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Cosmic Influence and Your Destiny - Attack of the Archons

Gnosticism What’s the connection between the terror attacks in the US, the movement of the planets, and the powers dominating the world? Author Francis Grabau explains that behind the world of appearances there are subtle forces effecting our decisions, trying to prevent the Spirit’s struggle to overcome the illusion of time. However, by moving beyond fear-based reality, we can transcend the forces of fate and take control of our destiny.

Gnosticism and Astrology, two subjects almost equally hard to define or contain within clear, precise, and tidy boundaries. And what sort of rare hybrid would we have if we were to crossbreed the two and give birth to something called ‘Gnostic Astrology’?

Would it be a hybrid form of fate, a kind of ouija board full of planets, signs, and archons leading us toward the dark and predetermined depths of futility ? After all, there exists in the 'popular mind' a notion that astrology predicts one's 'fate' and that gnosticism posits an 'evil' world brought into being and ruled over by a 'Demiurge' who has captured us all in his dark prison of matter. An ancient and Gnostically conceived 'Universal Fate' technically referred to as the Heimarmene condemns us to a rather robotic existence in matter until such time as we free ourselves and return to the True Creator pictured as a Spirit of Light. But these are 'popular' notions which are based upon the quick labeling of ideas and systems of thought, and such superficial evaluations do not take into account the fact that both astrology and gnosticism once shared a common root, a common heretical attitude of questioning the appearances of what has been called (for seemingly endless ages of historical time) REALITY. In fact, both astrology and gnosticism are rooted in the Spirit's struggle to overcome the illusion of time as the prison which binds us to a wheel of life and death popularly thought to be natural, inevitable, and 'normal'. But is it ? Wasn't it James Joyce who cried out (through one of his literary characters) that history was a nightmare from which he was trying to awaken ?

If we are to take a Gnostic approach toward astrology one of the very first things we must do is to question this notion of TIME. In terms of the mythical and symbolic language of astrology, that means we must look closely at Saturn-Chronos for 'he' is spoken of as the Lord Of Time. He is the principle of binding, focus, form and time, and contemporary astrology is still essentially a study of time cycles based upon the number of days and years required for each of the classical planets ( Luna, Sol, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) to complete one full circle around the zodiac of twelve signs (Aries through Pisces). Of course, contemporary astrologers also study the cycles of the 'newly discovered' planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, but always and everywhere astrologers are concerned with tracking the passage of TIME !

Now, any decently self-respecting Gnostic must sit up and take notice of this practice because the very core of Gnosticism is to question appearances. The Gnostic is nothing if not a person who rebels against the norms, the taken-for-granted 'facts' which reduce life to an experience of sleep-walking through time. The traditional cry of the Gnostic is: Sleepers, Awake! The Gnostic feels that humankind are caught in the delusions and snares woven by the Demiurge and his appointed executive bureaucrats known as the Archons said to be seven or twelve by count. These variously seven or twelve Archons have traditionally been associated with the seven ancient planets (see above) and/or the twelve signs of the zodiac. So, from a certain classical Gnostic perspective, astrology is a study of the bureaucratic games played by the CEOs of the false creator-god, the Demiurge known as Yaldaboath and often understood to be the Yaweh of the Old Testament, or the Father of the political Christian's Jesus Christ. This Old Testament Demiurge, this Yaldaboath-Yaweh is the caricature of Old Father Time making his appearance each year at countless, global, New Year's Eve parties carrying his sickle and his hourglass announcing the death of the old year (time) and ushering in the child who is the new. Unfortunately, each year that child is forced to age and, in turn, becomes Old Father Time too. The hourglass and the sickle are the traditional symbols of the Lord Of Time, the planet Saturn, he who binds humankind into the reasonable, serious, and linear prison called time. He is the 'elder' among the Chief Executive Officers appointed by the Demiurge-Father-God to run his corporate business of enslaving humankind to the wheel of work, suffering, and weekly paychecks which keeps his world turning round. Isn't it the Corporate World which teaches that money is time and time is money ? And isn't it astrology which reinforces this 'time equals money' myth by teaching that Saturn, Father Time, is the tester, the symbol for the 'hard facts of life', the Author of 'Reality' ? When Saturn is active by transit in the Horoscope of your life contemporary astrologers are the first to caution you that you must 'bite the bullet' and buckle down to conformity. What are we to make of the newly arising 'schools of astrology' which offer 'accreditation' by way of the authority of the established University system ? What are we to think of astrologers teaching 'clients' how to adjust through contemporary psychology to the status-quo of the increasingly psychotic world ? To any living Gnostic it is apparent that astrology itself has fallen into the grip of Saturn !

