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Healing Mind and Body

Using EFT with “The Secret”

HealingPat Carrington, EFT Master delves into the complexities of the Law of Attraction as depicted in the book and DVD "The Secret".

The Law of Attraction has tremendous appeal but most people just can't seem to harness it in their favor. This series of articles explains why it can be so difficult and how EFT is the essential ingredient to making it work.

The Starting Point

You may have heard of, or seen “The Secret”, the popular movie that is being sold as a DVD, and its companion book of the same name. Based on a concept known as the Law of Attraction, the DVD is a runaway best seller that has already been featured twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and many other major television shows.

Many of those who learned about the Law of Attraction from the pioneering work of Abraham Hicks in this area, consider the impressive success of The Secret as a sign of a change in consciousness occurring in our world today, one which they hope will bring us to a more enlightened stage of evolution.

There are some grounds for concern about The Secret’s startling success, however. This is because the movie neglects to mention certain pieces of information that must be known for the method to be fully successful. If The Secret is not used correctly it cannot fulfill the promises made in its name, and if this happens the public could easily conclude that they “have tried that idea and it doesn't work,” an attitude which could have very undesirable consequences for a concept that is, at the very least, worthy of serious consideration.

Actually, EFT may turn out to be a powerful aid to The Secret, because what is omitted from the movie is a viable method for changing a person's vibrational frequency. Yet it is clear that a means of changing one’s energy frequency must be used with The Secret or it cannot work. An energy intervention is therefore necessary if one is to apply the concepts of “The Secret” successfully. To explain why, I will refer to the book, “The Secret”.

This book is described by its authors as giving details of the concepts expressed in the movie that were discarded on the cutting room floor when the movie was edited. Of necessity the director had to select only certain portions of the original footage so that the film would fit within a certain time frame, and the book claims to have reinstated much of this information. For this reason, I will consider the book to be the authoritative source of information about this concept.

Here, in essence, are the main principles of The Secret as described in the book:

The Law of Attraction is based on a premise that “like attracts like, "so that when you think a thought, you will also be attracting like thoughts to you.

Thoughts are said to be magnetic, to have a frequency of their own. As you think, your thoughts are sent out into the universe where they magnetically attract all like things which are on the same frequency. In short, everything sent out returns to the sender - oneself.

The authors liken each human being to a human transmission tower transmitting a frequency by means of their thoughts. Therefore, if you want to change anything in your life, you are advised to change the frequency of your energetic signals by changing your thoughts.

Inherent in this idea is the concept that your current thoughts are creating your future. What you think about the most and focus on the most will, according to the theory, appear in your life. As the book puts it, "your thoughts become things"; they become your reality.

It is clear that the authors are not just talking here just about the words you use to speak to yourself, although these are considered very important, but also to the feelings that accompany your words. The latter are seen as strongly influencing your basic energy vibration.

This idea reminds me of the EFT Discovery Statement, which states that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. The additional suggestion in The Secret, however, is that your energy vibrations radiate outwards, acting much as a tuning fork might, to bring about similar vibrations in the universe. When we strike a tuning fork, objects at a distance from that fork will start to resonate at the same sound frequency as the fork itself (provided they contain certain similar ingredients). These new objects will have been "entrained” by the vibratory rate of the original tuning fork.

The book describes your thoughts as magnetic forces that attract back to you the same frequencies that you are sending out.

I won’t take time here to discuss the value of the Law of Attraction, although this would make an interesting discussion, but consider the implications of viewing reality this way.

It is clear that, seen from this perspective, thoughts take on a tremendous importance that we have not previously granted them. The Law of Attraction implies that the vibrational frequency we radiate is of the greatest importance to our life. Not only do we feel deep distress when this frequency is discordant, but it is said that we will attract into our lives an outer manifestation of this same type of distress, as the same negative frequencies that we radiated out to the Universe are now reflected back to us.

If this is so, obviously we would want to do everything within our power to change our negative frequencies to positive ones, and do so continuously. Only in this way could we avoid attracting negative consequences and bring about desirable ones.

Changing our negative frequencies to positive ones is certainly a good idea, even if we were not to accept the basic premises of The Secret, but there is a missing ingredient in The Secret that raises a question. This ingredient is the all-important "how to". The question we need to ask is: How do we go about changing a negative frequency to a positive one?

Obviously simply deciding that you are not going to emit a negative frequency or that you want to send out a positive one, won’t achieve the results you desire. I am reminded of the relevance of Gary Craig's concept of "tail enders", those nagging inner contradictions that we so often have in the back of our minds when we express a positive thought - the doubts and nay- saying that can easily negate our conscious positive intentions. Tail-enders can defeat any effort of ours to switch frequencies.

In neurolinguistic programming (NLP) terms, we are all too often not “congruent". That is, we don't agree 100% with what we ourselves are thinking or feeling, we don't fully believe it. The fact is that if we don't reach for something with one hundred percent of ourselves, we are not likely to get it.

Consider this…

If you were to send a positive signal into the Universe and at the same time unwittingly send out a negative signal at the same time, an interference pattern would be created with one signal tending to negate the other. At best, the positive signal would be ineffective and no particular identifiable effects would be seen. At worst, the negative signal might be stronger or more frequently emitted, in which case it would exert an overriding influence. In such a case, no matter how much you thought you were sending out a positive signal because that is what you had consciously tried to create through positive thinking, the negative signal would attract negative consequences.

In order to be an effective “attractor” therefore (bring to yourself what you believe you are asking for) you would need to be free of inner contradictions about the issue at hand. But of course this is easier said than done. There may be deep negative patterns influencing your life which involve core issues that must be handled before your vibrational frequency, the energy that you radiate outwards, can change. Only when these core issues have been cleared will you be able to send unambiguous positive signals to the Universe.

Fortunately, however, those who know EFT can use it to change their vibrational frequencies with respect to many spheres of their lives. Sometimes negative energy will be immediately replaced by a rush of positive energy, resulting in what Gary Craig calls a One Minute Wonder. At other times, patience and persistence will be required to bring about a major energy shift, but the payoff can be tremendous.

EFT is by definition a means of accomplishing a major shift in energy by eliminating our negative emotional reactions. However, it can also be used to create positive vibrations directly. This is an EFT application that interests me greatly, and I have recently been writing about it on this website.

It is interesting to note that the EFT self-acceptance phrase, "Even though I have (this problem), I deeply and completely accept myself." actually targets the level at which we vibrate. What more powerful means could we use to change our essential energy level than to deeply and completely accept ourselves? This is a positive suggestion which, over time, could create fundamental changes in our self image that might well alter the type of energy that we radiate outwards. When at the same time we tap on the Meridian endpoints, our energy systems can now vibrate at a different rate and emit a very different signal than before. If, on a practical level, we want to find a way to combine EFT with the principles expressed in The Secret, what then might that be?

Aside from its all-important use to eliminate troublesome issues mentioned above, there are several ways to use EFT directly to switch our energy toward the positive, and do this very quickly. I will be talking about these in my future articles in this series.

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