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Healing Mind and Body

The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man

Healing An extract from The Miracle Man by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich. A gifted spirit medium, João de Deus incorporates spirit entities who perform physical surgery and psychic healing through him with miraculous results...

Thoughts of our origins and the purpose of our existence most often occur in that brief moment before we slide into sleep state. When our day's work is done, we watch the six o'clock news and grow weary from too much television. In that dark, waiting state, between 'lights out' and the welcome veil of sleep, our minds will often query the reason for our being. I know I did!

I was just like you-hard-working, dedicated, ambitious-and after twenty-five years of twelve-hour days I felt I had made it. A successful businessman, the proud owner of several jewellery stores, I enjoyed the fruits of my labour: a large waterfront home, luxury apartment on the beach, investment properties, a Mercedes-Benz, and private schooling for my two sons. But deep inside me I often felt that life must have a greater purpose. Surely this could not be all there was to it. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the 'Lord tooketh away'; actually, it was not the Lord, but some 'low life'-a common thief who robbed one of my stores and reduced my materially wonderful life to rubble.

As I sat staring at my empty shop, contemplating the consequences of an insurance policy that would not cover the circumstance, I had the first glimpse of how fragile, how futile a purely material life really is.

It was in the following bleak months of receivership that I was forced to look for a deeper meaning to life. When the world finally stopped spinning and all I held dear was gone-marriage, wealth, properties, income and, most of all, my self-worth-it was time to look for another meaning; not, I hasten to add, the ritualism of modern religions or the zealous fanaticism of the newborn breed. My years of calculated commercialism left me with a permanent factual attitude to life, so I needed proof in cold hard facts to support any new beliefs.

I have been given the opportunity to observe, at first hand, irrefutable proof of the reason for our existence. The contents of this book are based on my personal observations.

Where we came from and where we are going are difficult questions to contemplate in our modern-day rush for financial survival. That bedlam between the Corn Flakes and the six o'clock news does not provide much time for concerted thought. It takes time, quiet time, and lots of it. It requires instruction, explanation and education on a subject which is the antithesis of materialism; one which is totally intangible, incomprehensible, another world-literally, another world.

As physical human beings, we require proof before we believe. I, for most of my life, accepted only what I could see, feel, eat or put into a cash register as real. I was the ultimate sceptic. On that memorable day in January 1996 when I first squatted on the floor of the main hall at Abadiânia, so closely I could touch the action; armed with SLR camera and flash I watched earnestly for the 'hidden card', the sleight of hand or the obvious 'set- up'. What I saw astounded me, as it astounds countless thousands of first-timers. I saw Raul rise from his wheelchair, after fifty years as a paraplegic, and walk. Still reeling from disbelief, my incredulity received a coup de grâce when I witnessed a tumour removal from a woman's eye by a blindfolded João, using only a kitchen knife.

Now, having observed countless operations, healings and cures, including my own lifelong affliction of chronic asthma, I am converting those energies I wasted on scepticism and false sophistication to this simple chronicle of a man's dedication to humanity, of a scale and sincerity that defies our western logic. We all need proof as a means of verification, but sometimes, even when we see the evidence, we still find it difficult to accept because its comprehension is contrary to our western upbringing. Such is the situation with the cures of João Teixeira da Faria.

João is a humble man who has a twofold purpose in life: to heal the sick; and to make people aware that we are here on Earth to improve our level on the 'other side', to elevate and better the position of our souls in the hereafter by what we do in this physical life.

Although João is probably the most observed, recorded and tested healing medium ever to enter this physical world, it is difficult for even the most dedicated author to compile a logical record of his life. Information about his early life is scant. As a youth he was more occupied with daily survival than recording dates and occurrences. Even simple, chronological compilation of events in correct years of occurrence is a frustrating endeavour. There are no records save those in the memories of his associates, and they differ widely.

João himself is a poor source of precise details because he remembers nothing of his actions whilst incorporated by spirit, and even when he is disincorporated he is still partially under their controlling guidance. Mediums of high elevation are, for the most part, attuned to spirit levels all the time. Much like a television left on with the volume turned low, they can still function but their attention is diverted.

Even today, his works are a fast succession of miracles, performed so quickly and with such frequency it is almost impossible to record the details of one before another is underway. The sheer numbers of people who seek his help allow little time for reflection or maintenance of precise records. He operates and heals more people in one day than a large Western hospital achieves in a month. His staff members are all volunteers, but only one of them is dedicated two days each week to administrative records.