If we view Saturn through the lens of historical gnosticism we can see this Realist, this Authority Figure of Old Man Time, as the chief warden of the prison earth. Saturn's authority is precisely what binds us to the realistic and linear time which begins for each of us at birth and ends at death. Life, as brooded over by this nasty Archon, is a pre-determined, cause and effect vale of tears, a medieval Dance Macabre. He determines the rules, the facts, and the sequence of events as each of us moves from minute to minute through life. He is the measurer, the statistician, the policeman, the priest, the judge, the no-nonsense guy smoking the fat cigar or drinking the Perrier water while basking in the pure groundedness of his astute timing and his 'common sense'.

He says, -'This is it; this is what works as time has tested and experience has shown.' He's the one who used to write on the old flat maps of the world: 'Beyond here there be Dragons'. The Rule Giver, the jealous bigot of a 'god' who gave us his 'Ten Commandments', the guy who always manages to pull the wool over our eyes by claiming to simply be stating the FACTS. Given the truth of all this, the first thing any Gnostic must do is see through the limiting external authority of Saturn to the real authority which resides within each of us as individuals. We have to make up our own rules, define our own terms, and watch out for the rigidity that often comes from self-complacent certainty. When we remain focused exclusively upon our own boundaries, when we cease to question even our own authoritativeness, when we are fixated upon cause and effect as well as linear time we cannot sidestep this Archon who blinds us to the spark of Spirit within ourselves and thereby isolates us from the Divine Light. That 'Light' is characterized by ease and flow, by joy and laughter, by direct experience of the plenitude of the Pleroma.

Even scholars (much to their bewilderment) recognize that there is no authoritative Doctrine that can be said to fixedly define Gnosticism, but the last thirty years has produced a growing number of astrologers who do not question that a scientific and psychological study of planets, aspects, and statistics can produce a 'qualified' and 'certified' diploma-wielding astrologer ! A Gnostic approach to astrology cautions us to be wary of anything billing itself as a 'certified astrologer' because certification, in Gnostic terms, can only rise from within and cannot be confirmed on anyone from without. It's that old saying that if you meet the Buddha on the road you must slay him.

But the tricky Archon who speaks through the mouth of Saturn will always certify uniformity and statistics because these are the tools of his homogenized Power and pervasively blinding Authority. Saturn, in astrological parlance, is the symbol of the lowest common denominator of collectively agreed upon social-cultural reality. Perhaps we should view him in the alternative shamanic sense. See him as a 'worthy opponent' who does, indeed, test us mercilessly before he will yield his limiting scepter of externally imposed authoritative rule to our own inner sense of urgent self-remembering. After all, it's that very self-remembering which alone can lead us inward past the famous Threshold (whereupon he is the fabled 'Dweller') through the infamous 'Ring Pass Not' and out from forgetful sleep!

Liberation from the thralldom of Saturn does not come without consciously focused hard work. But this kind of 'hard work' is not imposed from without. Instead, it rises up from within each of us as we hearken to the voice of Spirit within and around ourselves beckoning us to join the dance of consciousness that is the Divine. It is an invitation to wholeness and openness, and it does not fear or reject the Archons -nor even Yaldaboath himself- for they and he alike, together with everything else that exists on whatever level or 'plane' are but part of the Whole which is the Divine. For the Gnostic there is neither Christian evil nor sin though there is ignorance, inertia, and a very human craving for some final, ultimate 'end' or cessation. One can grow weary, tired, and afraid of the Dance of Spirit as long as one feels a need to control -in any way- that dance, but as soon as one learns to let the dance dance itself, one is carried and buoyed up on the pulse of the rhythm that is the Light of Spirit. Saturn's great teaching is that there is a Light that appears as Darkness, a Black Light that is part and parcel of the fullness that is the Pleroma, the Whole. But that Black Light which often triggers in us fear, inertia, and the entropy of despair has its roots in the cells of our own bodies which partake of the seemingly ignorant resistance we find in matter itself.

