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Alternative History

Alternative History

In the 16th century, priests refused to look through Galileo’s
telescope to see the features on the Moon because this revelation
did not conform to their preconceived ideas of reality. Today,
academia continues to ignore evidence which contradicts their
interpretation of history...


When was 2012?
Has history been rewritten to cover up a catastrophic disaster in the last 600 to 900 years?

Alien Gods and Magic in Ireland
Were the legendary Tuatha De Danaan alien gods who laid the foundations of Druidism?

Christianity, Jesus and the Pagan Connection
Is it possible that Christianity and Paganism have more in common than our Christian authorities are willing to admit?

Genetic Engineering In Ancient Times
Evidence clearly indicates that modern man is not the result of a linear evolution process, but rather a cyclical creation process, intelligently supervised and controlled by beings of a higher mind.

Man Before Adam In Britain
Did the inhabitants of Britain once share the land with huge extinct animals?

Giants - A Result of Genetic Warfare
Remarkable archaeological evidence clearly corroborates the existence of humanoid giants in prehistory.

The Stargate of the Alien Gods
According to the Native Americans' legend there is a inter-dimensional doorway hidden deep within the Andes Mountains. Apparently, this is one of a number of strategic stargates around our planet.

The Mystery of Ever-Burning Lamps
According to certain ancient traditions, it was the custom to place a burning lamp inside a tomb before it was sealed. Hundreds of years later, excavators have found the lamps in perfect condition and still burning.

When the Alien Gods Fled the Earth
The Great Flood is not a pure myth, but a real event that occurred in the distant past.

When Will the World End - 2012?
What is so special about the year 2012? Will the world be destroyed or will we perhaps experience a transformation of some kind?

Tradition - a Treasure Chest of Quantum Reality?
Tradition is a treasure chest of esoteric secrets awaiting the imagination of some bright spark to find the key and unlock it...

The Secret of Solomon’s Temple: A Sacred Site or a Metaphor for Enlightenment?
An article by Philip Gardiner, author of Gnosis: The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple Revealed.

The Skull and Crossbones: The Untold Tale of the Templar Shining Ones
Philip Gardiner reveals what lies behind the mysterious symbol of the skull and crossbones.

The Great Pyramid
Did the ancient Egyptians really build the Great Pyramid solely for the purpose of burying their God-King?

Egypt's Lost Legacy & the Genesis of Civilisation
Andrew Collins explains how Egypt's Sphinx-building culture achieved a level of sophistication and technological understanding almost beyond human comprehension.

The Curse of the Cocaine Mummies
The amazing discovery of traces of cocaine and tobacco in Egyptian mummies caused a sensation in the halls of academia. Rand & Rose Flem-Ath examine the case of the ‘Cocaine Mummies', revealing that there was contact between ancient civilisations long before previously thought.

Lost Technology of the Ancients: The Crystal Sun
Robert Temple reconstructs the wholly forgotten story of light technology in ancient civilisation. Dating back to at least 2600 BC in Old Kingdom Egypt, but unknown to archaeologists and historians, a science of optics and a sophisticated technology for the manufacture of lenses was widespread and fundamental in ancient times.

The Dawn of the Genesis Race
For millennia the development of humanity showed a consistent homogenous pattern. Then suddenly, around 5000 BCE, great civilisations sprang up around the globe. They constructed huge monuments to their gods using advanced technological knowledge. Will Hart examines the flaws in the theory of evolution and shows we are not being told the truth about our history and origins.

The Gods of Eden
Was Mankind genetically created by flesh and blood 'gods', to serve no higher purpose than to work as slaves? Alan Alford examines the Biblical myth of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden and shows how it may be based on actual events that took place nearly 200,000 years ago.

Baalbek: Lebanon's Sacred Fortress
Andrew Collins investigates one of the world’s greatest enigmas - the Great Platform at Baalbek in Lebanon and uncovers its links with giants, Titans and a previously unknown culture.

The Magdalene Legacy - Revelations Beyond the Da Vinci Code
The historical relevance of the depiction of Mary Magdalene in artwork is far more explosive than the scenario presented in The Da Vinci Code.

Before the Fall - Evidence for a Golden Age
Was life really so much harder in prehistoric times?



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