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Auras & Chakras

A New Technique for Viewing the Aura

Auras and ChakrasChuck Shramek looks at ways to view auras using computer imaging.

Back in the mid-70's, I was asked to design equipment to be used in locating the Lost Hall of Records associated with the Giza Complex of the Great Pyramids.

An amateur archeologist in Omaha where I lived at the time had translated some ancient Eqyptian documents. One of the documents told of how the Hall would be found in the future.

It said the records, which detailed many of the lost secrets of the hows and why's of pyramid construction, would be found by a type of energy they radiated.

From my experience with the research of Wilhelm Reich, I instantly recognized the type of energy radiation described in those ancient texts. It was a perfect description of Orgone Energy, the life force or Bio-Energy surrounding all living things.

Only this was a more concentrated form of the energy. It even described aspects of Orgone that had not been previously described. For example, it described light as waves upon the water, but this energy was like water currents BENEATH the surface.

It even went on to say how this energy was CONCENTRATED in DISK- SHAPED fields around planets and accounted for the rings around planets (and this was thousands of years before the discovery of planetary rings!)

Anyway, I successfully constructed a number of devices to detect the orgone. Unlike Reich, I had the advantage of being able to work with more advanced technologies, like Field Effect Transistors (FET's) instead of vacuum tubes.

After several months, my job was done. I had created several small detectors capable of detecting orgone or life energy at a distance of 10 meters. From the description of the Hall of Records energies, the energies put out by the Hall would be MUCH STRONGER and easier to detect. Unfortunately, the group intending to go to Egypt did not get the financing needed for their trip.

The weird thing is that no one seemed to care about the life energy detection devices I had made. They became a toy to amuse myself and my friends and not much more, until a few years ago.

Again a technological breakthrough enabled me to use the techniques I had already used to take the process one step further.

Thanks to computer imaging processes, new types of CCD's (charge coupled detectors that can image different types of electromagnetic fields), and high frequency, high voltage induction devices (nothing new - they were pioneered nearly a century ago by Tesla), I was able to get STUNNING images of the AURA.

At first, the images were quite crude, but in time they got better. Now I can image the aura and the CHAKRA'S (spinning vortices of energy located from the tip of the spine to the top of the head, they are 7 in number and control different types of energy within the body). These Chakra's show up in FULL COLOR with exposures of less than 15 seconds.

I have also imaged other odd things including what one might call ghosts, and points and spheres of light that so far I have not figured out.

I am sharing some of these images here on CompuServe, perhaps someone knows where the project should be taken from this point.

In one of the images, the woman is trying to astral project, you'll notice her aura shifted from it's normal position around her body and afterwards she described being outside herself - but not very far.

What should I do now? I am currently successfully working on another aspect of this work to enhance the aura. I have included a before and after picture of my friend Leon before and after this enhancement process.

Leon BEFORE Enhancement
Leon BEFORE Enhancement. Note the weakened
extension of the auric field and the presence of the
colored Chakra energy vortices. The colors were drawn
in based on gray-scale values.

Leon AFTER Enhancement
Leon AFTER Enhancement. Note the expanded auric field.

Leon is a Reiki Master and told of a tremendous increase in his healing powers for several days after the enhancement.

Vanguard Notes...

On Wednesday, July 1st, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Chuck Shramek. Chuck works as a newscaster for a Houston radio station and is an active Ham and shortwave radio operator. He has been experimenting with electronics for over 20 years and has 5 computers, several radio systems, scopes and numerous other lab equipment.

Chuck tells me that he began experimenting with Orgone Detectors about 20 years ago while studying the research notes of Wilhelm Reich. For those who are unfamiliar with Reich, KeelyNet currently has two files (both pro and con regarding his work), they are REICH1 and REICH2.

Reich was thrown in prison for what many believe to be a conspiracy promoted by the AMA as punishment for his successful "cures" of cancer and other diseases using his Orgone Box. It is odd that our government would take further steps which included the BURNING OF REICH'S BOOKS to prevent dissemination of his research work. This took place in the 1950's, what should have been an enlightened time.