And so, to the issue of proof.

We humans are strange creatures. Sometimes we see the evidence but reject the explanation, grappling instead for our own one to fit with our narrow, limited knowledge; preferably an explanation that isn't going to rock our 'conscience boat' too much, that does not require too much in the way of a radical life-change, and that does not shake the shell of security that is our understanding and perception. In light of the evidence in this book, there is no alternative explanation.

João Teixeira da Faria is the living proof. He has been tested and examined by the best scientific minds this planet can muster. He permits and welcomes these investigations in the hope that they will prove to everyone the existence of the spirit world and the importance of living correctly in this life so as to elevate ourselves in the next, instead of enduring a karmic penalty.

João dedicates his life to healing the sick and incurable, without payment and without prejudice. He encourages the video recording of his daily work and welcomes the observation of anyone, especially medical doctors whose participation he particularly welcomes.

To see João pass his hand over the cancerous breast of a woman who has been diagnosed with malignant carcinoma and then lift her blouse to reveal a fresh incision, neatly stitched, and the tumour gone, requires even the most reluctant observer to ask, "Who did that?". The answer to this question is connected to the one we ask ourselves on those dark quiet nights: "What's it all about?". Perhaps the life story of this extraordinary man will help you find the answers to those questions.

João Teixeira da Faria is arguably the most powerful medium alive at this time and must surely rank amongst the greatest of the past two thousand years.

A "medium", as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is a person who is "a spiritual intermediary between the living and the dead". João not only communicates with spirit, he incorporates the spirit entity; he is literally taken over by the spirit and, in doing so, loses consciousness, 'waking' a few hours later without any knowledge of his actions during the incorporation. Whilst 'in entity', his body is used as a means of conducting physical surgery and seemingly miraculous healing of the sick by the spirit entities who work through him.

João's 'gift' is not hereditary. It is not a learned technique, nor is it transferable to any other person. At the age of sixteen he accepted the responsibility of devoting his life to spirit incorporation for the purpose of healing the sick. He accepted a lifelong task that would demand much of him and frequently repay him with abuse, personal deprivation, persecution and unlawful incarceration. To be trusted with such an awesome responsibility requires a strong, moral, righteous but humble person with unquestionable integrity. As if these restrictions and puritan criteria were not enough, he must also provide his service free of any charge, lest he lose the gift.

To comprehend the enormity of his gift, and to understand the amazing and true occurrences barely outlined in this book, you must accept, albeit temporarily, the following beliefs:

1) We have all lived many lives before this one. We are incarnated, and after this life we will be reincarnated again into another life. (There are many well-documented cases of hypnotists taking countless numbers of people back into past lives. They speak languages totally foreign to them and they describe in detail places and lifestyles of long ago, which are frequently proven correct by subsequent investigation.)

2) If you remove the physical shell we call the body, what is left is the real you: your soul, your spirit. This eternal essence is in a perpetual state of improvement or deterioration depending on what you do in each of your physical lives.

3) Free will is the only means by which the physical you, and subsequently your soul, can improve its position after your demise.

4) Karma is the means by which you will pay your debt for wrongdoings or be rewarded for your free-will choice of good in each life. If you have killed, stolen, lied or cheated in a past life, chances are that you will be suffering some malady or conflict in your current life. Conversely, if you have been caring, considerate, honest and moral, then your soul will have elevated and you will probably be a healthy, well-balanced person.

5) There is a spirit world! It is much more complex than our physical world. It is much more powerful and decidedly more beautiful for those who have earned a place in it. It is multi-levelled and multidimensional, to cater for the infinite number of development stages through which souls pass. Of over 150 out-of-body, near-death experiences surveyed by Kenneth Ring (author of Heading Towards Omega: In Search of the Meanings of Near-Death Experience), all reported similar observations, feelings and experiences to support this belief.

6) Spirits, both good and bad, are with us all the time. So many of those strange coincidences we experience (usually when we most earnestly wish for them) are the result of thought generation picked up by and acted upon by your guides, your spirit guides. It adds new meaning to the biblical quotation, "Ask and ye shall receive".