Though the scholars who classify systems of philosophy, belief, and theology usually claim that the historical Gnostics (the authors of the Pistis Sophia or the Nag Hammadi Library etc.) believed this world to be evil, and 'matter' to be 'fallen' away from the Light of Spirit .they are mistaken. And during the Twentieth Century at least two self-proclaimed Gnostics, Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa, have clarified this 'error' by pointedly stating that matter is spirit, and that 'evil' -though phenomenally 'real'- is actually nothing but the ignorant resistance of the 'inconscient'. What we perceive as negation and, consequently fear, resist, and try to flee from is the very energy which we cling to as 'Death'. We wear ourselves and each other out fleeing from Death, we imagine a pure life free from the pain and suffering of mortal life, and we call it immortal life as disembodied Spirit. But the Gnostic Christ revealed the fact that 'ultimately' the body itself and all the Earth (not the World, which is a human-archon distortion) are 'destined' to be Whole, Transfigured, Immortal. There is no Spirit apart from matter or apart from the Earth; there are no elect, all evolution is elected; as Mirra said, " All the splendors one can experience by going up, by getting out, by leaving are nothing! They're nothing; they don't have that concrete reality; they seem vague compared to HERE. That is truly why the earth has been created. It's in terrestrial matter, on EARTH, that the SUPREME becomes perfect." Anyone who knows these truths has nothing to fear from Saturn or any other Archon !

I am writing about Saturn as an Archon because this year and next (2001-2002) humanity is collectively experiencing a thrice repeated astrological opposition between the planets Saturn and Pluto respectively expressing themselves through the zodiacal signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. We are experiencing a 'face-off' or 'tug-of-war' taking place between the Lord Of Time and the Dark Lord Of The Underworld, between Authority and Invisible Powers, between Saturn and Pluto. Of course, to the scientists among us it's merely a neighborhood pool game taking place between billiard balls in our local solar system, but this is where we live and walk around in our human bodies, so it's bound to have some kind of an affect within us both individually and collectively. What might that affect be, and how might it be related to the dumb Demiurge and his puppet Archons ? Well, it is said that all the other Gods of Olympus felt a formidable respect for Pluto due to his 'helmet' which granted him the gift of invisibility, and his rather absolute control over Death. So we may suppose that we are witnessing (and participating in) an equally formidable 'face off' between Death and Time. And we may further suppose that this struggle has about it a certain air of invisible 'powers' competing with each other over who is the true authority in the Saturnian realm of business and government, and who is the covert dealer in the Plutonian realm of wealth and death. We might look at the situation as a battle between Archons which may generate so much heat that a little spark of the Divine could accidentally escape and throw some new Light on the perpetual games played by the Demiurge and his attendants who 'cause' the 'imprisoned' plight of humans and the Earth. A real possibility may exist for us to wake up through a sudden flash of Insight ! What if we are the Demiurge and the Archons ? What if fear, authority, and power cease to mesmerize us ? Wasn't it Pogo who said that we have seen the enemy and he is us ? And who was it who said: What if they gave a War, and nobody came ? This could be our chance to let the fanatical authorities and bureaucrats shoot it out with each other and with the plutocrats in their own version of Hollywood's 'High Noon'. What else was going on when airplanes crashed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers ? We could choose to unplug ourselves from the media hype and tune in to the Light of our Spirits, we could choose to sit back and sing along with John Lennon: IMAGINE . !!!

One of the things we must imagine as contemporary Gnostics and/or astrologers is that times and consciousness have really, substantially changed, and if we are going to escape the 'universal fate' or heimarmene posited by the Gnostics living around the time of the historical (or mythological) Christ we must re-examine this whole notion of 'fate'. An astrologer must feel or assume that there is some kind of 'connection' between the planets, stars, black holes, quasars, etc. and man; indeed, if astrology is anything at all it is a tool by means of which we humans can tune in to the tides of the moon, the exchanges of energies taking place between one heavenly body and another. But a living attunement to such forces, such waves of mutually interfacing energies is the traditional territory of magic, witches, wizards, and shamans. Man is involved not only with the planets and stars, but with the local winds in the neighborhood, with the flow or pollution of the streams and rivers. The mighty waters of the World Ocean girt us round -whether we delineate that Ocean by labels such as Pacific, Atlantic, or the Persian Gulf. We are inextricably woven into the fabric of Nature, we are part of the Anima Mundi, the Dreamtine, and the Erdgeist. It is probably this feeling, this direct personal experience of the connectedness of all things which gave rise to the notion of predetermined, predestined, 'FATE'. All it really amounts to is that we as humans undergo certain experiences which we do not understand, can't figure out, and can't seem to avoid. Many of these experiences are painful or negative ones which we did not want or desire in any way, shape, or form .that we are aware of, -consciously. But let's not stop there and call in the word, 'FATE', to get us out of our perplexity. Fate explains nothing, resolves nothing, leads us nowhere. It's just a word, a kind of operatic trick full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. True, it has the sort of hypnotic, repetitive and driving rhythm we hear so clearly in something like the overture to Giuseppe Verdi's, La Forza Del Destino. But Fate is a cheap device suited for TV soap operas, not for conscious human beings. Gnostics were and are people who seek to Awaken, to free themselves and others from the daily soap operas which are the bread and circus of the unexamined life. Gnostics seek direct experience of and unity with the Divine, not second-hand books or lectures or media reports purporting to reveal the truth but always reinforcing the same old 'revelations', the same re-veilings of the truth. Gnostics continuously cry out to themselves and others, -Awake, Awake, Awaken! To be awakened is to be CONSCIOUS or AWARE, and a person who is conscious or aware does not cry out, - O Cursed FATE !