At any rate, Chuck got the idea of building a two-dimensional scanning system which involved the movement of a single Orgone detector in an X,Y grid. At each point, the intensity of the field was recorded which yielded a tediously derived image of the Aura of the body. Chuck said that process took at least an hour with the subject lying prone and still on a table. The images so derived were of very low resolution.

We discussed the technique and the multiple applications to which this infant technology could be applied. In the process, I offered my ideas on JUST HOW the images were produced since we understood it to have been through the use of a video camera.

Those ideas included his mention of an enhancement process which stimulated the body. From that, I had assumed from Reich's work that the subject sat inside an orgone box which charged his system with a high concentration of orgone energy. The subject was then placed on an electrical plate which allowed the orgone to so modulate the corona as to generate the aura image.

Chuck says close but not exactly correct. The process in fact USES NO ORGONE detectors. Instead, the subject stands on a metal plate that is driven from a Tesla coil.

This coil is fed with a "swept" range of low level microwave frequencies that in turn stimulate the body field. The image is picked up using a special CCD that is sensitive and tuneable to a wide range of frequencies ranging from microwaves to low IR.

Chuck further specified that the images that you see with the visible picture of the subject and the field are NOT TRUE IMAGES!

This is because the CCD that picks up and translates the microwave stimulated fields will NOT PICK up the VISIBLE IMAGE of the subject. So what you actually see is the image of the Aura without a body and the Charkras suspended in space.

To make the true image, the subject is simultaneously videotaped with a standard video camera. That visible image is then superimposed on top of the actual aura field to yield the composite images that we see.

Chuck says these images are very low resolution (320 X 200) and that he has since expanded to VGA standards.

Currently, Chuck is trying to figure out what the glowing spheres are that periodically appear in the exposures. Note the exposures take about 15 seconds each, so there is great room for improvement towards a movie type system.

Also in regard to Reich, in his papers regarding work with BIONS, Reich reports that they emit some kind of UV radiation that resulted in burning of the eyes and in fact a tan to tissue that was exposed to the BION emanations. This is quite possibly due to a very high concentration of Orgone energy which leads one to the conclusion that a human body could be so charged that it would emit a high degree of such UV radiation and so be detectable by solid state imaging techniques.

Yet another related detector is the Sergeyev life field detector as mentioned in the book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. These detectors could sense the presence of living tissues (human) for a distance of up to 100 feet and through walls. A physicist friend of ours from Washington says that several years ago, the Nielsen company (does TV ratings) made a public announcement of a new method of getting the overall response of a crowd to a new TV show.

This friend said that a detector (or array of such) was placed in another room and directed to monitor the audience response to a new show or program. It was far superior to the old rating system that required a checksheet, because it directly monitored the emotional state of the crowd in a composite fashion.

We also know of many people who believe that a reliable and reproducible method of detecting the aura would lead to advanced medical diagnostic techniques. Since it is believed that the body is controlled and fed by an energy meridian system, then there would be areas of greater or lesser energy that would result in an imbalance. Such an imbalance would alter the function of the organ unders it influence, leading to illness or dysfunction. Such a system would allow instant targeting of such an area and show in a direct way, what effect acupuncture or such energy flow modification techniques produce.

Ron even suggested the imaging of someone at the point of death to try to capture whatever leaves the body. This would really shake up religions worldwide and open many doors into research into communicating with discarnate entities. And of course, one could capture images of paranormal events that currently are quite difficult if not impossible to achieve.

There are two final pictures of a woman friend who claimed to be able to leave her body using astral projection (biolocation) techniques. The first image shows her standing on the plate with nothing special happening.

Reference photo
Reference photo

The second image is when she actively tried to project, she said something was holding her back, keeping her from projecting out. It is quite amazing the see the glowing chakras move to the edge of the skin trying to follow the astral image at the side of the picture.

Trying to Astrally Project
Trying to Astrally Project

Of course, much more verification of this work needs to be done, but the possibilities appear to be quite numerous



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