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Auras & Chakras

How To See An Aura

Auras and ChakrasA step-by-step guide to seeing auras by Robert Bruce.

The same basic technique, used to see the aura of color, is used to see all other types of aura, including the human aura. This same technique is also a part of full clairvoyance. This is why looking at the auras of colors is such good training for seeing the human aura. The aura of color is far denser and easier to see than the human aura. This allows the auric viewing technique to be learned much easier and faster, than does practicing on the more difficult human aura.

To see the aura, you have to be able to relax and concentrate, at the same time, and there is a trick to focusing your eyes in a special way. An aura must be gazed upon - not looked at!


First, you need plenty of good, soft light to train in, not dim, but good soft light. It is very important not to have any strong light shining or reflecting into your eyes. It is best to have light coming from behind and above you. If you have, say a window, flooding light into the room, in your field of view, while trying to see an aura, it will distract you and make an aura much more difficult to see. A hundred watt bulb, coming from above and behind you, is fine.

Step 1:

Get a book and cover it in bright, primary blue or red paper. Stand it upright, on a table, six or seven feet from you (about 2 meters) . Experiment with the distance until you find what is just right for you, but the minimum distance should be no less than 4 feet (1.2 meters) . Make sure you have a plain, fairly neutral background. Do not view it against a brightly colored wall, or garish wallpaper. If the wall color is wrong, hang a sheet of neutral colored paper or cloth on the wall, as a backdrop. A bed sheet, or some sheets of butchers paper, taped to the wall, will do fine.

Book aura


  • The book is only a prop for the colored paper, i.e., it is the aura of the colored paper you are going to look at - not the aura of the book. Using a brick, covered in colored paper, would give the same result as would hanging a piece of colored paper on the wall.
  • The auras of the colors blue and red are, by far, the brightest and easiest to see.
  • The brightness and tone of a color's aura varies with the shade and tone of the color used, so use bright primary colors only.
  • You can use any brightly colored item for this: clothing, kitchen canisters, toys, or even tape squares of colored paper directly to a wall.

Step 2:

  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. When you are calm, look at the book. Focus your eyes on nothing, a little to the side and just past it. This is as if you were gazing at, but not focusing on, the wall behind it.
  • The whole idea is to totally relax the focus of your eyes and view the subject with your peripheral, or side vision. By side vision, I mean just to the side of your normal focused area of sight (a couple of inches only) not out of the corner of your eye.
  • Gently hold that gaze and relax your eyes. Get used to that relaxed focus and try not to strain or tense your eyes or forehead while doing it. Concentrate! You need an intense, but very relaxed and steady gaze, similar to day- dreaming.


When you need to blink, do so, or it will cause your eyes to tense, burn and water. Blink normally and without changing focus, and DO NOT become preoccupied with it. Blinking will cause the aura you are viewing to disappear - for a second or two only - but it will reappear quickly - if you stay calm and hold a relaxed focus. Learning to hold your focus, while blinking normally, is an important part of learning to use auric sight.

Brow Center Opening Technique

It is necessary to use some type of brow center opening exercise, in order to stimulate your brow center into a receptive mode. This allows you to receive the energy surrounding your subject - as auric sight. It is possible to see the aura of color without doing this, but it is very difficult to see a living aura, without first stimulating and opening your brow center.

Please pay very close attention to what follows!

  • Remember what it is like to be very, very tired - totally exhausted? Remember what it feels like when you haven't slept for days, and can hardly keep your eyes open?
  • Remember what it feels like when your eyes keep trying to close on you? Remember what it is like to have to wrestle with your eyes to keep them open?
  • This causes a sensation, if you observe yourself closely, much like you are trying to lift a heavy, shadowy veil, from behind your eyes. When this happens, the muscles of your eyes are not responding very well, so the action becomes almost entirely mental.
  • Stop for a moment and remember what this feels like.
  • Wrestling to open tired eyes causes a strong mental opening action, at the site of the brow center - thereby stimulating it.

How this works:

  • This mental opening action, focuses your bodily awareness at the site of your brow center.
  • When your bodily awareness is focused at one area of your body, and you manipulate that area with your mind, you stimulate your energy body in that area - in a dynamic way.
  • If this mental opening action is continued for long enough, and put enough mental effort into it, your brow center (your third eye) will begin to open.
  • If you carry out this mental opening action, when you are relaxed, and have a subject in your field of view - and you are not looking directly at your subject - spontaneous auric sight will occur.
  • The mental opening action given here is similar, only much stronger and more effective than the normal, visualization based, chakra opening techniques; taught by most other teachers of psychic development and energy work. Visualization based energy work, on it's own, is weak and obtuse and very difficult to learn and use.