A Gnostic approach to astrology seeks to utilize the language of the stars to get at the deeper connectedness flowing as a conscious exchange between all aspects of life. The planet Jupiter is a being, not a chunk of inert matter or a whirling storm of gases. Who among us cares to recall a 'past-life' as a methane molecule on Jupiter ? A Gnostic approach to astrology would encourage us to do so, would encourage us to directly experience the synergy which takes place when a human being speaks with a planet. Conscious speech and thought are important realities, but so are conscious feelings !

We can speak in conscious feeling with the planets, and with the winds and trees and oceans. We can even participate in a conscious feeling dialogue with the constituent cells of our organs and blood stream. Mars is the way we do that. Mars is the life-force churning within the blood. Jupiter is the way the heart beats outward. Saturn is the way the heart contracts and reaffirms its organic form. Saturn is the way our bones and teeth talk. The Moon is the water that flows within us, the juices encasing the cells, the zig and zag of the reptilian brain. Venus is the desire we feel to be at ease within our own bodies and to relate physically through touch. Venus is the way our glands secrete those special fluids which ease us into and out from states of balanced attunement. Balance is poise, but it's also a state of rest, and when we need to move out from a state of poised rest Venus dances with Mars and we go into motion. Mercury is the nervous system coordinating all these movements; it's the way one cell thinks of and talks to another; it's the consciousness alive in each and every sub-atomic particle (or wave) which resides in ourselves and all the rest of creation. Mercury works hand-in-hand with the Spirit of the Sun who symbolizes the star matter out of which we are formed and through which we reconstitute ourselves daily so as to assume the famous Gnostic 'Robe of Light'.

Ah yes, but every time we reach a moment of rest or centeredness we are also communing with Saturn, and he is the metal known as lead -heavy with weight. Saturn, being the principle of form, likes to hold things in form -whether on the dense physical plane or on the astral ones. Saturn is the holding power of form, the force of inertia and contraction, and that's why I've spoken of him as the Chief Executive Officer of Old Yaldaboath himself. Who benefits by having us cling to the 'tried and true' ? Who tells us that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ? Who wants things to remain in the forms they already have ? Why, Saturn, of course. But in these coming months bridging the years 2001-2002 we must remember that Saturn is 'facing-off' with Pluto and this indicates to any gnostic astrologer that there are some old forms that will be facing the kind of radical change we call death. This is why it's absolutely important, it's critically urgent that we humans begin to tap into the faculty of our Spirit known as IMAGINATION.

While Pluto opposes Saturn in the skies above, below, and surrounding us a Gateway opens into the Unknown and we collectively approach a new Threshold. But Saturn, recall, is the 'Dweller On The Threshold' whom we, ourselves, have set up there as a guard. As we approach our own personal inner and outer Forms, as we question the nature of Reality and Time itself we will be interrogated by whatever we want to call that force inside us (individually and collectively) which binds us to the familiar, secure, and known. It will present itself to us as the Law of Cause and Effect, as the guardian and stern defender of Practical Reality. So we must -each of us- turn a Spiritual and Imaginative gaze its way, we must hold Saturn's nobler visage in our inner eye and commune with him the way we would with any other Form of Spirit, lovingly and with kindness. He will test us because that's the job we've assigned him, and he will freeze the smiles right off our faces if those smiles are of the 'Disneyland' variety. Nothing 'airy-fairy' will get past this Guardian, nothing superficially positive, nothing blindly optimistic. But, if we face him fair and square, if we face him in full consciousness of the practical power of Awakened Imagination and with a grounded grasp of our own immortality he will allow us passage through the threshold he guards and we will be able to walk into a new time and a new reality. Into the time and reality of what the ancient Gnostics called Aeonic Consciousness. It is the reborn, renewed, rejuvenated realm of Pluto; the realm where life and death commingle as one.just imagine it.'nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too!'

