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Kabbalah - A Scientific Introduction
A reworking of Rav Laitman's introductory speech on Kabbalah given at the "Quantum Physics Meets Kabbalah" panel discussion with the scientists Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, William Tiller, PhD and Jeffrey Satinover, MD (of What the Bleep Do We Know!? recognition).

Between Kabbalah and Science
A talk with Dr. Jeffrey Satinover and Michael Laitman, PhD, Israel, April 2005.

Fundamentals of the Science of Kabbalah
An introduction to the study of the actual science of Kabbalah: each evolutionary stage of Creation (defined as "the will to receive") from the very first stage down to our world. By studying these stages, we can understand how the material world, time, space, and motion were all formed, and how the will to receive will evolve.

Human Nature and the Nature of Our World: A Basic Kabbalistic Understanding
This article aims to present an introductory Kabbalistic understanding of human nature and the Nature of our world. By achieving comprehensive understanding of human nature and the Nature of our world, we will be able to provide a single, comprehensive resolution to all negative phenomena we experience.

The Necessity of Altruism
In this article, Rav Michael Laitman, PhD describes altruism as the fundamental law of nature, and humanity's role in relation to it. Rav Laitman uses the wisdom of Kabbalah to describe three basic stages of human relationships: (1) our initial interconnectedness (altruistic relationships); (2) our "breaking" into separation from one another (egoistic relationships); and (3) our present-day opportunity for correction (Tikkun) of our separation and re-realization of our interconnectedness (from egoism to altruism).

Correct Use of the Ego
Revolutions and social changes have come and gone, but all have failed because balance can only be acquired by correctly combining the full power of reception with the full power of bestowal.



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