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Auras & Chakras

Why Most People Fail To See Auras

Auras and ChakrasAn article taken from Training To See Auras by Robert Bruce.

The most common reason why people fail to see an aura, is simply the way they go about it. The human aura is not a good training ground for the beginner.

This is what usually happens: Your volunteer sits and waits, for a very long time, while you struggle and strain for a glimpse of their aura.

You are trying to relax and concentrate - and master a tricky visual technique - all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored? Are they getting impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or both?

This kind of pressure causes subtle tensions to build up within you, that effectively negate the relaxed state needed to see the aura. Trying to get results, under this kind of pressure, as a beginner, is next to impossible.

Here is an email letter from a young man. It shows some common misunderstandings, when auras are first encountered:

David: "I was sitting in economics class, when I started to see a faint white glow around the lecturer's head (not really though, I can't really describe it) , it was surrounding the sides of his head.

And, I could also see a similar one, coming from one of the students sitting in front of him, except the student's had a sort of bluish tinge to it. I kept looking, and a bright yellow glow appeared around his head. Then I started to see a similar white glow coming from some of the computer monitors, that sit on the desks. At first, I was hoping that I could see auras, but then when I saw it on the monitors, I had my doubts."

Me: Every living and non living thing has an aura, including monitors. The reason you saw them when you did is (let me guess) You were bored, tired, very relaxed, maybe day dreaming a little. Your eyes were tired, heavy, and you were having trouble keeping them open? These are the PERFECT conditions for seeing an aura!

David: "That's exactly how It was! The discussion sort of went off topic and wasn't all that interesting to me."

"Anyway, I was wondering if you can tell me if I actually did see their auras. I tried staring at myself in the mirror to see my aura, when I got home, and tried to see a friends aura, but it didn't work. I haven't been able to see an aura, since that day, a week or two ago. As for some of my questions. I was wondering what colors non-living objects give off - is it white? How come the aura was brighter around their heads?"

Me: You did see the aura! The colors given off by non- living objects vary with the color of the object, but inanimate objects, generally, have a simple pale, creamy aura surrounding them. The aura you saw, surrounding the heads of the people around you, was their etheric aura - which is a pale, creamy color, usually with a pale blue tint to it.

The human aura is brighter around the head area, for two reasons:

1. Clothing blocks the aura.

2. The head area is usually bare (no clothing to block it) and is where the yellow of the intellect is most active, which is quite easy to see. This yellow varies in intensity, according to the degree of mental activity going on at the time the aura is seen. This, mental activity, brightens the aura in the head area. Maybe the student you observed was really on the ball that day?

The main point of showing you this letter is: David began to see the aura, with no trouble at all, when he was tired and not trying to see it. He was tired, bored and day dreaming (a very relaxed state). David was struggling to stay awake and forcing his eyes to stay open. This forcing his eyes to stay open, creates a strong mental opening action, at the site of the brow center - between the eyes. This stimulates the brow center and combined with a relaxed, un-focused gaze, causes spontaneous auric sight to occur.

When David tried to see an aura, later at home, he could not - because he was wide awake and trying, and was no longer in a relaxed enough state for auric sight to work.

Keep this, above, in mind - when you first attempt to use auric sight!



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Robert Bruce is an internationally respected mystic, hands-on metaphysical researcher and arcane experimenter.

For over 25 years, he has actively explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of all things considered paranormal - especially OBE; the human energy body, Kundalini, clairvoyance, healing, occult criminality and countermeasures, psychic attack and self-defense.

Born in England, Robert Bruce currently resides near Sydney, Australia.