The zodiacal gateways through which the current opposition between Saturn and Pluto pours down upon us here on Earth are the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. These are the astrological signs naturally associated with the third and ninth houses in any horoscope,

and these houses are the areas of life experience which deal with communication and journeys. Daily, mundane communication of facts and data (as well as short trips around town and quick telephone calls) are the priority of the third house, while the ninth house deals with communications from the perspective of goals, intentions, and purposes, (as well as travel to foreign countries and global communication via the internet). In Medieval and Renaissance times the third house was the house of Heresy while the ninth was the house of Religion. We can rest assured, then, that the Saturn to Pluto opposition occurring in the very signs concerned with such themes will focus the death and rebirth of Authority in the area of everybody's belief systems. It tells us we are ready and in need of rethinking all our goals, beliefs, and intentions on a global as well as a personal scale, especially as these issues affect all forms of travel and communication. The Saturnian, status-quo notions of business, law, and order are definitely up for redefinition as the invisible power of Pluto pounds against those structures which Saturn has built. Voila! Two airplanes fly into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and another one dives into the Pentagon. The establishment businesses that run America in the guise of Bush, Chaney, and Powell immediately scream.'Terrorists' .'Religious Fanatics'. as the walls of multinational corporate money and war come crashing down. Thousands of people literally die in the explosions which all the world watches on television, listens to on radio, and talks about via the near-global internet. A picture begins to circulate on the new electronic 'information highway' of the face of a gargoyle described as the Devil himself which is leering out from the fiery and billowing clouds. Who created that picture ? It is dismissed as a fake. But every image is a Rorschach test and obviously somebody needed to see the Devil himself in the image of the event.

Why ? Because, says the Gnostic astrologer, this is Pluto the very 'God' of death and ruler of Hades. He is expressing himself via the sign of religion and belief systems, the zodiacal sign known as Sagittarius. He is the invisible 'terrorist' from a foreign (Sagittarian) country bringing hellish death to America by way of the arrow symbol of Sagittarius flying as an airplane directly into the Gemini Twin Towers of the World Trade Center which are Saturnian forms and structures housing the high-powered wheeler-dealers and their business lawyers. To a Gnostic astrologer the event is a transparently planned covert maneuver on the part of the Multinational-Military-Industrial-Complex which is already operating as the 'Government' of the entire globe of Earth. There is only One Government running all nations. It 'staged' this event, and it has quite a few more in store for us. The goal is a One World Government intended as a Global Plutocracy. The goal is the Rule of the Wealthy over all the peoples of the planet.

The goal is the imposition of an invisible world-wide-web of electronic surveillance leading to mind control, to mood control of all the people all the time everywhere. The force behind all this is the Moloch of 'Old Testament' fame, the Gnostic Demiurge Yaldaboath whom the poet, William Blake, called 'Old Nobodaddy' !

It serves Business to set one Religious group against another, to set one Culture against another, to set one Nation against another through the age-old strategy called 'Divide and Conquer'. Put the fear of the Lord into the people. Tell them their Nation is being attacked. Tell them they are not safe. Tell them the 'enemy' and the 'evil' is everywhere and invisible and threatening. Create fear and paranoia, 'destabilize' all belief systems and all values. Use the familiar 'cloaking device' of the Klingon ships from Star Track.

Use Pluto's helmet of Invisibility. Use the 'Men In Black'. Or the Reptilians from outer space. Or the Greys. Use anybody and anything, but bring all the peoples of the Earth to their knees. Make them beg for stability and security. Tell them it can only be achieved if they all agree to be implanted with microchips, if they all agree to eat corn flakes and use microwaves on Thursdays, if they all wear Nike shoes. Hell, tell them anything you need to tell them to have them eating out of your hands. Create Christian fanatics, Muslim fanatics, Buddhist fanatics, New Age fanatics.anything to 'divide and conquer'. But above all else you must make sure to destroy IMAGINATION, to eradicate it from the collective mind. Visions and Dreams of the Spirit must be banned and labeled as mental diseases indulged in by drug consuming paranoia theorists. Patriotic submission to the only God of Investment in money, work, and security is all that can be tolerated in this dawning 'Brave New World'. And the corrupting Archons, -the Priests, Bankers, Gurus, Rabbis, Generals, Lawyers, Psychologists, Police- must be installed and supported in every Nation. Is this what is meant by 'the dawning of the Age of Aquarius' ? Hardly; it smells like deep shit to me !

