It is recommended that the Chakra Meditation, (or others like it) be performed daily just before going to sleep at night, and before arising in the morning, for 20-30 minutes at a time. Daily inner awareness and meditation compliment each others' effectiveness, acting to improve health, reduce stress, increase psychic sensitivity, clarity and the capacity for love, manifest intelligence and wisdom.

As the meditator becomes increasingly aware of their own inner state of being through meditation, they are also enabled to take greater notice of their psychic environment. The "mood" or "atmosphere" of the workplace is made clearly perceptable to them. The underlying motives and feelings of persons as well as groups, become more and more obvious. Even more importantly, the meditator gains greater awareness of their own patterns of feeling and thought, as well as the Intentions which underlie them. That which is known can be easily addressed, whereas that which is unknown is difficult to change. Self knowledge implies the capacity for self change. The self-aware individual discovers that the task of building a more evolved self, is often easier than expected. They are thus enabled to build a more evolved world with others in the process.

By applying the Chakra Meditation daily, (or others like it) we become increasingly aware of the subtle feelings/Intents in the body, as they exist in each cubic inch of our physiology. This practice then allows the meditator to begin to transform the Intentions held in the body as a residue of past experiences, to ones that are progressively more evolved. Long held fear anywhere in the body, such as in the stomach, (third chakra) or the heart, (fourth chakra) can be transformed to love. Confusion and a scattered focus in the region of the forehead, (sixth chakra) can be turned into greater and greater clarity. A lack of energy in the hips/lower spine, (first chakra) can be made into a state of high vitality. All of these changes of cellular memory and Intent can be transformed in such a manner. The meditator may do this by intending changes to come about, by employing the following four steps.

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ruleIn order to change something, don't struggle to change the existing model. Create a new model, and make the old one obsolete.” -- Buckminster Fuller

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