7) Our human bodies are generated from and protected by energy fields. There are seven corresponding layers, each with its own density or frequency, and seven major chakras (spinning vortexes). Some people can actually see these layers as auras. If we live healthy, clean lives, our energy fields protect us very well. Conversely, if we abuse ourselves with excesses of alcohol, drugs or unclean living, the fields become weakened, will be attacked and will attract undesirable attachments. Disease begins in these outer layers and the fields lose their vibrancy (we often feel out of sorts a few days before we actually become ill).

The mark of João's success is observable in the thousands who flock to his hospital-style healing centre every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When he travels, he heals as many as 25,000 in three days. The sick queue for hours, and sometimes overnight, to see him. He never refuses anyone who is clean of heart and pure of intent. Although a devoutly God-loving man, he accepts all without prejudice or religious bias. He heals the poor precisely the same as he heals the rich or famous.

The world's elite seek his help when western medicine fails. Actresses Shirley MacLaine and Janet Leigh, congressmen, statesmen, priests, nuns, rabbis, the poor and the wealthy find their way to the tiny village of Abadiânia in central Brazil to seek the help of João Teixeira da Faria, known throughout Brazil as João de Deus (John of God).

To call him "the Miracle Man" is in a way a misnomer, because a miracle implies the absence of a natural law, when in fact his achievements are only the results of the law of reincarnation and the subsequent use of spirit doctors from the spirit plane. He is classified as miraculous only because we in the western world are reluctant to accept that a spirit world exists and therefore that his work is the result of this natural law.

Of the more than 250 volunteers who give their time to the operation of the centre, most are grateful recipients of a new life after treatment by João and his spirit entities. Written off by medical doctors as incurable, they found their way to Abadiânia as a last resort. Amongst them are engineers, doctors, dentists, teachers, labourers, businessmen and simple folk who display no class division, but rather work in harmony to provide a loving and caring environment for those who, as they did, seek the help of João Teixeira da Faria.

These fortunate people put aside the restrictions of our modern thinking and dared to seek the impossible: to be rewarded not only with a second chance at life but a new understanding of their purpose in this physical world.

The man in a wheelchair

Today was special for Raul Natal. Sitting in the wheelchair, which served as both his prison and his mobility for the past fifty years, he waited with apprehension and hope. He dare not raise his expectations too high: he had been to so many doctors and specialists over those long years. He had been X-rayed, tested, probed, manipulated and medicated without success until the doctors and he had finally resigned themselves to the fact that he would never walk again. Why would today be any different?

Raul heard about the healer, João Teixeira da Faria, from friends. "He has cured hundreds of thousands of sick and crippled," they said. "Perhaps he could help you, too," they encouraged. What did he have to lose? And so, in a final desperate pilgrimage, he endured the thirty-six-hour bus trip from São Paulo to the small village of Abadiânia, high on the green plateaus of Goiás state in central Brazil.

It was 8.15 am on a clear day blessed with the cool crispness of high mountain air. People seeking treatment-already 500 or 600-were packed into the main hall of the centre, waiting quietly, each with his own thoughts and hopes, watching for the healer João to appear.

From his waiting position at the front of the crowd, Raul saw the medium enter from a side door, hands clasped in front of his body, eyes intense. João took a middle-aged woman by the hand and stood her against the wall. Rummaging through one of the instrument trays carried by a volunteer, he selected a common kitchen knife and skilfully began to scrape a tumour from her eye. Without anaesthetic or sterilisation, and using only the crude knife, he scraped away at the eyeball-a procedure which would normally cause excruciating pain and irreparable damage-but the woman showed no external discomfort. She remained calm, standing against the wall without any observable reaction. João did not really seem to be concentrating. His hand swept the blade skilfully back and forth across the cornea, but his eyes were focused out into the crowd, searching and scanning. It was as if someone or something other than he was removing the growth. In less than a minute, he wiped the blade across her blouse and called to an assistant, "You can take her away; she is finished."

Raul's mind raced in disbelief. His heart beat faster and his hands began to sweat. Could it be possible after all these years that he might walk again?