We all know and realize that 'terrorism' is part of our daily lives. We live in 'terror' of collapsing any day from the strain of our efforts just to survive financially, and we know the real 'terrorists' are those who create this daily atmosphere of 'where is the money going to come from'. We also know that the American lifestyle is centered squarely in this daily competition to 'make profits'. There are always more 'bills' to be paid, and we must always be thinking about how to get the money to pay those bills. This is the strain on our nerves that dulls us and numbs the voice of our souls and robs us of joy. We know that life should not be focused upon making money at all cost, and we know that JOY ...simple joy in life, completely disappears under these circumstances. Who could dare to be happy or joyous -let alone act in playful and 'silly' ways- when buildings such as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been bombed and thousands of quite 'ordinary' and innocent people killed ? We are being programmed to 'feel' now and because of these events, and the 'feelings' we are supposed to feel are being fed to us: sorrow, sadness, and compassion for our fellow citizens slaughtered in these events, and righteous anger and indignation at the 'outsiders' who engineered this atrocity. These programmed feelings are intended as a 'break' in our daily grind of working hard and doing whatever it is we need to do to get all the money we need for our bills. We are being given 'time-off' to react to a staged 'Tragedy' !

I notice that no public figure suggests that in recognition of the media trauma being inflicted upon the world of nations and exhausting each and every one of us spiritually and emotionally and psychically we shall all be exempt from paying rent this month. The multinational corporate government isn't suggesting it will mail to each citizen a check for $10,000 ? No, we are even expected to pay for this orgy of psychic debauchery. I'm sure that the same commercials selling the same products are running hand-in hand with images of death and destruction, while the same public announcers, reporters, and 'pundits' are telling us exactly what it is we are feeling and what we are going to be doing about all this.

Okay then, mate, if all this is so .-what are we to do ? Well, don't ask me! I don't want to play that kind of 'God' ! Just IMAGINE for yourself what it is that we are to do. Imagine you are omniscient (the Gnostics claim that you are both omniscient and divine) but temporarily suffering from acute amnesia; you actually know what to do, you just don't know you know! Take a look at that word, 'temporarily', and note that it derives from the Latin root, 'tempus' meaning time. We've already talked about this notion, 'time'. We've said that astrologers recognize it as the domain of Saturn, and we've noted that Pluto is currently opposing Saturn bringing about the 'death' or radical rebirth of our concepts, beliefs, and experiences of 'time'. We are on the 'Threshold' of a new kind of 'time' and the Guardian of that Threshold is Saturn, Lord Of Time. The job which we individually and collectively have given him is to test us, to warn us that time is a linear experience, to tell us to slow down before we walk right off the line of time and end up dead, crazy, or disoriented in a timeless Void. Time is the keyword in a warning sentence, and we are the subject of that sentence, and if we rush to conclusions we will end the sentence. Period. Birth is the start of the sentence and the period is the end: Death. The end. But Pluto is luring us on, tempting us to walk off the line, telling us every line is a curve, tossing toward us the fractal geometry of the chaos theory. Telling us it's real, or at least worth the walk over the threshold. Who dares to cross the doorway of linear time and come out of the closet ? What's out there ?

If Saturn is the Threshold then we know what's out there: the planets beyond the orbital threshold of Saturn are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The late Dane Rudhyar, a Gnostic Astrologer of the first order, suggested that we view these three planets as " Galactic Ambassadors " bearing news intended for us from solar systems outside our own. Together, they constitute a three-fold message every Gnostic is glad to hear and that message is AWAKEN! Uranus shocks us into seeing all the exceptions to Saturn's laws, authorities, rules, and linear views of Time. Neptune seeks to ease us after that shock into an imaginative feeling as to what life might be like if our timeless visions and dreams came true. And Pluto completes the siren lure away from the centrality of our Sun by saying something along these lines;

-Look, you know that until now your world has revolved exclusively around the Star you know as your Sun, but every Star in the Galaxy is a Sun, and there are many Galaxies in the Infinite Universe. Just what do you think this implies ?-