Back to the colored book

While you are gazing steadily, with a relaxed focus, at your blue or red covered book - recreate the same mental action, as described above. Shift your bodily awareness to the area between your eyes. Feel this area with your mind - concentrate all of your sense of feel, your bodily awareness, on this area.


  • Lightly scratch the skin directly between your eyes, and just above it, in the center of your brow, with a fingernail. This will help you to zero in on that spot with your bodily awareness.
  • Shift your bodily awareness to the area between your eyes - concentrate on being aware of that area!
  • Mentally lift this whole area - as if you were trying to force your eyelids to open - but do not allow the muscles in this area to tense up or respond in any way (this is all mental).
  • Isolate the mental command that lifts your eyelids. Observe yourself closely. Imagine your eyes are very heavy, and let them close on you, and open them a few times. Observe which muscles you use to do this. Use this same muscle command - with your mind based bodily awareness, in that area - but without letting your eyelid muscles obey.
  • Do this over and over again - lifting, lifting, lifting - as if you were lifting a heavy shadow from behind your eyes .
  • Repeat this action, over and over, but do not allow yourself - or any muscles - to tense up or respond. This is a bit tricky to, start with, but easily mastered with a little practice.
  • This mental opening action is very important. It is the first step in learning how to control your brow center and, later, the rest of your energy body - if you decide to progress to developing full clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.
  • In the early stages, it does not matter if you feel you are lifting too large an area over your brow. Even if you are lifting right across the whole front of your forehead - it will still have an opening effect on your brow center. With practice, you will be able to narrow the focus of this mental opening action - to the brow center area alone.
  • If you keep up this mental opening action, you will stimulate your brow center - forcing it to become active. Your steady, relaxed focus, on your subject, will tune your brow center into the energy given off by it. This energy will be passed along to the sight center of your brain. There, it will be interpreted as a sight picture - a bright band of colored light.
  • When you have isolated this opening action, and can do it mentally, you will find one side of the veil behind your eyes easier to lift than the other - usually the right is easier. Basically, his feeling is caused by the two different hemispheres of your brain - one is much easier to use than the other. If this is a problem, use a clockwise swirling mental action, over the site of the brow center, to stimulate it. By clockwise, I mean clockwise from the inside. Use the same mental muscle command we talked about above, as with opening tired eyes, but swirl it, as if you were mentally stirring that area with a pencil.
  • It is best to alternate between the main opening action, and this swirling action, when trying to activate your brow center The main opening action is still needed to tune your brow center into an aura.

Note: Remember, all these energy stimulation exercises depend upon localized bodily awareness, specifically - localized surface awareness on the skin. You have to FEEL these mental actions happening, in order to make them effective.

Your First Aura

  • While you are doing all the above, patiently keep up your relaxed gaze, just to the side and past your subject. After a while (anything from a few seconds to several minutes - in the early stages) you will see a faint shimmering in the air, around the book. Then, you will see a pale, narrow band of light build up, close to the edge of the book. This is the books etheric aura.
    • Stay relaxed!
    • Don't change your focus - in any way!
    • Don't look directly at it!
    • Blink if you have to - it will come back quickly!
  • Soon, a bright-yellow aura (blue book) or bright-green aura (red book) will start building up, from the pale, etheric band around the book. If you change your focus, tense up, or look directly at it - the aura will vanish instantly.
  • The aura has to be observed with your peripheral, or side vision.
  • If something happens, and the aura disappears, don't worry. Continue observing it, calmly, and patiently and it will reappear.
  • In the early stages, the aura will tend to disappear quite a bit. This is quite normal. Keep at it and this will happen less and less, as you master the viewing technique.

Step 3:

  • Once you have completed the first steps, gather several books and wrap them, each in a different primary color.
  • The brighter the color - the brighter the aura - and the easier it is to see.
  • Study these colored books, one at a time, and write down the colors you see.
  • Observe the books, two at a time, and watch how their auric colors affect each other.
  • Move them around, mix them, sit them on top of each other, observe them all in a row.

Step 4:

  • Get a pot plant, or some fresh flowers, and study their aura. The aura you will see around them is a living aura. Keep in mind the effects of the auric colors from the petals and leaves. The orange hue you will see, around the green parts of the plants stems and leaves, comes from the auric color of green - the same as with observing a green book. Some of the other colors, with flowers, will come from the colors of the petals.
  • You will see a more distinct etheric and a stronger shimmering, optical effect around the plant.
  • Living auras are more subtle and, thus, a little harder to see, than a simple color's aura. With practice, though, the auras of plants will become much easier to see.