A man was led forward from the crowd and instructed to face the wall. He told the healer that he had not been able to sit or bend without pain for years. Gently, João removed the man's shirt and, taking a scalpel, made a small one-inch incision between his shoulder blades. Incredibly, there was no bleeding and the man showed no sign of pain. "Lift your leg," said João. "Now bend over." Raul stared in disbelief as the man bent over and touched his toes. "Now squat down," said the healer, and the man obliged effortlessly. The tears of relief and gratitude streaming down his face did not escape Raul's observation as the man was led away to the recovery room at the end of the hall. Raul's expectations were rising: perhaps his dreams might yet be fulfilled.

João was already turning his attention to a woman with cancer of the stomach. He unbuttoned her blouse, slowly, as if in a trance, and lowered her waistband to expose her lower abdomen. From an assistant's tray he selected a scalpel and slowly made a small incision three centimetres long. It did not bleed and the woman seemed unperturbed. He cut more deeply and inserted two fingers into the opening. Raul, from his front-row position, saw the healer withdraw his fingers and, with them, a soft white growth the size of a golf ball. The woman remained motionless with no apparent discomfort. All of this, he noticed, was without anaesthetic or the stringent sterilisation of modern medical practices with which he was so familiar. The wound was stitched with a single suture and the woman led away to the recovery room.

Another paraplegic in a wheelchair was now pushed forward. This would be indicative: if this man were healed, there would certainly be hope for Raul. When João told the helpers to wheel the man away to the Intensive Treatment Room, Raul's fragile confidence sank to an all-time low. Perhaps it was too much to ask after all.

No time to think now. João's voice jolted him back to reality.

"How long have you been paralysed?" João inquired in a deep, compassionate voice.

"I have not walked for fifty years," replied Raul in little more than a whisper.

"What would you do if God gave you back your legs?" asked the medium.

Raul was too stunned to answer. Short-term confidence fought with years of despair. His mind raced. Could it be possible? Why would he ask if it were not? Surely it would be a cruel joke if he were not serious. He looked at the healer; his eyes were steady and he wore a confident, almost boyish smile. Raul wanted to speak but the words would not come. He knew his joints were seized from years of inactivity; they were calcified and immovable and his muscles atrophied.

"What would you do if God gave you back your legs?" asked João again, interrupting his racing thoughts.

Raul did not know what to say. He was still fighting with reason and logic. A kindly hand from behind touched his shoulder. "Answer him! How would you feel if you could walk again?" prompted the assistant.

All he could do was stutter, "I' very happy."

The healer bent down and briefly took hold of Raul's left ankle. As he did so, a warm surge of life swept through the leg. "Now rotate it!" he said. Raul obliged. It had been seized for as long as he could remember and now he was turning and twisting it! He watched in disbelief as João touched the other ankle and the same warmth engulfed it. It was like watching someone else's foot turning. It was unbelievable!

"Now," commanded the healer, "stand up and walk!"

Raul froze. "I can't!" he said.

"Yes you can!" replied João with firm compassion. "Stand up and put this foot forward," he said, pointing to the right foot.

With all his will and strength, Raul lunged forward from the chair. His legs held; shaking, but they held. João took his hand, offering minimal support as he took his first steps in fifty years. His heart was beating so fast he feared it would seize. The happiness and relief were too much for him. An uncontrollable flood of tears poured down his face. He was walking!

Assistants led him away slowly to the main operation room where he sat on a bench with another twenty or so patients. A kindly silver-haired man, dressed in white, talked to them of faith and love and how the healings were not the most important gift here. A greater gift is the awakening, the realisation that there is a life after death and that this physical life is just an opportunity for us to improve and elevate our souls. The healings are just a physical demonstration that we can see and experience, but more importantly we must remember that the miracles are performed by spirit entities who use the medium João Teixeira da Faria as a vessel to perform their work.

Raul listened and realised his life would not only be more active but more meaningful from this day on. He had been healed by the entities and the man they call John of God.

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ruleWe are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas... As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our being.” -- Thomas Keating

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Healing Mind and Body
The Miracle Man: The Life Story of João de Deus
The Miracle Man: The Life Story of João de Deus
by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

"I had the great honor to experience the healing energies of this true "Miracle Man" before reading this book. I experienced more love and compassion than I knew existed in this world. Mr. Pelligrino-Estrich's description of what is actually happening (I know, I was there) is as accurate as words can describe.

I am very grateful to him and his wife, Catarina, for all their effort, as I am to all those who put love, forgiveness, and healing all forms of suffering to the top of their lists. Thank you all." -- Syrinamar, Raleigh, NC USA
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