I answer that it suggests many dimensions of space and time beyond what the old-fashioned lawgivers have spoken of, that it is no accident we are hearing of possibilities of 'folding' space and time, that we'd do well to remember and ponder upon Bucky Fuller's language about Spaceship Earth. I think it may be quite possible to travel (not just astrally) from one dimension, one lifetime, one planet to another without the use of any craft external to our bodies. I think Pluto is rattling the bars of our Gnostic prison and offering us his assistance if we want to cross yet another threshold into a greater, more comprehensive freedom. And I think this offer has all the Archons and the Demiurge himself frantic to find ways to prevent such an escape from happening.

The events on September 11th 2001 in Manhattan and at the Pentagon are evidence of what is going on.

The American Government, which is synonymous with most of mainstream American Media, is responding to Pluto's message with terrorist games conducted in what they like to call the 'theatre' of War. They are having a certain measure of success with this newest theatrical production, but nothing like what they hoped for, so we can expect in the next year that they will 'stage' more terrorist events. Hundreds of thousands -if not millions- of Americans can see the truth behind their government's lies. They do not take to the streets or rise up in physical rebellion because they tried that in the 60's and saw how the powers that be easily contained their efforts. They know that the greater majority of their fellow countrymen are still comfortably asleep, but they are talking to each other all over the internet and sharing their insights with sleeping family members and friends as well. The veil is lifting. Insight is happening everywhere among us. It's true that we 'Americans' are a spoiled and indulgent lot who like the much advertised 'good life' we are being spoon fed. But now our so-called government has decided to aim its weapons right on the folks at home, and more and more of its citizens are dimly awakening to this fact. As a people, we do it slowly and reluctantly as 'couch-potatoes' gawking into our TV sets, watching our Hollywood movies, eating our micro-waved popcorn and paying our 'mort-gages'. But the government's attack on Manhattan in downtown New York brought the U.S. 'theatre' of War to Broadway, -right into the heart of America's love affair with Imagination. An old song is being triggered in the country's collective show-time memory, and it ain't 'God Bless America'. It's more like the song Judy Holliday sang in the musical called

'The Bells Are Ringing' and it goes a little like this:

" The party's over, the candles flicker and dim. You've danced and dreamed through the night, it seemed to be right."

But it wasn't right, it was woefully wrong. The ghosts of the workers slaughtered in the attack are walking the streets and whispering the truth from the 'other side' into the ears of their fellow citizens. Many a truck driver, cab driver, waitress, and cook is reflecting as Hamlet did when he mused: " Something's rotten in the STATE .."

America is not the whole world throughout which the effects of Pluto opposing Saturn are being felt, but the whole world is watching these events in America and that gives them a certain symbolic value. In the Birth-chart of America cast for July 4, 1776 at 5:13:55 PM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when the 'Declaration Of Independence' was signed the very degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini around which the current threefold series of Pluto to Saturn oppositions is focused were the Rising and Setting degrees of the country's destiny. And on that day so many years ago the American Mind, symbolized by Mercury in Cancer, was in opposition to the Collective American Unconscious, symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn. The 'Dark Lord Of The Underworld', the Archon-Archetype of the hidden power of wealthy Plutocracy has always stalked the minds of the country's citizens. The very 'Declaration' that declared "that all men are created equal" was signed by slave holders who counted black folks as fractional 'men' and gave them no vote. Businessmen from Europe stole the North American Continent from the Native Americans already living here and step-by-step turned the entire country into a Business

Deal -the whole Island of Manhattan was 'purchased' from the 'Indians' with a few strands of glass beads !

At the very hour when the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan came crashing down in flames the planet Mercury was moving in the skies on the exact degree of Libra where Saturn is found in America's birth-chart and that degree of Libra was Rising in the East over Manhattan. This suggests that what is going on is very deliberate and carefully planned by the 'LAW' know the famous American Independence claim:

'In America we have no Kings because the LAW is King'.