Step 5:

  • Observe the aura of a tree. Pick a good sized tree that you can view, highlighted against the sky. It is best to observe it with the sun behind you, early in the morning or late in the day. If the sun, or any strong reflection, is in your eyes, it will make this very difficult to do.
  • The shimmering around the tree will be much more imposing and intense, than with a small plant. The color of a tree's aura will also be influenced, not only by the colors of the leaves and bark, but also by the color of the sky itself. On a sunny day, a tree's aura will appear to be a shade of blue. On a cloudy day, it will appear to be creamy-grey.
  • Viewing distance: Experiment with this, as it depends upon the size of the tree. Make sure you can see the entire top of the tree in your field of view. You need to be, approximately, three times the height of the tree away from it, or more.
  • A tree's aura can be huge, depending upon the size of the tree and how strong it is. At the top of the tree's aura you can sometimes see a fountaining effect, as if it's aura were slowly spraying up out of it. I am not sure what causes this, and I have not seen this with every tree I have observed. Some people say it is the tree's spirit, or a nature spirit living inside the tree, that causes it. Some trees do seem to have a kind of consciousness within them, so this may be true.

Step 6:

  • For the next step, use an animal, any animal: a dog, cat, kangaroo, camel, lion, tiger, elephant, etc, if you have access to one. Try and observe them when they are resting. Animal auras are not as colorful as human auras, but they are still very good practice Keep in mind, that the color of the animals coat will affect the color of it's aura.
  • Disease can be detected in the aura of an animal, the same as with a human subject. This makes observing them very good practice, for diagnosing the early signs of disease in an aura.

Step 7:

  • Observe your own aura: This can be done outside, with the Sun behind you, or inside, against a neutral background. Hold your arm out and study your hand and forearm. You can also lay down and observe the aura of your feet and legs.

A human subject

In the beginning, it is best to observe the human aura in two stages:

Stage 1:

  • Have your subject wear a colorful shirt, dress or jumper - anything will do. Use any color but blue - do not use blue - as this will flood and hide the yellow of the intellect, the color most commonly seen around the head area.
  • Make sure their upper neck area is bare. Observe their shoulder area, using the same setting and technique, as with the original book. You will see the color of the shirt easily, building up around their shoulder.
  • Make sure you continue to do the mental opening action - with all these exercises.
  • When the shirt's aura is clear around their shoulder area, shift your gaze slightly higher - so you are gazing past their bare neck area. Keep the shirt's aura in view - don't change what you are doing - and see what other colors you can pick up around their bare neck.
  • This exercise makes sure your eyes and brow center are working together, as with the book.
  • Do not focus directly on your subject's neck! All auras must be gazed at and observed with peripheral vision.
  • You should begin to see a slightly different color, building up near the top of their shirts auric color - around their bare neck and head.
  • Now, shift your gaze slightly higher, so your line of sight is level with their head area. Keep your gaze relaxed and don't change anything. You should see some yellow around this area.
  • When you see a little, ask your subject to do some mental arithmetic, or think hard about something. See if their aura brightens when they do this.

Stage 2:

  • Get your volunteer to remove some of their upper clothing. Study a bare skin area, against a neutral background - the same as with the book. The upper arm and shoulder area is the best place to start your observation.
  • With bare skin, the first thing you will see is a slight shimmering effect, a fuzziness in the air near the skin. Next, you will see the etheric aura build up from their skin. This looks like creamy, pale-blue smoke, clinging to their skin. This is quite distinct and normally about half an inch deep.
  • Hold your focus and the aura's main colors will begin to build up, and out, from the etheric aura. It will first appear as a narrow band of color, highlighting the edge of the etheric aura. This will appear and disappear, grow and shrink, quite a bit. This part is very frustrating, but keep at it and it will get easier. The color will slowly grow larger and become thicker and more well defined. Hold your focus and it will grow to several inches or more thick. The main aura may vanish and reappear many times, as I said, while it is building up. This is caused by blinking and minute shifts in your focus, and cannot be helped.

Tip: The brightness of a person's aura has a lot to do with their mood and how they feel. If they feel happy and full of life, their aura will be much stronger, larger and brighter. Try playing their favorite music, or crack a few jokes and have a good laugh. This will help to energize their aura and make it easier for you to see it.



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