The problem has been in our face since the internal coup which assassinated JFK and has never been publicly acknowledged. Consider that Mercury 'rules' Gemini on the US Descendant and that is where Saturn now stalks in transit. We will be told that the enemy is 'out there' ( on the Descendant, in the seventh house of 'open enemies' somewhere), but the enemy is within. It is the thoroughly corrupt Law of the United States Government, the Federal Government. All the sleeping 'Patriots' can shout about defending 'Democracy' as much as they like, but any fool can witness George Bush speaking, gesturing, behaving just like a corn-pone Texas King ready to ride rough-shod over all constitutional rights in the 'Emergency' he and his fellow corporate cronies have concocted. Does it not seem ironic that we originally rebelled against a British King named George and are now giving full powers of War and unlimited budget to George Bush ? We are installing him as our Monarch, the New King George. Let's hear it for the Gnostic Demiurge !!!

When our unduly elected government arranged the events of September 11th, 2001 attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon they made a big mistake. The immediate reaction of Americans was toward exalting their Libran Law as King (as George and Company had planned) and now we face the Coronation of our own King George. But, at the Birth of this 'America' the Sun itself was occupying the 13th degree of Cancer and in tight square aspect to the proffered notion that in America the Law itself is King. This 'moment' is THE great turning point for the country. America was never 'meant' to be a typical country; the famous 'melting pot' image truly does point to America's 'destiny'. This country is meant to be the country that ends all countries, that puts an end to the very notion of discretely isolated national borders and beliefs. America was meant to be a global vision for the future of all peoples around the globe. In short, the famous Declaration Of Independence was meant to be a shared reality by each citizen of planet Earth. All peoples are brothers and sisters and share in One World. This 'One World' is definitely NOT the One World Order King George is always proclaiming; it is NOT the imposed uniformity of global corporate business on the citizens of Earth, and it is most emphatically NOT the 'normalization' and 'homogenization' intended by the Kings, Queens, and Princes (etc.) of a wealthy Global Corporate Elite !

But how do we get to the vision of global unity without falling prey to the One World Corporate Government ? I think that individuals all over the globe are the True 'Americans'. I think the word, AMERICA, like the words AFRICA, ASIA, and AUSTRALIA -because they begin and end with the first letter of the alphabet ...the A, the Aleph, the Alpha signify ever-renewed Beginnings. I think we need to keep Imagination ( Neptune) alive within us as the creative and joyous mother of Spirit. Imagination is the key to awakening from the dull dream of the Gnostic Demiurge and his Corporate Archons. All the sleepers will awake. It's just 'fated' to be that way; it's 'in the cards'! In what cards, you ask ? How do I know, you ask ? And I answer, -Hey, I'm a Gnostic Astrologer: I know just because I want to know, I'm burning to know, I need to know, and I love to know, and -besides- my mommy ( a little birdie ) told me so !

The Cancerian Mother of all card games is the Tarot, and in the Tarot the A of America (beginning and ending) is the Trump Card known as the FOOL (Uranus) ! The FOOL is the TRUE CHILD, and in the end it is the CHILD who will show us the way. Because the Child knows the true 'LAW' hidden behind human 'Laws' and is always FREE to play with laws. The Declaration Of Independence called AmericA (imperfect as it most clearly is, was, and ever shall be) is born from the Sun in Cancer, from the Light in the Womb, and this Declaration belongs to and originates from a Cancerian CHILD about to be born in all of us. This is the 'moment' of the AWAKENING of that Child....just don't expect too much from it, the imp is still an infant in swaddling clothes. We must nurture and protect this foolish child within us and not succumb to the horrible program of fear, paranoia, and hatred being broadcast to us by the phony One World Government whose newly crowned KING is George !!!

All of us shall have to struggle hard, and increasingly harder if we are to overcome the mountingly adverse impact the 'State' intends to have upon us. Our struggle is with a deeply hidden Plutonian agenda, with powers and principalities cloaked in religious costumes and full of the language of righteousness and the battle between 'Good & Evil'. We are and have been since our birth indoctrinated into a Dogma of fearful dimensions and fear based realities. I don't know how to fight it, but I must insist upon laughing in its face, laughing at my own indignation, fear, and paranoia, laughing at fear and paranoia wherever they pop up because I know I am -like you - a creature of joy. I am happy to be alive and on this Earth, and I am very happy to have all you fellow Gnostics out there as my friends. Happy Birthday, kids, may we all keep our imaginations active and tune in to our sense of humour because if 'evil' and 'archons' and 'yaldaboaths' are anything at all, they're certainly far too serious! Laughter and Joy open new dimensions in time and space, and if you listen with your rebelliously insightful Uranian vision, your invisible Plutonian Ears, and your imaginative Neptunian heart, you can hear the bells ringing. Thus speaketh the Gnostic Astrologer.



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